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Gujrat is a district which is located in Punjab Province. It is an ancient city which is situated between two rivers Chenab and Jehlum. The district has an extensive political importance and it has produced many historic names. The city has many historical buildings relics around it. Gujrat is also famous in the world because of its clay with which it made quality pottery for many years. The literacy rate in Gujrat is quite high as compared to the other cities of Pakistan. Away from agriculture and ceramics importance the city is also famous because of its furniture and other expert qualities.   

Gujrat is a city which is famous for its craftwork and cottage industries of various types like Pottery and Ceramic Goods, Furniture and Furnishers, Electrical Goods, Flower Pots and Artistic Handicrafts. Hand Made Woolen Shawls, Hand Made Woven Jerseys, Sweaters and many more. Although, Jewelry and Ornaments made in Gujrat are very much eye-catching and popular among females. Ironsmith, Goldsmith, Carpenters and Masons are very much expert in their relevant fields.

People of Gujrat are known as “Gujratis”. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan named this region as "Khita-e-Younan" as there is large number of educational institutes and high literacy rate in Gujrat. Total population of Gujrat is more than 0.3 million. There are many colleges and Institutes in Gujrat including a University, University of Gujrat.

All educational institutes of Gujrat are providing their best services to all the students of the city to increase the literacy rate in the country and for their best future. Some famous educational institutes in Gujrat are Punjab College of Commerce, Imperial College of Computer Science, Rose Belt College, Military College Sara-e-Alamgir District Gujrat, Army Public School and College, Nawaz Sharif Medical College (NSMC) and many more. All these educational institutes in Gujrat give admissions on merit. There are both public sector and private sector educational institutes in Gujrat. Admission in Gujrat open according to the schedule prescribed by the university. Ilmkidunya updates the latest information of admissions on daily basis, so keep in touch with us. Students may also subscribe to ilmkidunya website to get latest alerts via email.  

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