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Skardu Highlights:

Tour Packages 30+ Tour packages for Skardu
Travel Duration
  • From Lahore: Around 16 Hours
  • From Islamabad: Around 12 Hours
  • The maximum temperature in the valley counted is 27 C
  • The lowest temperature of the valley is -12°C
Road Condition The road conditions are a bit rough for Skardu. As the roads are under construction. You will have to face rough patches which might cause disturbance in traveling.
Nearby Attractions
Satpara Lake: Satpara Lake is situated in the Skardu Valley, which supplies water to the city of Skardu.
Shigar Valley: It is a beautiful valley located in the Skardu Valley.
Kachurra Lake: Kachurra Lake consists of upper and lower kachurra lakes, both present in the Skardu Valley.
Shangrila Lake: Lower Kachurra Lake, also known as Shangrilla Lake, is about twenty minutes drive from Skardu city.
Cold Desert: Katpana Desert also known as the Cold Desert is present in the Skardu Valley of the Gilgit-Baltistan region.
Best Time to Visit The ideal time to visit Skardu is in summer from June to September when the weather is pleasant to enjoy the greenery and lakes of Skardu. It is the best time to escape the heat of Pakistan.
Skardu Trip Costs
  • 10 Days Skardu trip costs 32,500/-
  • 7 Days Skardu trip from Lahore costs 24,500/-

Skardu is the largest valley located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region on the Indus River. A valley rich in natural beauty, with lakes, Desert Mountains, and greenery, is surrounded by the mountains of Karakorum. Skardu valley is surrounded by K2, 8611m, the second-highest mountain in the world. 

Skardu tour  plan is blessed with all four seasons and can be visited at any time of the year. Due to the pleasant weather in the valley during the months of April to October, it is preferred to visit the valley during these months. However, December to February are the coldest months in the valley. The lowest temperature ever calculated in the valley was -20.7°C in December 2019. 

The Valley is comprised of simple and friendly people who enjoy a hustle-free life. They are known as the best hospitality people in the mountains. Several tourists visit Skardu every year and enjoy the beautiful views and organic foods of the valley and the best tour packages for Skardu.There are fo latest packages for skardu tour. People can avail different Skardu tour packages to have the best time with all the facilities.

The People of Skardu 

The people of the Skardu Valley are known for their hospitality and friendly nature. The valley is home to people from various backgrounds. They have a blend of Tibetan, Iranian, and Islamic cultures. The people of the valley enjoy several organic and pure foods freshly plucked from the lush green gardens. The people of Skardu are known for being close to nature and living a hustle-free life.

The basic food necessities are fulfilled through the natural resources due to which several major diseases, including heart issues, diabetes, and obesity, are unknown in the Valley. They enjoy farming as a means of living. People enjoy a simple life in their mediocre houses made up of mud blocks. They use horses as a means of transport. In the winter, they wear woolen clothes made of sheep wool.

A Brief History of Skardu 

During the 16th century, Mirza Haider first described one of the districts in the country as "Askardu." According to European literature, during the reign of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, a tourist named Bernier visited Kashmir. The tourist then described one of the places in Baltistan named Skardu. The map of Skardu then started to appear in Asia. 

Skardu tour packages:

The tourism industry in Pakistan has grown immensely and now plays a major role in the economy of the country. There are several tour companies in the country that plan and organize several tour packages throughout Pakistan. The northern areas of the country are the most traveled due to their scenic views, beauty, and various major attractions.

Skardu, one of the most beautiful valleys in Baltistan, is also the most visited tourist spot in Pakistan. There are numerous Skardu tour packages from Lahore organized by the tour companies. These tour packages are of different types for individuals, couples, and group tours as well. The Skardu trip costs vary depending upon the number of days to travel, accommodation, fun activities, conveyance, and the number of people.

The Skardu tour packages include all the basic necessities like a hotel stay, traveling jeeps and buses, food, and several fun activities. Some of the known hotels to stay at on your Skardu tour include Continental Guest House, Hotel Himalaya, Baltistan Continental Hotel, Indus View Hotel, Skardu Lodges, and Astore Inn Hotel.

