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Punjab University Lahore Compulsory, Elective and Optional Subject List for BA Private Candidates

Punjab University offers Bachelors in Arts (BA) for the duration of two years and exams are held at the end of Second Year. Candidates have to choose two elective subjects and one optional subject. The subjects of Psychology and Applied Psychology cannot be taken together. Candidates have to pass the Compulsory subject of Islamic Studies/Ethics and Pakistan Studies separately in the University Examinations.

The BA/BSc private candidates are now permitted to submit the examination forms for the subjects having practical portion. The decision was taken because students were facing difficulty in getting admission. Now all the private students can appear in the final exams of BA/BSc with subjects having practical portion. 

"English Language" and "Islamiyat/ Ethics and Pakistan Studies" are compulsory subjects carrying 200 marks and 100 marks, respectively and a candidate has to select two elective subjects, carrying 200 marks each and there will be one optional subject carrying 100 marks. 

List of compulsory, elective and optional subjects is given below.

Compulsory Subjects: 

    1. English Language (200 marks)
    2. Islamiyat/ Ethics  (60 marks)
    3. Pakistan Studies  (40 marks)

Elective Subjects: (200 marks each, Choose 2 subjects)

    1. Arabic
    2. Applied Psychology
    3. Bengali
    4. Economics
    5. Education
    6. English Literature
    7. Fine Arts
    8. French
    9. Geography
    10. Geology
    11. German
    12. History
    13. Hindi
    14. Home Economics
    15. Health & Physical Education
    16. Islamic Studies
    17. Journalism
    18. Kashmiryat
    19. Library & Information Science
    20. Music
    21. Persian
    22. Philosophy
    23. Political Science
    24. Punjabi
    25. Russian
    26. Social Work
    27. Sociology
    28. Spanish
    29. Turkish
    30. Urdu
    31. Women Studies

Optional Subjects (100 marks, choose 1 subject)

    1. Arabic
    2. Bengali
    3. Economics
    4. English Literature
    5. Fine Arts
    6. French
    7. General Studies
    8. Geography
    9. German
    10. History
    11. Home Economics
    12. Islamic Studies
    13. Italian
    14. Journalism
    15. Kashmiryat
    16. Library & Information Science
    17. Music
    18. Persian
    19. Philosophy
    20. Political Sciences
    21. Punjabi
    22. Russian
    23. Sindhi
    24. Sociology
    25. Spanish
    26. Social Work
    27. Urdu


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