"Dive into Baghdad: a 10-day immersive tour revealing ancient sites, lively markets, local flavors, and cultural wonders. Unforgettable journey into the heart of this captivating city."

Day 1

  • Arrive at Baghdad International Airport.
  • Meet and greet by our tour representative.
  • Transfer to your hotel for check-in and rest.
  • Evening orientation and welcome dinner.

Day 2

  • Visit the National Museum of Iraq to explore its rich history and artifacts.
  • Stop at Al-Mustansiriya University, an ancient center of learning.
  • Explore Al-Mutanabbi Street, famous for its booksellers and cafes.

Day 3

  • Visit the Kadhimayn shrine, dedicated to Imam Musa al-Kadhim and Imam Muhammad al-Jawad.
  • Explore the shrine of Imam Ali al-Hadi.
  • Take a peaceful stroll along the Tigris River.

Day 4

  • Explore Liberation Square and Firdos Square, significant sites of recent history.
  • Visit the Baghdad Mall for shopping and leisure.

Day 5

  • Discover the historical ruins of Babylon, including the Ishtar Gate.
  • Explore the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (archaeological site).

Day 6

  • Participate in a traditional Iraqi cooking class.
  • Explore local markets like Shorja Market for a taste of Iraqi daily life.
  • Visit the Martyrs' Monument to pay respects to those who sacrificed for the country.

Day 7

  • Depart for Najaf Sharif.
  • Visit the magnificent shrine of Imam Ali, a spiritual centerpiece for Shia Muslims.
  • Explore Wadi-us-Salaam, one of the world's largest cemeteries.

Day 8

  • Attend lectures and discussions at the Hawza, a renowned Shia Islamic seminary.
  • Visit the Great Mosque of Kufa and Al-Sahlah Mosque.
  • Reflect and meditate at the serene Abu Hanifa Mosque.

Day 9

  • Depart for Karbala.
  • Visit the shrines of Imam Hussain and Abbas ibn Ali.
  • Attend evening rituals at the shrines, absorbing the spiritual atmosphere.

Day 10

  • Participate in morning prayers at the shrines.
  • Explore the city's vibrant bazaars for last-minute souvenirs.
  • Transfer to Baghdad International Airport for departure.

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