Going on a trip to Europe can be an exciting and enriching experience as there are countless destinations with their unique history, culture, and natural beauty to explore.

Paris - Lucerne

Board the luxurious coach in Paris and embark on a scenic journey through the idyllic French countryside towards the mountainous terrain of Switzerland. Our route will take us through Basel, where the borders of Switzerland, France, and Germany meet, before arriving at the charming lakeside city of Lucerne, nestled at the base of the majestic Swiss Alps.

During our time in Lucerne, we will visit iconic landmarks such as the Chapel Bridge, Water Tower, and other exquisitely preserved examples of Baroque and Gothic architecture. Afterward, you will have the opportunity to indulge in some shopping or take pictures at your leisure.

Lucerne - Venice

Head south from Lucerne through spectacular Switzerland and into northern Italy, where your first stop will be Milan, fashion capital of the world. Your city tour will introduce you to the iconic sights, including Gothic cathedral, Duomo. You’ll also see one of the earliest shopping malls, the 19th-century Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, where you can wander among the boutique shops and take lunch in one of the sophisticated cafes.

After enjoying the many delights of Milan, you’ll head to another vintage Italian city: Venice.

Venice - Rome

Join a knowledgeable local guide on an enchanting morning tour of Venice, the city of dreams. Embark on a scenic waterbus ride to San Marco Island, a breathtaking crossing of the lagoon that provides a true taste of Venice's charm as you approach the iconic spires and unique waterside structures. Upon arrival, you will be led on a captivating tour of some of Venice's most famous sites, beginning in the Piazza with the awe-inspiring Basilica di San Marco, an exceptional example of Byzantine architecture.

You will also have the opportunity to witness the fabled Bridge of Sighs, an iconic landmark that connects the old prison to the interrogation rooms in the Doge's Palace and is frequently featured in postcards and pictures of Venice. Following this, immerse yourself in traditional Venetian craftwork with a demonstration by Murano glassblowers, whose delicate and intricate creations make for excellent souvenirs. Of course, no visit to Venice is complete without a ride through the maze of waterways on a gondola, and for most, this optional excursion is an absolute must. Relax and relish in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. In the afternoon, transfer to Rome.

Rome - Arezzo

Embark on an unforgettable day in Rome, beginning with a visit to Vatican City, the smallest country in the world, located at the heart of the Italian capital. Prepare to be awed by St. Peter's Basilica, the home of Pope Francis and arguably the most significant site in Christianity. The exquisitely beautiful Basilica has stood here for almost 1,700 years and is adorned with an astonishing collection of paintings, frescoes, and designs crafted by some of history's most renowned artists, which you can explore at your leisure. Alternatively, you may opt for the add-on Sistine Chapel tour to witness Michelangelo's celebrated painted ceiling.

Travel back in time and explore Italy's unmatched Roman relics. We highly recommend an optional guided tour of the Colosseum, constructed in AD 72. Immerse yourself in history as you envision witnessing gladiatorial combat inside the grand Amphitheatre or alternatively take a leisurely stroll around the outside to admire the façade of this ancient wonder. After visiting the Colosseum, get up close to the nearby Arch of Constantine, which dates back to the fourth century AD, then spend some free time savoring the delectable and creamy delights of "gelato" Italian ice cream in Rome.

Arezzo - Genoa

Continue your cultural exploration with a visit to Florence, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, where you'll be treated to a guided tour of the city's highlights. Admire the architectural wonders of Ponte Vecchio, Piazza del Duomo, and Campanile Tower, before visiting a local workshop for a demonstration of traditional leatherworking techniques and the chance to purchase high-quality leather goods.

You'll also pass by the renowned Uffizi Gallery, home to one of the most impressive art collections in Florence, before enjoying some free time to explore the city at your leisure, go shopping, or relax at an outdoor cafe. Next, travel on to Pisa and be sure to snap a photo of the iconic Leaning Tower, located in the Square of Miracles along with the historic Cathedral and Baptistery.

In the late evening, you'll transfer to a nearby city near Genoa for your overnight stay, though please note that you won't be visiting the city of Genoa on this particular itinerary.

Genoa - Avignon

Get ready for a scenic drive along the stunning Mediterranean coastline, as we bid farewell to Italy and head to the chic and beautiful principality of Monaco, nestled within France. This tiny country is renowned for the prestigious Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Start with a walking tour that takes you to the opulent Prince's Palace. You'll have some free time to soak up the refined atmosphere before continuing to see other landmarks, such as the Courthouse from the 1920s, the Cliffside Oceanographic Museum, and the Cathedral where Grace Kelly is interred.

After that, head to the world-famous Fragonard Perfume Factory for an engaging guided tour around their production facility.

Next stop, Nice, where you can indulge in some of the delicious local cuisine and warm hospitality during your lunch break.

The journey proceeds to Cannes, where the Palais des Festival, host of the city's annual international film festival, is worth a snapshot. Don't miss the chance to take some photos before we transfer you to the hotel.

Avignon - Paris

Relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of the French countryside as we make our way back to Paris, marking the end of the Green Line tour. You can sit back and unwind after an exciting journey, taking in the picturesque landscapes around you.

Once we reach Paris, some guests may say their goodbyes to their fellow travelers and end their tour here. However, if you wish to extend your European adventure, you can opt to stay for an extra night in the city before joining the Red Line tour on the following day.

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