Karachi Board 2nd Year Date Sheet 2023

BISE Karachi Board 12th Class Annual Exams Date Sheet 2023

Exams Starts From: 30 May 2023

Announced On

18 May 2023


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Latest Updates

19th June 2023 Update

Few days ago, the classes and examinations activities have been postponed due to the impact of the storm. But the new schedule of papers has been released now. The postponed exams will start from 19 June according to the new schedule. The postponed paper of June 14 will be held on June 19, the postponed paper of June 15 will be held on June 20, while the postponed paper of June 16 will be held on June 21.

May 2023 Update

If you are a 12th class student of Karachi Board looking for the Karachi Board 12th class date sheet 2023 then you are on the right platform. The board recently released the 12th class date sheet of BIEK Karachi Board 2023 through their official website and social media accounts. Students can view and download the recently released date sheet from this page. It is advised that all 12th class students should prepare their exam preparation as soon as possible by setting up a study schedule. Following are some important facts about the Karachi Board 12th class date sheet that you should notice:

  • BIEK Karachi 12th Class Date Sheet 2023 was announced by the board on Thursday, 18th May 2023.
  • From 30th May 2023, the written board exams for both regular and private 12th class candidates will commence and the exams will last till 27th June 2023.
  • The Karachi Board morning session exams will start from 9:00 AM and the evening session board exams will begin from 2:00 PM
  • Karachi board usually announces the roll number slips to 12th class students at least 10 to 15 days before the exams.
  • The posponed exams again start from 19th June 2023.



Morning Time 09:00 AM Evening Time 02:00 PM
Friday Timing 03:00 PM
Date Day Subjects Subjects
30-05-2023 Tuesday
  • Zoology Paper-II (2 Hours)
  • Islamic Education (C) (2 Hours) (Failure)
  • Civics (C) / Akhlaquiat (C) (for Non-Muslims) (2 Hours) (Failure)
31-05-2023 Wednesday
  • Urdu (C) (Normal) Paper-I (Failure)
  • Urdu (C) (Easy) Paper-I (Failure)
  • Urdu (C) (NMT) Paper-I (Failure)
  • History & Culture of Pakistan Paper-I
    (For Foreigners Only) (Failure)
  • Principles of Commerce Paper-I (Failure)
  • Health and Physical Education Paper-I
  • History & Principles of Physical Education-I
01-06-2023 Thursday
  • Urdu (C) (Normal) Paper - II
  • Urdu (C) (Easy) Paper - II
  • Urdu (C) (N.M.T.) Paper - II
  • History & Culture of Pakistan Paper-II
  • Foreigners only) Sindhi (C) Paper - II in lieu of Urdu
  • Principles of Commerce Paper-II
02-06-2023 Friday
  • Islamic Education (C) (2 Hours) (Failure)
  • Civics (C) / Akhlaquiat (C) (for Non-Muslims)
    (2 Hours) (Failure)
  • Pakistan Studies (C) (2 Hours)
03-06-2023 Saturday
  • Chemistry Paper-I (Failures)
  • Chemistry (2 Hours)
  • Civics Paper-I (Failure)
  • Sociology Paper-I (Failure)
  • Statistics Paper-I (Failure)
  • Nursing Paper-I (Failure)
  • Urdu (Normal) Paper-II
05-06-2023 Monday
  • Physics Paper-II
  • Food & Nutrition
  • English (C) (Normal) Paper-II
  • English (C) (Advanced) Paper-II
  • Islamic Studies Paper-II
06-06-2023 Tuesday
  • Mathematics Paper-I (Failures)
  • Urdu (C) (Normal) Paper-I (Failures)
  • Urdu (C) (Easy) Paper-I (Failures)
  • Urdu (C) (NMT) Paper-I (Failures)
  • History & Culture of Pakistan Paper
  • Science of Movement-II
07-06-2023 Wednesday
  • Botany Paper-II (2 Hours)
  • Computer Science Paper-II (Opt-I & II)
  • Clothing & Textiles
  • Civics Paper-II
  • Sociology Paper-II
  • Statistics Paper-II
  • Nursing Paper-II
  • English (Normal) Paper-II
08-06-2023 Thursday
  • Physics Paper I (Failures)
  • Physics (2 Hours)
  • English (C) (Normal) Paper-I (Failures)
  • English (C) (Advanced) Paper-I (Failures)
  • English (Normal) Paper-I
  • Rules of Games Paper-III
09-06-2023 Friday
  • Biology and Bacteriology
  • Education Paper-I (Failures)
  • Business Mathematics Paper-I
  • Islamic History Paper-I (Failures)
  • Geography Paper-I (Failures)
  • Out Lines of Home Economics Paper-I
  • Braille Paper-I (2 Hours) (Failures)
10-06-2023 Saturday
  • Chemistry Paper-II
  • Statistics Paper-II
  • Family Relation & Child Development
  • Pakistan Studies (C) (2 Hours)
  • Urdu (Normal) Paper-I
  • Rules of Olympics & Re-creative Sports Paper-IV
12-06-2023 Monday
  • Botany Paper-I (2 Hours) (Failures)
  • Computer Science Paper-I (Failures)
  • Applied Arts
  • Accounting Paper-II
  • Pakistan Studies ('C)
13-06-2023 Tuesday
  • English (C) (Normal) Paper - II
  • English (C) (Advanced) Paper - II
  • Accounting Paper-I (Failures)
  • Islamic Studies Paper-I
  • Anatomy & Physiology-V
14-06-2023 Wednesday
  • Zoology Paper-I (2 Hours) (Failures)
  • Urdu (C) (Normal) Paper - II
  • Urdu (C) (Easy) Paper - II
  • Urdu (C) (N.M.T.) Paper - II
  • History & Culture of Pakistan Paper-II
  • Sindhi (C) Paper - II in lieu of Urdu
  • Health & Physical Education Paper-II
  • Health Education-VI
15-06-2023 Thursday
  • Statistics Paper-I (Failures)
  • Education Paper-II
  • Islamic History Paper-II
  • Geography Paper-II
  • Out Lines of Home Economics Paper-II
  • Braille Paper-II (2 Hours)
16-06-2023 Friday
  • Pakistan Studies (C) (2 Hours)
  • Statistics-II (2 Hours)
  • Outlines of Home Economics Paper-II
17-06-2023 Saturday
  • Economics Paper-I (Failures)
  • Meal Management & Food Preservation-II
  • Principles of Economics Paper-I
  • Fine Arts Paper-I
19-06-2023 Monday
  • Mathematics Paper-II
  • Home Management
  • Urdu (C) (Normal) Paper - II
  • Urdu (C) (Easy) Paper - II
  • Urdu (C) (N.M.T.) Paper - II
  • History & Culture of Pakistan Paper-II
  • Sindhi (C) Paper - II in lieu of Urdu
20-06-2023 Tuesday
  • English (C) (Normal) Paper-II
  • English (C) (Advanced) Paper-II
  • Fine Arts Paper-II
21-06-2023 Wednesday
  • Economics Paper-I (Failures)
  • Islamic Studies Paper-I (Failures)
  • General History Paper-I (Failures)
  • Psychology Paper-I (Failures)
22-06-2023 Thursday
  • English (C) (Normal) Paper-I (Failure)
  • English (C) (Advanced) Paper-I (Failure)
  • Economics Paper-II
  • General History Paper-II (Opt I & II)
  • Islamic Studies Paper-II
  • Psychology Paper-II
  • Outlines of Home Economics Paper-I (2 Hours)
23-06-2023 Friday
  • Economics Paper-II
  • Family Clothing Problems
  • Fine Arts Paper-I (Theory) (2 Hours) (Failures)
  • Logic Paper-I (Failures)
  • Health & Physical Education Paper-I (Failures)
  • Computer Science Paper-I (Failures)
  • Library Science Paper-I (Failures)
  • Computer Science Paper-II (2 Hours)
24-06-2023 Saturday
  • Commercial Geography Paper-II
  • Fine Arts Paper-II (Theory) (2 Hours)
  • Logic Paper-II
  • Health & Physical Education Paper-II
  • Computer Science Paper-II (Opt-I/II)
  • Library Science Paper-II
  • Computer Science Paper-I (2 Hours)
26-06-2023 Monday
  • Urdu (Advanced) Paper-I (Failures)
  • Arabic Paper-I (Failures)
  • Persian Paper-I (Failures)
  • Sindhi (Elective) Paper-I (Failures)
  • English (Elective) Paper-I (Failures)
  • Mathematics Paper-I (Failures)
  • Islamic Education (C) (2 Hours)
27-06-2023 Tuesday
  • Urdu (Advanced) Paper-II
  • Arabic Paper-II
  • Persian Paper-II
  • Sindhi (Elective) Paper-II
  • English (Elective) Paper-II
  • Mathematics Paper-II