Due to the inauguration of the Skardu airport, Skardu is now easily accessible by air. The tour packages vary for travel by air and by road.

Major Attractions in Skardu:Deosai National Park 

  • Kharpocho Lake
  • Kachura Lake
  • Upper Kachura Lake
  • Lower Kachura Lake
  • Satpara Lake
  • Karpocho Fort
  • Shiggar Valley 
  • Shangrila Lake:
  • Cold Dessert:
  • K2 Base Camp

  • Deosai National Park:

Apart from its natural beauty and amazing views, Deosai National Park is famous for having the second-highest plateau in the world. The park gives the perfect spring views with its natural greenery, captivating distant snow-capped mountains, and colorful flowers. The Deosai National Park has the boundary of the Karakorum Mountains and the Western Himalayas,the best place for tourist and having latest packages in 2022 making it even more attractive. It’s not just a park but has a beautiful lake inside to attract the attention of tourists. The Sheosar Lake, which is known as one of the highest lakes in the world, is situated inside the Deosai National Park.

  • Kachura Lakes: 

Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan is home to two Kachura lakes: Upper Kachura Lake and Lower Kachura Lake. The lakes are located at 2500 meters above. The distance between the two lakes is approximately 8 km.

  • Upper Kachura Lake:

The Upper Kachura Lake provides a beautiful view of mountains, tall trees, fruits, including the famous apricots of Skardu, and its fresh, clean blue water. The lake can be easily approached by a half-hour drive from Skardu city. The lake faces the highest temperature of 20C in the summer, whereas the lake is frozen in the winter season. Tourists enjoy various activities around the lake, including fishing, boating, and trekking.

  • Lower Kachura Lake:

Lower Kachura Lake is also known as the Shangrila Lake which means Heaven on Earth. The lake is famous for attracting national and international tourists latest packages in 2022 for its beautiful sights. The lake is naturally formed into a heart shape. With its crystal clear water, the lake reflects the magnificence of the surrounding mountains. It is located a twenty-minute drive from Skardu.

The lake is surrounded by the Shangrila resort, with around 70 Swiss cottages. Moreover, the lake offers various facilities for tourists. It includes several restaurants with traditional, Pakistani, and continental food options at Pagoda restaurant, Tandoori Village, and Lake View restaurant. The lake also offers pick-and-drop services for tourists to specific spots.

  • Kharpocho Fort:

The magnificent fort of Kharpocho was formed in the 16th century. It is also known as the "King of Forts" and is located 1400 feet above Skardu. The fort belongs to Ali Khan Anchan, who was the famous ruler of Gilgit Baltistan back then. The fort provides an amazing view of the city and its ancient history. On your Skardu visit, you will come across the interesting ancient history of the fort.

How to reach Skardu?

Skardu is located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. It can be reached by road as well as by air. Skardu tour packages from Lahore by air.

Skardu tour packages from Lahore

There are several Skardu tour packages from Lahore that include all the basic facilities. The basic facilities include hotel accommodation, conveyance, food, fun activities, and much more. They offer tour packages on different days. Different packages for individuals, couples, and groups are offered. Fun activities might include mountaineering, paragliding, and river rafting.

  • A 7-day Skardu visit from Lahore costs around 24,500/- by road.
  • A 10-day Skardu tour package from Lahore cost around 32,500/- by road.

Skardu tour packages from Islamabad:

If you are looking for a Skardu trip from Islamabad, you should know that the Skardu valley can be reached from Islamabad by air. Ever since the inauguration of the Skardu airport, there has been one flight from Islamabad to Skardu daily. Whereas, different Skardu tour packages by road are also available for individuals. You can avail of any package according to your availability and requirements. It takes around 12 to 13 hours to reach the valley from Islamabad by road.

  • 10 Days honeymoon tour package to Skardu from Islamabad costs 140000/- 

Skardu tour packages from Karachi:

A trip to Skardu from Karachi is preferred by air. Different tourism companies offer numerous packages to travel to Skardu from Karachi. The itinerary includes all the necessities. Individuals who are interested in traveling by road can also avail of road packages for the Skardu visit. Different discount tour packages are also available for people traveling in groups form.


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