Accounting & Finance Courses and Programs in Pakistan

Accounting & Finance Courses and Programs in Pakistan

Basically accounting or might be known as accountancy is the measurement, processing as well as the communication of financial information regarding the economical entities like businesses and companies.

Accounting and Finance which has been entitled as the "language of business" measures the outcomes of the economic activities of an organization and sends this information to a large number of users, including the stakeholders, creditors, organization, and supervisors.



The workers working in the field are known as accountants. Though, the terms "accounting" and "financial reporting" are often utilized as synonyms.

Accounting can be divided into numerous other fields which include financial accounting, management accounting, external auditing and the tax accounting as well.

The accounting information systems are mainly designed to support the accounting functions and the relevant activities.

Financial accounting mainly pays attention on the reporting of financial information of a firm, involving the preparation of financial statements, to external users of the information, like the shareholders, regulators and contractors while the management accounting emphasizes on the measurement, investigation and reporting of information for internal use by administration.

There are large numbers of well-known educational institutes in Pakistan which are accounting and finance courses and programs in Pakistan.

If we talk about university level, them most of the universities offer BS in Accounting and Finance which is a four year degree program and this program is offered to prepare the aspirants for a challenging and worthwhile career in either the government or in a private financial sector.

As accounting and finance are the necessary functions of all major firms today. So, large numbers of students prefer to get admission in this course.

Here we have provided a complete guide for all those students who wish to get admission in any Accounting & Finance course or program. You can check here the complete list of accounting and finance courses and programs in Pakistan. We have also provided here the admission criteria of various universities here. 

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  • MCom
  • BS Accounting & Finance
  • PhD Statistics
  • MPhil Statistics
  • MSc Statistics
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  • BS Accounting and Finance
  • MS Accounting and Finance
  • BS Statistics
  • MPhil Statistics
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  • MS Accounting & Finance
4.25Alternate Text
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  • MPhil Accounting Finance
  • MSc Accounting Finance
  • MS Accounting Finance
  • BCom
  • BS Accounting Finance
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  • BA Honours Accounting and Finance
  • BA Honours Business Management (Finance)
  • BSc Honours Business Accounting
  • MSc Banking and Finance
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  • Associate Degree in Accounting & Finance
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