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9th class mathematics video lectures are uploaded for the good convenience of the students. All those students who are looking for exceptional practice and also want to get an exceptional result at the end of the session are welcome here. Students are to inform the regular attendance in these lectures will surely give you the approach at an exceptional level.

Students can find chapter wise video lectures of mathematics subject. Full book video lecture has also uploaded here. There is only purpose to run this video lecture system is to provide the students with an easy and quick way to cover the syllabus. The video lectures are in simple ways. These are made by the senior and expert teachers who know how to teach the students. Once go through these video lectures you will find it that you are getting lectures from your favorite class teacher.

Mathematics is a compulsory subject at matric or 9th standard. Mathematics is a collective study of different aspects or topics. Algebra, Calculus and analysis, Geometry and topology, Combinatory, Logic, Number theory, and Dynamical systems are the main contents offered by mathematics subjects. At the 9 th class, students get the knowledge of all these topics at a basic level. Students are to inform mathematics listed among those subjects considered as the difficult subjects. It is not an easy deal to practice mathematics. But a regular practice under the supervision of good teacher one can overcome the subject within no time.

Ilmkidunya.com is not less than a sincere teacher. The idea of this fact you can take after going through these provided video lectures. Students are to be suggested to take the classes of these video lectures regularly. However, they are also requested to share these contents with your friends and other acquaintances. If you are sharing the helpful contents with others it means you are caring for them because sharing is caring.

In 9th class, mathematics is the compulsory and the students of both science and arts have to study this subject along with the other elective and compulsory subjects. The mathematics book of 9th class comprises of total chapters. These chapters include:

  1. Matrices & Determinants
  2. Real & complex numbers
  3. Logarithms
  4. Algebraic expressions & Formulas
  5. Factorization
  6. Algebraic Manipulation
  7. Linear equations & inequalities
  8. Linear Graph & Its Applications
  9. Introduction to Coordinate Geometry
  10. Congruent Triangles
  11. Pythagoras Theorem
  12. Theorems related with area
  13. Practical geometry

It is very important for the aspirants to obtain good marks in mathematics subject 9th class and for this purpose it is necessary for them to attend the complete lectures and to understand the each lecture.

For this reason, ilmkidunya has introduced a new study section where students of 9th class will be able to get the online lectures of all the subjects which they want. Here on this page students will be able to get the online lecture on 9th Class mathematics. In case, if any student has missed his/her class due to any reason and now he/she is facing difficulty in understanding the topic he/she doesn’t have any need to worry about it. Here on this page the students of 9th class will be able to get the online lectures of 9th class mathematics subject recorded by the professionals. The aspirants can view these online lectures as many times as they want without any difficulty.

These online lectures of 9th class mathematics subjects as well as of other subjects of 9th class are now possible along with the commencement of video communications. The making of the online education tutorials makes it possible so that the teacher as well as aspirant no longer has to be at the same place to teach and also to learn.

Students looking for the online tutorials of any subject and of any class are recommended to visit our study section. Here you will be able to get the online lectures of each level and all subjects.


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    Tanveer Khan

    04 May 2019

    I love ilmkidunya thankss my honourables to give us easy and free approach to much knowledge

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    30 Jun 2020

    plzz help me tobget inline classes

  • A

    Ahmer Khan

    24 Mar 2019

    Bakwas kips k lectures add kro

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    24 Mar 2019


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    07 Feb 2019


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    Math Notes

    13 Nov 2018

    Download proper solved Math Notes for Matric Science and Arts from playstore on your mobile just write ( Math Notes 9th 10th 11th 12th) in Google Playstore

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    Muhammad Nabeel

    27 Mar 2018


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    07 Mar 2018

    Sir Yasir Nawaz sb u r doing a great job plz keep it up and carry on to helps the poor or needy students,, ur teaching method is also conceptual..

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  • M

    Muhammad Farhan Ahmad

    25 Jan 2018

    how can I download on line lecturer of all books ??

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  • Iqra Jabeen

    07 Jan 2018

    Sir who is owner the website please put the 10 class mathematics videos lectures thanks

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    03 Mar 2018

    If you need 10 class math lectures open this website Sabak.foundation .com.pk in the lectures of these website just sir clear concept not doing exercise

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    Safdar Qureshi

    02 Aug 2017

    The videos of only starting chapers of maths are available. Lectures on remaining chapters also will be available or these lectures are full & final?

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