7th Chapter

9th Computer S. English Medium Chapter 7 Test

Matric Part 1/9th Class Computer Science Chapter 7 MCQ Test With Answer for Chapter 7 (Computer Software)

This online test contains MCQs about following topics:

- Computer Software's Introduction
- System Spftware
- Functions of an Operating Systems
- Language Translators
- Disk Operating System(DOS)
- DOS Commands

9th Computer Science Chapter Wise Test
(English Medium)

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Matric Part 1/9th Class Computer Science Chapter 7 MCQ Test With Answer for Chapter 7 (Computer Software)

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 Which of the following command is used to make a new directory?
  • A. CHDIR 
  • B. MKDIR 
  • C. MD 
  • D. B & C
2 Dir? lass * command
  • A. Will list all files whose last four characters are lass with any extension
  • B. Will list all files starting with any character and with any extension
  • C. Will list all files whose name starts with any character but last four characters are lass
  • D. None of these
3 In MS DOS, which command is used to delete directory?
  • A. MD 
  • B. RD 
  • C. CD
  • D. HD
4 Extension of the DOS command files:
  • A. EXE
  • B. COM
  • C. BAT
  • D. BAS
5 Prompt command
  • A. Confirms deletion of file
  • B. changes prompt
  • C. Searches a directory
  • D. None of these
  • A. Can copy subfolders as well
  • B. Is an external DOS command
  • C. Both A and B
  • D. None of these
7 Dir *.*
  • A. lists all files of extension. doc.
  • B. Lists all files
  • C. Lists all files of name sample
  • D. None of these
8 Interpreter translates
  • A. The assembly language program line by line
  • B. The source program line by line
  • C. The source program as a whole
  • D. None of these
  • A. Is an operating system
  • B. Is not an operating system
  • C. Has Graphical user interface
  • D. None of these
10 ونڈوز:
  • A. GUI رکھتی ہیں
  • B. آپریٹنگ سسٹم نہیں ہے
  • C. کمپائلر ہے
  • D. دیے ہوئے تمام اجزا

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