If you are a high school or undergraduate student it’s the right time to care about your career .This require some concrete skills. These skills will help you to take advantage of your choice of opportunities when they arise. Working hard is necessary but keeping an alert eye on upcoming opportunities and carving yourself to snatch those opportunities is also vital in this modern and digital society.

The following guidelines will help you to recognize the hidden talents and you can move further to grab the opportunities through your dynamic potentials.

Get aware about your strengths:

To know your strength first list down your weaknesses. Once you identify your weaknesses, try to overcome them and proceed further to unveil your strengths. Ask the following questions to yourself

  • What are you expert at?
  • What do other people see as your talent?
  • What are your achievements and how you gain them?

Identify talent based opportunities.

You are now one step ahead in discovering your potentials because now you know your strengths .It’s time to dig out the opportunities that match your abilities. Apply your potential in some creative work; this will help you to identify the future roles that are right for you. This will make you visualize the fields, where you can work enthusiastically with your Hi-Fi potentials. Check the following considerations:

  • Can you fill any gap in the institution where you are studying?
  • Do you see that some significant chore is conducting badly which you could improve?

Explore Socio-cultural opportunities:

This means that now you are focusing on external factors that can influence your abilities and potentials. Experts have named them as PEST analysis meaning an environment builds on the following factors:

  • Political
  • Economic
  • Socio-cultural
  • Technological

These factors include societal, demographic or lifestyle trends and the manners these trends are influencing the human life for example:

  • Generation shifts in attitudes
  • More personal freedom
  • Improvements in education systems
  • Differences in employment pattern and the most crucial: Job market trend.

Keep a vigilant eye on technological opportunities:

You will not win the race if you don’t run with the pace of technology. Keep in mind! The instant growth of technology will continue in the future with the same speed therefore get updated about the recent trend.

Ask yourself about the novel changes you observe through and within the technology:

  • How will these changes interfere in your choice of career?
  • How you can get an edge through these gadgets and technologies in your career progression?
  • Which is your favorite technology?
  • What could you do to excel with it?

Get out of your comfort zone:

You might be happy with your preferences but think ahead ,it could be possible that your potentials can make you prosperous in some other types of role which does not suit your style .Assess the opportunities like:

  • Survey a latest industry near your locality to identify the things which appeal you to join it.
  • Research about miscellaneous globally growing careers
  • Take feedback from different people working in contemporary professions

List your priorities:

Once you have gone through all the above identifications, it’s time to jot up the opportunities in hand and rank them in a list as your top 5 preferred opportunities.

Design strategies to explore these opportunities:

The opportunities you have listed might seem very effective but don’t rush, dig out all the possible cons associated with them. This demands a thorough research and write your research in a to-do-list to learn more about them .You can rule out the problems by visiting their websites, conversing with relevant people or by evaluating their historical reputation.

Move on to grab your goal:

Once you have done the research and identification, it’s the time to pick the most favorable opportunity. For this you have to set some goals to grab them first.

Global psychologist and career counselors have designed a format for career pickers through which they can list down and choose the right career for their life .To move for a progressive future sketch a chart and list all these factors and opportunities .This chart will help you to make you clearly aware about your potentials and productive opportunities.

Discover YOUR Career Potential

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