BS Economics

Here you will get complete detail about the BS Economics duration, eligibility criteria, scope and other detail about it.

There are various institutes which are offering four year bachelor degree in Economics. BS Economics is a good degree for the science and arts students. This degree provides the students a wide range of good job opportunities. The students can get complete information regarding BS Economics on this page.

Duration of BS Economics

The total duration of BS Economics is four years. There are total eight semesters of BS Economics. Each semester is of the duration of 6 months. There are two semesters offered in one year. The number of courses in BS Economics is 40 and 1 research project. The credit hours of this degree program are almost 128. The students need to pass each semester during the 6 months. If you have good performance then you can easily complete BS Economics degree in four years.

BS Economics Full Form

BS Economics full form is Bachelor of Science in Economics.

BS Economics Importance

BS Economics is considered as the degree of worth importance after intermediate. After completion of this degree, the students will be able to make decisions and think logically. It helps the students to understand current affairs, past, business deals and finance. The students learn how to solve the problems strategically. The importance of BS Economics in Pakistan is described here.  BS Economics degree has great importance in research, market analysis and credit analysis.

Eligibility Criteria of BS Economics admission

BS Economics is a bachelor degree for getting admission in which the students must have at least 45% marks in intermediate. If the student have passed the intermediate and matriculation with good marks and he is applicable for admission then he can apply. The students may also have to pass the entry tests of some universities for admission in BS Economics.

The documents which are required for admission in BS Economics are given below:

  • SSC or matriculation result card
  • HSSC or intermediate result card
  • Domicile certificate
  • Attested copies of identity card or form B
  • Identity card copies of the guardian
  • Character certificate
  • Corona vaccination certificate

Branches of BS Economics

There are many branches of BS Economics. Some of the major braches of BS Economics are given below:

  • Micro economics
  • Macro economics
  • International economics
  • Development economics
  • Classical economics
  • Welfare economics
  • Austrian economics
  • Monetarist economics
  • Labor economics

Scope of BS Economics

BS Economics has good scope in Pakistan as it provides a wide range of opportunities to the students. The candidates which have BS Economics degree have very scope. The future scope of BS Economics is noticeable. You can check the scope of BS Economics in Pakistan from this guide. The candidates which have BS Economics degree are offered the jobs of good repute and salary. The scope of BS Economics is increasing day by day. BS Economics candidates play an important role in the progress of country. These candidates are also offered very good jobs in foreign countries. The degree is best if you want to have good earnings. BS Economics scope in Pakistan is well explained on this page

Career Opportunities of BS Economics

BS Economics candidates have very good options career wise. There are great career opportunities offered after BS Economics. The students can also go for future studies after BS Economics. The jobs which are available after BS Economics are mentioned below:

  • Market research analyst
  • Business manager
  • Banker
  • Accountant
  • Economist
  • Statistician
  • Public administrator
  • Lecturer
  • Government economic departments
  • Financial sector
  • Operational researcher
  • Software tester

The students can also go for masters program after completion of BS Economics. The programs in which you can go after BS Economics are master in economics and many other additional programs like financial economics, international economics, agricultural economics, environmental economics, development economics and industrial economics etc.

The best institutes for BS Economics

For BS Economics, the best institutes are mentioned here:

  • London school of economics and political science
  • University of the Punjab
  • Pakistan institute of development economics Islamabad Pakistan
  • Lahore college for women university
  • Quaid e Azam university Islamabad, Pakistan
  • National college of business administration and economics Lahore
  • The university of Lahore

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:What is BS Economics?
    Ans:BS Economics is a bachelor program which is offered after completion of intermediate. The students which have passed intermediate examination and want to choose a business and economics related degree choose this degree.
  • Q:What is the value of BS Economics degree?
    Ans:BS Economics is a valuable degree offered in Pakistan and many other countries. This is considered as an important and advantageous degree after which the students can get bright future. This degree is valuable throughout the world.
  • Q:Is BS Economics an easy degree?
    Ans:BS Economics is neither too hard nor too tough. It is an easy degree if you pay concentration. BS Economics is one of the good bachelor degree programs after HSSC for the students. If you want to choose an easy bachelor degree and good earnings then this degree is the best..
  • Q:Which students can get admission in BS Economics?
    Ans: Those students which have passed HSSC or equivalent with good score can get admission in BS Economics. The admission criteria of every different is variable. The students can check eligibility criteria from the official website if institutes. If you are applicable for admission then you can get admission in that institute in BS Economics.
  • Q:What are the subjects of BS Economics?
    Ans: Many subjects are taught in BS Economics program during eight semesters. Some of them are described below:
  • Fundamentals of economics
  • Mathematics for economics
  • Public finance
  • International trade theory
  • Statistics for economics
  • Basic economics
  • Financial institutions & markets
  • Basic econometrics
  • Economics of Pakistan
  • Principle of microeconomics
  • Q:How much you can earn after BS Economics?
    Ans:The average earnings of BS Economics candidates are about Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 60,000 as a starting salary. This salary package increases from companies to companies and also according to experience. The candidates can earn in lakhs if they have good experience in this field.
  • Q:What is the fee of BS Economics?
    Ans:The fee of BS Economics ranges from university to university. In public sector institutes, the fee of BS Economics is almost Rs. 40,000 to 70,000 per semester. In private university, the fee of BS Economics is almost Rs. 80,000 to 150000 per semester. This fee may be variable.
  • Q:What is the scope of BS Economics in foreign countries?
    Ans: BS Economics has very good scope worldwide. A number of universities are offering this degree. You can get very good jobs in foreign countries if you have BS Economics degree. For more guidance, visit ilmkidunya.
  • Q:What is the merit of BS Economics?
    Ans:The merit of BS Economics is more than 85%. If you want to get admission in a good public sector university then you need at least 80-90% marks. The merit of private universities for BS Economics is almost 70-80%.

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