12th Class Date Sheet BIEK Karachi

The Karachi board of intermediate education conducts the annual exams of HSSC in May and announces the date sheet few weeks before the exams. The 2nd year date sheet 2023 karachi board is provided to the students so that they can get to know about the details of the examination schedule that will be followed during the exams. Through the date sheet, the students learn about the date, day, and session of the exams.

The board declares the 12th class date sheet 2023 karachi board for all the study groups that include sciences, arts, and humanities. It is pertinent to mention here that the date sheet may vary for each study group so the candidates are informed to check the schedule properly. 

Karachi Board of Intermediate Education

Karachi board of intermediate education was established in 1974. There are currently two educational boards working in Karachi that include the board of intermediate education and the board of secondary education. Besides issuing the 2nd year date sheet 2023 Sindh board the BIEK Karachi holds the responsibility to conduct the annual exams of intermediate every year. There are various public and private educational institutes that are affiliated with the Karachi board.

The board commences the exams of the registered candidates and assists them in all the examination matters. After the commencement of the exams, the board authorities generally take few months for the declaration of the 2nd year result. The main aim and objective of the board are to offer quality education and establish a fair grading system to evaluate the performance of the students. 

2nd Year Date Sheet 2023 Karachi Board

The candidates are informed that according to the statement issued by the education minister the exams will be conducted from 30th May 2023. The board authorities have also issued the BIEK Karachi 2nd year date sheet 2023 one month before which allows the students to devise the preparation plan for the exams accordingly.

Moreover, the candidates are notified that in the academic year 2023 the students will not be promoted to the next class without appearing in the exams. To get more information about the biek karachi 12th class date sheet 2023, stay in touch with ilmkidunya.com and check the latest updates.












Past Karachi Board Inter Date Sheets

Date Sheet Date Announced Details
BIEK Karachi Board Inter Consolidated/Supply Date Sheet 2022 25 January 2023 View - Download
Official BIEK Karachi Board Inter Date Sheet 2022 31st May 2022 View - Download
BIEK Karachi Board Inter Supplementary & Special Examination 2021 Date Sheet 17 February 2022 View - Download
BIEK Karachi Board Inter Annual Date Sheet 2021 26 July View - Download
BIEK Karachi Board Inter Annual Date Sheet 2020 View - Download

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