Today Pakistan desires leaders like Quaid-e-Azam and Dr. Allama Iqbal.Quaid-e-Azam was a leader who united whole the population of subcontinent on one platform in spite of all their weaknesses illiteracy, regionalism, provincialism and ethnocentrism. It is significant to note that misconduct and bad ascendancy peace and progress are openly connected and equally depend on the quality of leadership and the nature and character of politics. Unfortunately Pakistan fell in the hands of the traitors and betrayers they sucked this land and the nations blood. It is imperative to evaluate the history and follow good things and right path. At this point we evaluate the example of justice. Once a woman from the Mahzumis made a theft. She was a member of an elite family. For this reason the Quraish did not want her to be punished. Jews would implement the most violent punishment on the poor but leave the powerful and rich unpunished. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said if my daughter Fatima had done the same crime, I would give her the necessary punishment. This example is like a mirror awakening to those in spiritual and moral snooze to reconsider their judgment and do justice.

Good leader neither violated others rights nor did he allow his rights to be violated. Justice is necessary in every field.Justice in speech, justice in behaviour, justice in judgement and justice in a family closed circule. Today the poor and the weak remain poorer and weaker while the powerful those with influence and wealth have hijacked the world and set unjust precedence of financial and political gains. Good governance and leadership always strives to achieve justice in society. Governance is about constitutional rights, the rule of law and the behavior in which they are administered. At hand can be no peace in a state of paucity, vulgar prejudice, negligence and bad governance. Peace and development are directly related and both depend on the superiority of leadership and the living and quality of politics.

Now we compare the past with present and seek out the causes of failure. Pakistan political system can best be understood between civilian rule and military rule. Fron 1947-1958, parliamentary system with feudal and land owners. From 1958-1968, American presidential system with capitalist class. From 1968-1977, Zulfiqar Bhutto era with feudalism. From 1977-1988, Zia-ul-Haq military rule, ended with an air crash. From 1988-1999, both democratic parties Benazir Bhutto and Nwaz Sharif with power sharing formula. From 1999-2008, Pervaz Musharraf coup with the events of 9/11, globalization and capitalist class. From September 6, 2008 Asaf Ali Zardari was elected as president of Pakistan after winning the election. Zardari charged with attempted murder and extortion. He faced his first arrest in 1990. Zardari was imprisoned. Charges and allegations included $ billions. In 1996, Zardari was arrested again and charged with murdering his wife’s brother. Zardari was imprisoned until 200 charges ranging from corruption to murder. It is essential to note we prefer sincere competent and devoted leaders. Our leaders are not in line with the thinking of one nation positively and having no respect for the justice values of society. The deficiency of clear manifesto the achievement or collapse of a party depends upon its leaders. Incompetent leaders, ministers, Mullahs and generals neither have any courage to go in masses even unable to control the affairs of Pakistan. The worst situation in Pakistan is a result of bad decisions and wrong actions of our leaders. Just using guns to gain their objective will just fail. One thing should remember that poverty is an evil that underlies a lot of evils. One of the major problems facing mankind today is racism. The only way we can fix the situation of our country and save thousands of people from American operation is unity between all Muslims. If all Muslim Countries united no one will be able to separate us. All these mishaps and inaction points out to be lack of leadership.

The lack of coordination and meager tact on the issue of NWFP province. In Hazara burns over Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa. The demonstrators pelted vehicles with stones and broke down the signboards. Dilemma of militancy in the tribal areas is again a symptom of poor leadership. The basic problem in Pakistan is injustice. A enormous bulk of Pakistan is depressed of crucial requirements in spite of having all sort of natural resources. Pakistani people have been gifted by the slogans and promises. No political leader has been able to address these issues.

Our youth has lost faith in all leaders and generals. As Quaid-e-Azam said Pakistan is proud of her youth particularly the students, who are nation builders of tomorrow. They must fully equip themselves by discipline, education and training for the arduous task lying ahead of them. The fact is that people are provoked by profit and their behavior will not change until they believe that the benefits of the mosey will be greater than their existing situation. It our duty to utilize youth energies for nation building.

Rallying and raising their voices against injustice. Our research scholars realize their duties and uplifted the spirits of Muslims at the time of great misery and darkness. Today it is most necessary that like Dr. Allama Iqbal we linked our youth with Falcon and gave them the inspiration to have the vision and attitude of a falcon and they achieve their lost glory again. Allama Iqbal said, “I have love for those youngsters who pulls the stars down”. He also says “ He (mu’min) is mild in speech and wild in action. Be it battlefield or the assembly of friends, he is pure of heart and action.” In sum our youth is representative of the nation, and the nations to come. Dr.Allama Iqbal said “The destiny of nations is vested with the individuals. Similarly every person belonging to the Muslim Ummah is its destiny’s star.”

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