Some glimpses of Eid ul Adha celebrations from around the world.

Muslim festivals are celebrated with zest and zeal across the globe. This year Muslim community will celebrate Eid-ul-Adha on 1st or 2nd September and the preparation for the upcoming event is in full bloom.

Let’s take a trip around the world to look how nations, students or foreign Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Adha at their places.

Saudi Arabia:

The journey begins with Saudi Arabia obviously, where millions of Muslims have gathered to perform Haj. Eid ul Adha is celebrated to revive the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim and his son Prophet Ismail .This is a significant part of Haj rituals. All Hajis celebrate Eid-al Adha during Haj days. They will sacrifice Animals at Mina, open their Ahraam and cut their hair and nails. Besides unlimited number of global pilgrims at Haj, the Saudi citizens celebrate Eid –ul Adha with full sacredness and inviolability. A week holidays were given at this event and Saudi Govt. officials and the residents gathered at Eidgah to offer Eid prayers .Women tend to buy gold at this festive occasion and the aroma of savoring meat dishes gust everywhere around the region.

Al Kabsa is the chief Arabian cuisine made of rice, vegetables, and meat, Mande is a type of Kabsa where the meat is cooked in a hole dug in the ground. After the hole is dug, charcoal is kept inside of the hole along with the meat; it is then covered and cooked for a few hours. .The dish is served with rice and other vegetables.


Eid ul Adha is known as Eid al-Kabir in Morocco. Sweet treats and cookies are prepared the night before the Eid and everybody is happy in their new outfits. Moroccan cuisine such as mechoui, steamed lamb, and Mrouzia is merely enjoyed at this occasion.


Egyptians celebrate Eid al Adha with great passion. Just like Pakistanis, they sacrifice animals and like to have meat cubes or stir-fried liver in the breakfast. Fatta, the toasted rice with tomato based sauce and bread which compliments the meat servings is the compulsory cuisine of Eid .Other meat treats include Ro’a’ and arsia. ‘arsia is a special festive cuisine in which a special vessel is used to cook goat or lamb with rice, later turns into a mush, arsia is served with butter, stew and tamarind sauce.


Though japan is not a Muslim country but the resident Muslim population celebrates their religious festival with great joy. In Japan, the Eid Namaz is usually performed in masjid depending upon its size and occupancy, otherwise Muslim communities in Japan held the prayer in a conference hall, school or other massive places. Besides Japanese Muslim citizens, Muslims from all over the world, currently living in Japan, attend this prayer. The population generally belongs to Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Egypt, Bangladesh, India, and western countries.


A Russian visitor has reported Eid-ul-Adha celebration near Grand Mosque on Prospekt Mira, where Muslims were on their way to attend the prayer and the subsequent Eid sermon .The visitor mentioned about the organized stream of lines walking in the same direction. Muslims from neighboring territories like Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan were part of the stream. The people outside the mosque offer Namaz on prayer rugs laid on the street. After the prayer Muslim exchanged good wishes and shook hands. Later they sacrifice animals in Khimki forest, located in the outskirts of Moscow.


In Singapore Eid-ul Adha is known as Hari Raya Haji. Sacrificing animals in Singapore is a hard task due to difficulty in receiving shipments and the high costs of livestock. In Singapore a sacrificing sheep can cost up to S$500therefore Muslims prefer to sacrifice animals in their motherland. However Muslim families visit relatives. Even if the Qurbani is not performed, Muslim community enjoys meat meals. On Eid day, Muslims in Singapore give donations to needy people. Girls put henna tattoo on their arms and feet.


In the United States, around 3 to 6 million Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Adha. They attend the morning prayers at Masjids or community centers and enjoy evening festivities with family and friends. They either book the sacrificing animal at Islamic or halal slaughter houses or send money to their respective countries for Qurbani purpose. Communities organize cultural programs or Eid Bazar to celebrate Eid festivities.

How students in international campus celebrate Eid –al-Adha.

For international Muslim students, going back home for Eid is quite impossible. Therefore these students celebrate Eid in different styles.

In Britain, Eid-ul-Adha is not a public holiday; Muslim students can still celebrate it. Institutional Islamic Society arranged Eid prayer campus. Generally a senior student led the prayer. The prayer was followed with a sermon. Muslims from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Middle East and North Africa countries are present at the event.

One great Eid-ul Adha celebration was reported last year at Hebei North University, Gaoxin District, Zhangjiakou China. A show was held at Zhangjiakou international hotel, organized by the Muslim student organization of HBNU. The show was attended by school authorities, international as well as Chinese students of HBNU. The students displayed singing, dancing, and playing of musical instruments .Later the cuisine includes dishes from Ghana, Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia and Ghana.

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