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As we discussed earlier that 9th class is the important phase of the student’s life as here on this level, the aspirants actually chooses the group to study in which they have interest. The aspirants usually make their choice among science and arts group. The students who chose science group to study in 9th class are required to study physics, chemistry and biology in this group along with four compulsory subjects.

Here we will discuss about physics subject of 9th class. The very first question that arises in our minds after listening the word physics is that what is Physics? So let’s take short review about physics.

Basically Physics is the natural science that comprises of the study of matter and its motion as well as its behavior via space and time together with the relevant concepts like energy and force. One of the most essential scientific disciplines, the major objective of physics is to understand how the universe acts. Actually physics is one of the oldest academic disciplines, possibly the primogenital via its inclusion of astronomy.

The physics of 9th class also discusses the same things at the initial stage. The physics book of 9th class comprises of total nine chapters which includes:

  1. Physical Quantities and Measurements
  2. Kinematics
  3. Dynamics
  4. Turning effects of forces
  5. Gravitation
  6. Work and Energy
  7. Properties of Matter
  8. Thermal properties of matter
  9. Transfer of Heat

Here on this website keeping in view the ease for students we have introduced a new section with the help of which students of 9th class science group will be able to get the online lectures of physics recorded by the brilliant teachers. The students who face any difficulty in understanding any topics of 9th class physics can easy get these online lectures. Students can listen and view these online lectures as many times as they want.

We have uploaded here complete online lectures of 9th class physics subject. stay connected with us to get more educational stuff.


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