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Computer as an elective subject that carries 75 marks in exams. It suggests that students are keen on obtaining high marks in this subject and therefore, may require access to important study materials. There are resources that could help students prepare for their exams more effectively. By utilizing these important study materials, students may be able to improve their understanding of the subject and potentially achieve higher marks in their exams.  


10th Class Computer Subject Table of Contents



10th Class Computer Science Book

All the students of 10th Class are notified that they can get the 10th class Computer science book from our website. We are provided the 10th class computer science book punjab textbook board pdf, Computer Science book class 10 Federal board and computer science book class 10 sindh board. These board books are availble here so candidates of 10th class are advised to download these book in pdf form from here.

Computer Science Book Download
Punjab Board Download
Federal Board Download
Sindh Board Download


Check: Computer Science Chapter 1


10th Class Computer Science Notes

We are facilitating the students with key book of Computer Science for 10th class Punjab textbook board and class 10 Computer notes FBISE. students always demand the helping handouts which help them in examination days because mostly students did not give proper attention to prepare the notes. 

Computer Notes Download
Punjab Board Download
Federal Board Download


10th Class Computer Science Syllabus 

The 10th class computer syllabus is a curriculum that outlines the subjects and topics to be covered in a 10th grade computer science class. This syllabus can be downloaded from various online sources and is usually provided by the educational boards or schools to guide the students and teachers in their studies and instruction. The syllabus typically includes topics such as computer fundamentals, programming, databases, and multimedia applications, among others  


Check: Computer Science Chapter 2


10th class Computer Science pairing Scheme

The 10th class computer science paper scheme is a plan or outline of the topics, concepts, and assessment methods that will be covered in the computer science exam for 10th grade students. This scheme is typically designed by the educational board and outlines the weightage of different topics, types of questions to be asked, and the overall structure of the paper. It helps students understand the syllabus and prepare effectively for the exam. The exact details of the 10th class computer science paper scheme may vary depending on the region and educational board.  


Check: Computer Science Chapter 3

10th Class Computer Science Online MCQ's Test

This heading is promoting a free online multiple choice question (MCQ) test for 10th class students. The test can be attempted from the specified website and is offered free of cost to the students. The MCQ format allows for quick assessment of a student's understanding of a particular subject or topic. By taking the test, students can evaluate their knowledge and identify areas that need improvement, helping them to prepare better for their exams. The online format of the test provides convenience and accessibility to students, allowing them to take the test from anywhere with an internet connection.



10th Class Computer Science Guess Paper 2023

This heading is promoting the availability of a guess paper for the 10th class computer science exam in 2023, in PDF format. A guess paper is a document that provides an estimated idea of what types of questions and topics may appear in an upcoming exam. This guess paper is designed for 10th class computer science students, helping them to prepare for the exam by giving them a rough idea of what to expect. The PDF format of the guess paper makes it easily accessible and downloadable, allowing students to access it on a variety of devices and study at their own pace. By using the guess paper, students can improve their exam preparation and increase their chances of success.

Boards Computer Guess Paper English Urdu
Punjab Board Download Download
Federal Board Download  
Sindh Board Download  
KPK Board Download  


Check: Computer Science Chapter 4

Check: Computer Science Chapter 5


10th Class Computer Model Papers

Students can download model paper 2023 class 10 Federal Board. Model papers serve as a useful tool for students to practice and evaluate their knowledge of the subject, as they provide an insight into the exam format and types of questions that may be asked. By using Computer model paper class 10, students may be able to identify their strengths and weaknesses in the subject and adjust their study plan accordingly, resulting in better exam preparation.


10th Class Computer Science Test Session 2023

Students can participate in a Computer Test session 10th Class by clicking on a "join" button. This is a practice test for the students before the exams. However, it suggests that there is an opportunity for students to test their knowledge of the computer subject, possibly in an online or virtual setting. By participating in 10th class chapter wise test pdf, students may be able to gauge their level of understanding of the subject and identify areas that need improvement.


10th Class Computer Science Past Papers

10th class Punjab Board Past Papers

Boards Computer Past Papers
Lahore Borad Download
Gujranwala Board Download
Multan Board Download
Faisalabad Board Download
Sargodha Board Download
Rawalpindi Board  Download
Bahawalpur Board Download
DG Khan Board Download
Sahiwal Board Download
Federal Board Download


10th Class Computer Past Papers of Sindh Board

Boards English Urdu Download
Karachi Board Download Download --
Mirpurkhas Board -- -- Download


10th Class Computer Past Papers of KPK Board

Boards Computer Past Papers
Peshawar Board Download
Swat Board Download
Kohat Board Download
Malakand Board Download
Abbottabad Borad                 Download
Bannu Board Download
Mardan Board Download
DI Khan Board Download


10th Class Computer Past Papers 

Boards Urdu Past Papers
AJK Board Download
Quetta Board Download


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