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Neelum Valley Highlight:

Tour Packages 40+ Tour packages for Neelum Valley
Travel Duration
  • From Lahore: Around 11 hours
  • From Islamabad: Around 7 hours
Weather The weather in the valley is extremely cold in the winter season with heavy snowfall. In summer, the days are hot and the nights are often cold enough that people have to wear sweaters.
Road Condition The road conditions in the valley are not very up to date due to the fact that most people acquire jeeps to travel the valley. The roads are not suitable for the local cars.
Nearby Attractions
  • Patheka
  • Sharda
  • Kutton 
  • Arang Kel
  • Kel
  • Ratti Gali Lake
  • Banjosa Lake 
  • Taobat
Best Time to Visit The best time to visit Neelum Valley is from March to October. You will experience pleasant weather and enjoy the major attractions of the valley.
Neelum Valley Tour Packages 
  • 3 Days Neelum valley trip cost 10,000/-
  • 3 Days Neelum valley trip cost for couples 24,999/-

The Neelum Valley is located in the region of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. The valley is a sight of beauty and grace, with a glorious view of lush green trees and freshwater streams. The Neelum Valley has been named after the Neelum River. It runs with the Kaghan Valley.

It is one of the most attractive tourist and sightseeing destinations in Azad Kashmir. The valley consists of around 370 small villages and is situated 4000 meters above sea level. The land of the valley is known for its agricultural nature, which produces many fruits to export throughout the country.

The Neelum Valley holds a special place for the tourists of the country. Due to its spectacular views, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the valley every year. There are different tour packages that are being offered to visit Neelum Valley.

The People of Neelum Valley

The people of the Neelum valley are mostly Muslim, with a minority of Christianity and Hinduism. The inhabitants of the valley speak different languages, which include Hindko, Kashmiri, and Punjabi, whereas Urdu is considered the national language of the valley. The people of the valley are known for their simple lives. The valley includes the best Kashmiri cuisine, which is loved by tourists.

Neelum Valley tour packages

The Neelum valley is famous among tourists for its scenic views and fresh streams. There are several Neelum valley tour packages that have made it easier for tourists to enjoy their trip. The tour packages include family tour packages all the necessities, from hotel accommodation, refreshments, conveyance, jeeps, and some minor things.

Neelum Valley tour packages provide different days to stay. You can choose any of the tour packages that suit your requirements. The payments are 50% in advance, which may vary from company to company.

Major Attractions in Neelum Valley:

Some of the major attractions in Neelum Valley that you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Neelum Valley are:

  • Patheka 

Patheka is known as the entrance of the Neelum valley. It provides tourists with all of their needs. There are various hotels that provide accommodation to tourists coming from all over the country. It is considered the commercial side of the valley.

  • Sharda

Upon reaching Sharda, a famous tourist site, it will provide magnificent views of the whole valley. It is surrounded by natural beauty such as clear blue water streams, forests, and high-peaked mountains.

  • Kutton 

Kutton is located about 82 km from Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. It provides a healthy environment for the tourists as they enjoy the fresh water flowing through the city. It consists of various hotel accommodations for tourists.

  • Ratti Gali Lake

There are several beautiful lakes in Pakistan, and Ratti Gali Lake is one of them. It is located at 12,130 feet above sea level. The area around the Ratti Gali Lake is extremely peaceful and charming. The lake can be reached through a small town, Dawarian of Neelum Valley.

  • Banjosa Lake 

Another magnificent lake in Azad Kashmir is Banjosa Lake. It is located 20 km away from Rawalakot. It is surrounded by beautiful, lush green forests.

  • Dhani Waterfall

Due to its crystal clean water, Dhani waterfall attracts thousands of tourists. The best time to visit the waterfall is in the summer season.

  • Kel and Arang Kel

Arang Kel is a major attraction site for tourists in the valley. Tourists have to do trekking to reach Kel. It spreads breath-taking views of the mountains of Nanga Parbat.

  • Taobat

Taubat is a small city in Neelum valley. Tourists are often attracted to the beauty of the city as it spread greenery throughout the areas of the valley. 

How to reach Neelum Valley?

To reach the Neelum valley, one has to head towards Muzaffarabad through the Murree expressway. Once you reach Muzaffarabad, the beautiful views start to hit the road. To travel within the valley, Neelam valley road conditions in 2022, jeeps are required as the road conditions are not very good due to the earthquake disaster. The valley can be reached from Islamabad by road, and tourists traveling from Lahore can reach Islamabad, from where you can continue your journey.

Neelum Valley tour packages from Lahore

Neelum Valley tour packages from Lahore include basic necessities. The company will arrange a conveyance. It could be standard or luxury, depending on which rates may vary. The necessities include hotel accommodation, standard refreshments, a first aid kit, jeep charges, a tour guide, and some more. The prices and hotel where you will stay may differ. Lahore to Neelam valley also give you bus service tour packages.

  • A three-day tour of the Neelum Valley costs $10,500/-.

Neelum Valley tour packages from Islamabad:

Islamabad is Pakistan's capital, and because of its central location, it is easier to reach any northern areas of the country from Islamabad. People looking forward to visiting Neelum Valley can avail different tour packages offered by a number of tourism companies.

  • Neelum Valley tour packages from Islamabad 3 Days and 2 nights cost 9,500/-



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