Posted On Department / Company Jobs Last Date Details
19-Jul-24 Government Company, Peshawar 10 Jobs 19-Jul-24 View
18-Jul-24 Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar 2 Jobs 18-Jul-24 View
11-Jul-24 Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar 23 Jobs 11-Jul-24 View
10-Jul-24 Army Public School and College, Peshawar 1 Jobs 10-Jul-24 View
08-Jul-24 The Bank of Khyber, Peshawar 10 Jobs 08-Jul-24 View
04-Jul-24 TransPeshawar Peshawar The Urban Mobility Company, Peshawar 6 Jobs 04-Jul-24 View
26-Jun-24 National University of Modern Languages, Peshawar 3 Jobs 26-Jun-24 View
20-Jun-24 Peshawar Institute of Cardiology, Peshawar 19 Jobs 20-Jun-24 View
14-Jun-24 Planning and Development Department Govt of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar 20 Jobs 14-Jun-24 View
07-Jun-24 University of Peshawar, Peshawar 3 Jobs 07-Jun-24 View
03-Jun-24 Peshawar Medical College, Peshawar 1 Jobs 03-Jun-24 View
03-Jun-24 Medical Emergency Resilience Foundation (MERF), Peshawar 21 Jobs 03-Jun-24 View
31-May-24 Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Peshawar 5 Jobs 31-May-24 View
30-May-24 National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Peshawar 3 Jobs 30-May-24 View
14-May-24 Military Lands and Cantonments Department, Peshawar 3 Jobs 14-May-24 View
13-May-24 Ministry of Energy Petroleum Division Govt of Pakistan, Peshawar 1 Jobs 13-May-24 View
20-Jun-24 Peshawar Institute of Cardiology, Peshawar 4 Jobs 20-Jun-24 View

Jobs in Peshawar

Peshawar is a wide city and is the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The city offers a huge range of job opportunities to applicants from all fields. No matter if you are related to the medical field. Engineering field, and other fields; you can find employment in jobs in Peshawar for various positions. Applicants who are skilled in their profession can find various employment. With the rapid development of the city, there is a need for highly qualified individuals in every sector.

Peshawar offers job opportunities in the government sector also. To find today's jobs in Peshawar in the government organizations, you can apply to different job portals. The jobs in Peshawar 2024 can be found in the organization in which you want to apply. You can also check out the latest jobs in Peshawar through different advertisements posted on the official website of the company.

New Jobs in Peshawar

With a growing population, the demand for hospitals, schools, colleges, universities & IT sectors is increasing in Peshawar. Individuals can find daily jobs in Peshawar by searching the different website portals of jobs. To find out the new jobs in the Peshawar, you are advised to get in touch directly with the company’s website or send your resume there to apply for your desired position. In this way, you can find the jobs in Peshawar Pakistan more easily.

Jobs in Government Sector in Peshawar

There is a large number of Government sectors in Peshawar that offers the govt jobs in Peshawar. Jobseekers can apply for different fields. The government jobs in Peshawar are available in the public administration, public healthcare sectors, and education institutes. The scope of government jobs is becoming more as compared to the government jobs in peshawar 2024.

Government Organization for Job Prospects

The city provides a variety of government jobs in peshawar Pakistan in different industries. Applicants can apply for the jobs that are advertised regularly. The job opportunities in Peshawar are announced by the provincial government. The jobs can be found in a variety of industries, including public services, healthcare, education, and administration.

Job opportunities are available to job seekers at the city's government offices, hospitals, and schools. The exams and interviews are held by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission (KPPSC) for many government positions in the province, including Peshawar. Through the KPPSC portal, regional publications, and official government websites, prospective employees can remain updated about job opportunities in Government organizations.

Private Departments Jobs in Peshawar

To apply for the private jobs in Peshawar, you need to stay in touch with the job portals. Peshawar is a city that is rich in its history for economic prospects. The city becomes more developed after the growth of its private sectors. There are number of options for the private jobs in Peshawar today. Applicants can apply to a different private organization that suits them and matches their skills and profession. Here we have mentioned some sectors in which you can apply for a private job.


Information Technology (IT) Sector


Manufacturing and Industry


Education and Training


Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals


Banking and Finance


Tourism and Hospitality


Real Estate and Construction


Applicants who have done their specialization in their field can also apply for the unicef jobs in Peshawar. In order to defend every child's rights, UNICEF operates in more than 190 nations. The main work of UNICEF is to protect the rights of every child and woman in the country. Those applicants who want to apply for the position must be fluent in English & French language. Make sure to gain some work experience in the relevant field before applying.

Brightspyre Jobs

To apply for the brightspyre jobs in Peshawar, check out the job portals and the official website. The vacancies of brightspyre are available in many cities of Pakistan. In the brightspyre jobs, female applicants have to move together to learn new skills. They struggle for the development of their career. There are various opportunities available for the women in this career.

Company Jobs in Peshawar

There are number of private companies that offer job to applicants of all fields. Applicants who have done their specialization in Banking, Finance, Accounts, and a similar field can apply for the bank jobs in Peshawar. The applicants can also apply for the HR jobs in Peshawar in many companies if they have good prior experience. There are number of educational institutes that offer jobs for various positions. In the educational sector, there are number of available vacancies for clerks. You can apply for the senior and junior clerk jobs in Peshawar if you are related to the field.

