12th Class Principles of Banking Test

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12th Class Principles of Banking MCQ Test With Answer for Principles of Banking Full Book

Principles of banking is the main subject for the I. com students. There are general rules and concepts that governor the field of accounting.

Ilmkidunya provides the great opportunity to the students by providing the latest outline of the paper. This Principle of banking online test makes the students more competent and proficient on the theory of the book. Objective is the essential part of the paper. There is 20 % paper that consist of the objective section. If the students want to get the exceptional marks, then they must attempt this online test.

Online testing system is one of the most effective ways to attempt the paper brilliantly. Students can easily get grasp on all the theory and objective as well. After attempting this MCQ online test, students will be able to perform well in the papers and pass the exams successfully.

Students can also judge their ability and skills after solving the test. Students can do this online test many times until they make sure about the accuracy of the test.

In this online test we come to know the overall rules reffered as basic accounting principles and rules Principles of banking online test. Students can get grip on the introduction to accounting basics, Blance sheet Assets, balance sheet liabilities and stock holder equities, statements on cash flows, double entry system sample transition no. It is advised to the students to solve this online test to get good grades in the exams .


ICOM Part 2 Banking Test

Top Scorers of Principles of Banking Icom Part 2 English Medium Online Test


Hamza Abid

Abbottabad20 - Mar - 2023

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Hamza Abid

Abbottabad14 - Jan - 2023

10 Mins 50 Sec

12th Class Principles of Banking MCQ Test With Answer for Principles of Banking Full Book

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 The first stage or step between importer and exporter for the purpose of sale and purchase is:
  • A. Oath or undertaking
  • B. Agreement
  • C. Contract with bank
  • D. Issuing of L.C
2 Margin means the difference between amount of loan and.
  • A. Value of overdraft
  • B. Market value
  • C. Value of security
  • D. None of these
3 Central Bank provide the facility to Scheduled Banks.
  • A. Rediscounting Bills
  • B. Clearing House
  • C. Transfer of Money
  • D. All the above
4 Which method or methods are prevailing in Pakistan for issuing notes
  • A. Fixed Fiduciary System
  • B. Proportional Reserve System
  • C. Both a and b
  • D. None of the these
5 Cheque book is not use in.
  • A. Current Account
  • B. Foreign Currency Account
  • C. B.B.A account
  • D. Fixed deposited Account
6 Crossing which contains the name of a particular bank is called
  • A. Regular crossing
  • B. Irregular crossing
  • C. General crossing
  • D. Special crossing
7 A person who writes the bill is called
  • A. Drawee
  • B. Drawer
  • C. Payee
  • D. Acceptor
8 Paying bank with respect to a letter of credit is called.
  • A. Advising bank
  • B. Informatory bank
  • C. Both these
  • D. None of these
9 Which method of note issue is prevailing in Pakistan after 1965
  • A. Min. Reserve System
  • B. Proportional system
  • C. Fixed Fiduciary system
  • D. None of the above
10 The market in which funds are borrowed of lent for a period of over one year.
  • A. Money market
  • B. Capital market
  • C. Open market
  • D. None of these

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