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Students Accommodation

Student Accommodation in South Korea

On deciding to study abroad the first thing that comes in mind of a student is the cost and standard of accommodation possibly provided to him. Why wouldn’t be one obviously it’s difficult to adjust in a new culture, atmosphere and people? Especially for a student who also has to concentrate on studying, maintaining good grades as well as work part time to make the ends meet. Students residing in foreign countries face many challenges, one of those is managing time , travelling from university or college to work and from  work to home and then again the journey next day starts again also adding getting done with domestic errands as well. So after the tiring process of submitting visa documents and finishing all other visa requirements, the nest most important step is finding suitable apartment, dorm or room for living. Like any other country, South Korea also tries to facilitate its foreign students to maximum level. Students in South Korea are availing many such facilities:

Here are a few options for accommodation for foreign students in South Korea;


A traditional dormitory provides rooms for two students and a single room for one student can also be availed. Students have a choice to cook for themselves and also have option to buy food by dorm’s mess on considerably low rate. One important benefit of living in dormitory is its shortest distance from the campus, making it easy for a student to reach on time and also saving money and time for other works. So it’s definitely most important clause before applying in any university.


Goshiwon is a really small room with very cheap rates. It’s a very small room and almost all of them offer rice and kimchi. These are usually located in an area where mostly students reside which makes it a better choice.


This kind of accommodation is mostly run by married and older women who take good care of students by providing them breakfast and also dinner. It is definitely a wise choice for a student in terms of saving time for studies.

4-One Room Apartments or Studio Apartment

This choice is most expensive of all because a single house apartment costs around $300 US to $500 per month in student’s areas. Students who can afford these apartments definitely enjoy privacy.


Utilities like water, electricity and gas which are also provided on cheap rates to students. All of these bills can cost $150 to $200 US depending on the usage. However the bills can be managed by using these utilities wisely according to your budget.

6-Food and Cooking

Those students who know how to cook can save a notable amount of money from their expenditures. While cooking at home will cost you around $60 US per week, eating out will cost you $3 US to $30 US per meal. So having a kitchen facility at your place is definitely very beneficial, plus you get to eat your traditional food according your own taste.




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