Jobs for Teachers in Peshawar

Peshawar is a city with many education institutes including schools, colleges, Universities, and academies. With its growing economy, teaching jobs in Peshawar can be found easily in various institutes. There is a great need for professors in the institute for highly qualified teacher. The lecturer jobs in Peshawar can be found in many schools. You can also apply for school jobs in Peshawar for the specific subject that you can teach to students. The jobs can be found in the primary and secondary schools.

To explore the teaching job opportunities in colleges and universities, you can visit the official website of that institute. Applicants can also apply for teaching jobs in Peshawar colleges. There are number of opportunities for female teachers in Peshawar. The female lecturer jobs in Peshawar can be checked to the job portals.

Latest Teaching Job in Peshawar

To apply for the latest teaching job in Peshawar you can search out various portals. There are number of Government and private teaching jobs in Peshawar available for the students who have just done their studies and have knowledge of how to teach the students.

Medical & Health Departments Jobs in Peshawar

There are numerous job opportunities in the medical and health departments are available in Peshawar.  The Healthcare department is the main department of every city. Applicants are informed that this article seeks to give a general overview of the medical jobs in Peshawar. Applicants who have done their BDS or MBBS can apply for the doctors jobs in Peshawar. The significance of pharmacist jobs in Peshawar is getting more and more with the rapidly increasing of healthcare centers.

Applicants who have studied medicine can apply for the medicine company jobs in Peshawar. There are many pharma jobs in Peshawar that you can apply for if you have good experience in the similar field.

Private Hospital Jobs in Peshawar

The healthcare sector in Peshawar continually seek skilled professionals to fill roles in medical departments. With an emphasis on providing quality care to its residents, the dental surgeon jobs in peshawar are available. From doctors and nurses to technicians and administrators, the demand for qualified individuals remains steady and it can be a great career opportunity for skilled persons.

If you are seeking the psychologist jobs in Peshawar then it is to be noted that there are many Private hospitals to which you can apply. There are many jobs available for the medical students. The jobs in Peshawar are also available for applicants who have done studies in the medical field. You can apply for the internship as well.

Jobs for Females in Peshawar

Peshawar recognizes the value of women entering the workforce and provides a range of employment options tailored especially for them. Gender inclusion and equal opportunity are prioritized for female jobs in Peshawar from education and healthcare to administrative roles.

Part-Time Female Jobs

Examine the educational options available to women in Peshawar with a focus on how education can open up a variety of options to females. Female applicants can apply for the part time jobs in peshawar for females as there is number of professions available for them. If you have done your studies in sociology subject then you can apply for the ngo jobs in peshawar for female.

Online Jobs in Peshawar

In addition to offering ideas on the variety of opportunities accessible and ways that people can become part of the online job market, this article seeks to throw light on the evolving environment of online jobs in Peshawar. Many organizations offer online jobs for different positions. The call center jobs in Peshawar can also be found to the fresher and beginners.

Online Jobs for Computer Operators

To maintain computer systems' smooth and effective performance, a computer operator is essential to their management. Depending on the organization and the intricacy of the computer systems involved, a computer operator's exact duties can change.

We have mentioned here some of the duties of a computer operator. Individuals who are interested in that field can apply for the computer operator jobs in Peshawar.

  • System Monitoring
  • Job Scheduling
  • Hardware Operation
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • User Support
  • Software Operation
  • Security Monitoring
  • Communication
  • Documentation
  • Emergency Response
  • Training

A computer operator is essential to keeping an organization's computer systems operating effectively, securely, and efficiently. Their work is crucial to making sure that technology runs well so that other staff members can do their jobs well. There is a great need of computer operators nowadays. Individuals who are interested in the computer field and know the operations can apply online for the computer operator jobs.

Jobs in the Airline and Airport in Peshawar

People who are navigating careers in the sky are welcome here. We are pleased to inform you that there is a great scope of airlines jobs in Peshawar. In addition to offering a wide range of job opportunities, the aviation industry is a dynamic and constantly changing sector those individuals around the world. From pilot to cabin crew, support staff to managerial roles, this article seeks to highlight the wide range of jobs in peshawar airport available in the airline sector.
To apply for the new jobs in Peshawar airport, you must meet the eligible criteria. The vacancies will be available on the official website of the airline website. You can examine job options there. Many options are available for the female as well. Females can apply for the cabin crew and other positions as ground staff etc.

Driving Jobs in Peshawar

Here we have provided a brief overview of the vital role that drivers play in Peshawar in everyday life. Before applying for the driver jobs in Peshawar, you must know the variety of opportunities and difficulties as well that the driving industry faces. Individuals are informed that the driving industry in Peshawar offers a wide range of job opportunities. You can apply for the driver jobs in peshawar today by visiting the job portals.

NGO Jobs in Peshawar

The NGO jobs in Peshawar can be found in many sectors. The variety of positions available in Peshawar's NGOs. To apply for the fresh ngo jobs in Peshawar, keep visiting the job portals. The jobs can be found in administrative support, social work, community organizing, research analysis, project coordination, and program management. When the new NGO jobs in Peshawar are posted, you will be notified from the official website of the company.