11th Class Statistics English Medium Test

11th Class Statistics MCQ Test With Answer for Statistics Full Book

Statistics is the important subject for the ICS students. It is taught in colleges and universities on the large scale. Arts students can also choose according to their choice. Statistics online test system provides the students great help for preparation for the exams. Students can prepare for the exams in the best and easy way. Multiple choice questions from introductory exams and different test. These MCQ are selected from the new syllabus.

  1. Data and presentation of data

  2. Tabulation and frequency distribution

  3. Graph (Histogram , Frequency polygon, frequency curve . ogive , Bar charts, Component bar charts , pie chart , Stem and leaf display, Pareto chart)

  4. Measurement of central tendency and location (Arithmetic mean Geometric mean , Harmonic mean ,Median, mode, Deciles, percentiles, , Quartiles)

  5. Measurement of dispersion/spread absolute measure of dispersion, relative measure of dispersion, Range quartile dispersion , mean deviation, variance deviation, coefficient of variation, moment skewness, kurtosis etc.

ICS Part 1 Statistics Full Book Test

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ICS Part 1 Statistics Chapter Wise Test

This test covers all the important MCQs related to the statistics. It also fulfills all the requiremnts of the paper. It makes the students more proficient and skillful. Thousands of MCQ are available on the website. Objective is compulsory part of the paper. Students has to attempt this part

Ilmkidunya is the first educational website which has offered a new trustworthy system of online exams preparation for the ICS students. Students can judge their ability to solve the online test as many times as they find their self fully prepared. ICS students are advised to attempt this online test for statistics subject. Students can pass the exams with notable grades.

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11th Class Statistics MCQ Test With Answer for Statistics Full Book

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 In fixed base method, the base period should be.
  • A. Far away
  • B. Normal
  • C. Un reliable
  • D. Abnormal
2 The difference between largest and smallest observation is called
  • A. Interval
  • B. Class interval
  • C. Range
  • D. Difference
3 The probability of a continuous random variable at x = a is ---------------
  • A. One
  • B. Zero
  • C. Between 0 and 1
  • D. More than one
4 Binomial distribution is negatively skewed if.
  • A. p < q
  • B. p > q
  • C. p = q
  • D. np = npq
5 The mena is affected by
  • A. Change of origin
  • B. Scale of measurement
  • C. Both a and b
  • D. None of these
6 The process of arranging data into rows and columns is called.
  • A. Freqeuncy distribution
  • B. Classification
  • C. Tabulation
  • D. Array
7 Fist moment about origin in is always equal
  • A. Mean
  • B. Variance
  • C. Zero
  • D. 1(One)
8 In a symmetrical distribution, the coefficient of skewness will always be.
  • A. Negative
  • B. zero
  • C. 1
  • D. -1
9 Index for base period is always take as.
  • A. zero
  • B. one
  • C. 200
  • D. 100
10 If x is a random variable with E(x) = 5 then E (3x - 2) =
  • A. 0
  • B. 1
  • C. 13
  • D. 15

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