Privacy Policy For & its Apps is Pakistan’s most visited educational platform providing free educational resources to students in the country.

We run and its various apps (list given at the end of the page)

Across the website and on the mobile apps, we collect user information in different ways and this document explains on how we collect and use that data and the associated security and privacy parameters.

Collection of Data

Both on the website and our apps, we collect users’ personal information such as name, contact number, email address, postal address and profile photo. There are areas that require additional information such as your education history when you sign up as a teacher. All this information is stored on our dedicated servers which is located in Canada.

How We Save Your Data

Your passwords and sensitive information is saved in our database in encrypted format.

How Secure is Your Data

We implement standard security protocols such as implemented HTTPS during data transfer, keep sensitive data in encrypted format and applying all fixes and patches on the server in due time.

How We Use Your Data

We don’t share your data to any marketing companies. However, we have verified education partners who might get access to certain data elements. Also, we give you possibility to delete your account and all of its data by sending us an email on

Use of Cookies

We do save cookies on your computer/device when you login to improve your website and app experience.

Ilmkidunya and Its App Official Standing

We want to make it very clear that ilmkidunya and its app (listed below) do not represent or claim to affiliate with any of the government organization or department. We are a private entity. All the information provided on the website and our app is user generated content and moderated by our in-house experts. For example, there are admission notices and jobs. We provide a login system to organizations which post their admissions and jobs information. Or it is posted by the independent users which later is moderated by our team.

Have More Questions? Contact Us

You can always contact us for any general queries or questions about your privacy of data at Owned Apps on Play Store

Here is a list of apps that are run and maintained by