Spain is a beautiful country located in southwestern Europe,known for its diverse geography, rich history, and vibrant culture. It hassomething to offer for every type of traveler, whether you're interested inexploring the cities, relaxing on the beaches, or immersing yourself in thelocal culture.

A typical Spain tour would include visits to some of thecountry's most famous cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and Valencia.Madrid is the capital city of Spain and is known for its beautifularchitecture, museums, and art galleries. Barcelona is another popular cityknown for its stunning beaches, incredible architecture, and rich culture.Seville is known for its stunning Gothic cathedral, lively nightlife, andMoorish architecture, while Valencia is famous for its futuristic architectureand delicious cuisine.

In addition to the cities, a tour of Spain would alsoinclude visits to the country's beautiful beaches, including the Costa del Soland the Costa Brava. There are also many historic landmarks to explore, such asthe Alhambra in Granada, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and the Royal Palaceof Madrid.

Food and wine are an important part of Spanish culture, so aSpain tour would also include tasting some of the country's delicious cuisine,such as paella, tapas, and churros. Spain is also home to some of the world'sbest wines, such as Rioja and Priorat, which can be enjoyed on a tour of thecountry's vineyards and wineries.

Overall, a tour of Spain would provide an unforgettableexperience, allowing visitors to explore the country's diverse landscape, richhistory, and vibrant culture.

Marid - Zaragoza

This tour commences in Madrid, the capital of Spain. The tour takes you past the Cibeles Fountain before arriving at and exploring Plaza Mayor, Piazza di Spagna, and the Royal Palace of Madrid. The Royal Palace, built by the Spanish Royal Family, showcases the magnificence and grandeur of the former empire and its history. You'll then arrive at Puerta del Sol, a public square in Madrid, where you can find the Km 0 square tile on the pavement, representing the center of the radial network of Spanish roads.

In the afternoon, you'll bid farewell to Madrid and travel to Zaragoza. Upon arriving in Zaragoza, you'll visit the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar, a Roman Catholic Church in the city. The Basilica Generates the Blessed Virgin Mary, revered as the "Mother of the Hispanic People." It is said to be the first church dedicated to Mary in history. There are numerous coffee shops and restaurants in the vicinity of the Basilica.

Zaragoza - Barcelona

We'll begin our morning journey by heading straight to the beautiful and warm coastal city of Barcelona. Once there, we'll start our sightseeing with visits to the Columbus Monument, La Rambla, and the breathtaking Sagrada Família - a grand Roman Catholic church designed by renowned Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí. Gaudí's visionary artistic style can be seen all around Barcelona, giving the feeling of entering the mind of the artist.

We'll make a photo stop at Camp Nou, the home stadium of FC Barcelona since 1957. Our next stop will be Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys, the main stadium used during the 1992 Summer Olympics, which is located on Montjuïc - a large hill southwest of Barcelona that offers magnificent city views. Finally, we'll have free time to explore the bustling Plaza Catalonia, where you can experience the city like a local by sampling local food, drinks, and shopping.

Barcelona - Alicante

After breakfast at the hotel, we will depart Barcelona and head towards Valencia, Spain's third-largest city. Due to its advantageous location, Valencia has a rich history of trade and cultural ties with Moorish and Arab civilizations. Even today, Valencia's port and businesses continue to attract traders from all over the world.

Upon arrival, we will explore the city's highlights including the Modernisme Plaza of the City Hall of Valencia, the Ancient City Gates, and the impressive Valencia Cathedral, which houses the authentic Holy Grail.

Later in the day, we will drive to our next destination, Alicante.

Alicante - Granda

In the morning, the journey continues to the city of Granada, situated on the plateau of the Andalusian province.

This historic city has been ruled by the Visigoths and Arabs and was the last stronghold of the Arab dynasty during its eight-hundred-year-long rule of the Iberian Peninsula. In the 15th century, King Ferdinand successfully expelled the Arabs and managed to unite Spain. At the Alhambra, a Moorish citadel and palace also known as the Red Palace, you'll have the chance to take a picture.

Following this, you will explore the old city of Granada, with its delicate and exquisite architecture.

Granada - Seville

In the morning, we'll travel northward to Seville, the largest city in the autonomous community of Andalusia. This city was once the capital of the Muslim dynasty, which was regarded as the guardian of culture in Andalusia, and the birthplace of the flamenco dance. Seville has served as the setting for many operas, including Bizet's Carmen. It hosted the World's Fair in 1992 and is now Spain's fourth-largest city.

Upon arrival, we'll visit Seville Cathedral, the largest Gothic cathedral and third-largest church in the world. Completed in the early 16th century, the cathedral halls house the Royal Chapel, where the kings' mausoleum has been located for over a century, as well as the tomb of Christopher Columbus, the renowned navigator who discovered the New World.

We'll then explore the Alcázar of Seville, a former Muslim palace and the Spanish Royal Palace. The upper levels of the Alcázar are still used by the royal family as the official residence of Seville. This is Europe's oldest royal palace still in use and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, alongside the Seville Cathedral.

Our walking tour will continue through Santa Cruz, Torre del Oro (the Tower of Gold), and Maria Luisa Park, where the 1992 World Expo was held. At Plaza de España (Spain Square), we can admire an exquisitely crafted porcelain painting that depicts the history and grandeur of old Spain.

Seville - Lisbon

Today we depart for the capital and the largest city of Portugal, Lisbon. We are expected to arrive in Cabo da Roca (Cape Roca) in the afternoon, which forms the westernmost extent of mainland Portugal and continental Europe. The cape displays the voluminous Atlantic surrounded by endless scenery. Don’t forget to buy the remembrance certificate to prove once footstep was on the west point as it will be a memorable souvenir to keep.

Later we will be back to the Lisbon city center to visit Belém Tower and Jerónimos Monastery, both were classified a UNESCO World Heritage SiSitesBelém Tower played a significant role in the Portuguese maritime discoveries of the era of the Age of Discoveries. Jerónimos Monastery is one of the most prominent examples of the Portuguese Late Gothic Manueline style of architecture in Lisbon.

You will pass through Marquis of Pombal Square and then stop at Rossio Square for some free time to sample authentic Portuguese custard tarts at the century-old bakery.

Lisbon - Madrid

Today we will return to Madrid, making a stop at the World Heritage Site of Toledo along the way. Located on a mountaintop and surrounded by a bend in the Tagus River, Toledo is renowned for its extensive cultural and monumental heritage. We will take a leisurely stroll through the city, admiring the Alcázar of Toledo and visiting the grand Toledo Cathedral, which will transport you back to Spain's glory days.

After a day of sightseeing, we will take the opportunity to relax and enjoy the stunning landscapes of Spain from the comfort of our coach as we make our way back to Madrid. You can take in the rich palette of the colors of Spain's natural surroundings and appreciate the breathtaking scenery.

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