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One of the most crucial subjects for first year students is Physics. Most of the students think that it can’t be cleared without joining a proper test session but that not completely true. You can prepare for your upcoming physics board exams with the help of our provided free test session files. These chapter wise test of physics class 11 can be attempted while sitting at home, and they will help you prepare better for the 11th class annual board exam. These files have been provided in chapter-wise context, so you can choose your desired chapter file or you can try to attempt them all one by one.

FSc Part 1 Physics Chapter-Wise Test File

All FSc students, whether they are from pre-engineering or pre-medical groups, can now attempt our carefully prepared test session files. Students can easily download these chapter wise test of physics class 11 in pdf format to their mobile or laptops. These FSc part 1 physics chapter wise test pdf files have been prepared by our highly qualified teachers. We have further divided these physics test preparation files into different categories. You’ll get to know about them further below from this page.

Categories of Physics 11th Class Test Files

Embrace an effective approach to 11th class Physics preparation with our chapter-wise test pdf files. Aligned with the official board's paper pattern, our provided test files comprehensively cover all essential concepts of each chapter. Download them in PDF format to familiarize yourself with the Physics paper pattern and confidently navigate the board exam. Our FSc part 1 physics chapter wise test pdf files are divided into 4 categories:

  • Chapter-wise files

  • First half

  • Second Half

  • Full Book Test

How to Get Ready for the Physics Exam

Our featured test session files will definitely help you score well in your physics board exam, but the question is how you can prepare from these files? You can start by solving these chapter wise test of physics class 11 on your own to see how well you're prepared and find out how much strongly you have prepared for the exam. Find a quiet place, set a time limit, and solve these test files to improve your speed. These files match the exam paper pattern. Begin with the 11th class chapter-wise tests, then gradually move to half and full book files.

Download 11th Class Physics Chapter Wise Test

No. Chapter Name Download Links
Chapter No 1 Measurements View/Downoad
Chapter No 2 Vectors and Equilibrium View/Downoad
Chapter No 3 Motion and Force View/Downoad
Chapter No 4 Work and Energy  View/Downoad
Chapter No 5 Circular Motion View/Downoad
Chapter No 6 Fluid Dynamics View/Downoad

Download 11th Class Physics Half Book Test

No. Test Type Download Links
Chapter No 1 to 3 1st Half Book View/Downoad
Chapter No 4 to 6 2nd Half Book View/Downoad

Download 11th Class Physcis Full Book Test PDF

No. Test Type PDF Links
Chapter 1 to 6 Full Book View/Downoad


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