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Looking back into the history,in 19th century,Samuel George Morton,a craniologist,collected multiple human skulls from the battlefields and made an idea that the intelligence level of a person was directly related to his skull size.According to the conclusions he made,whites(or caucasians) were on the top of the list and Ethiopians on the bottom.This was the first idea of race ever formed and it was subtly used by the whites during the civil wars to promote slavery of the blacks.

Human Oppression Just Because Of a Difference In Skin Colour?

In the present world,black people are thought to be inferior to the whites.How silly is this,isn't it?Insulting someone due to a trait over which he has no control himself?Quoting a research,all the human races known today first inhabited a single place on earth, Africa! (Though today dark skin tone is wholly attributed to Africans whereas we all are africans!)Afterwards as that human group dispersed on earth,the people living at heights aquired a fairer complexion whereas those living near the sun got excessive melanin in their skin for protection against Ultraviolet rays of sun.So basically,the skin tone we have today is a result of how our ancestors dealt with the sun.

Black Derision Is In Their Blood Now!

Black-white discrimination isn't a matter of today. It's a concept that has started long before in the history and now has stuck to people's mind like a leech. Military wars span from the day when the first enslaved black was brought to U.S to the present day.In this whole time period, a noticeable number of wars has been fought between these two communities.The percentage of blacks in these colorline wars was always disproportionately less than the whites.These wars include revolutionary war,war of 1812,world war 1 and 2, vietnam war and post vietnam war to the present day.How pathetic it is to see that it's been so long since these dark coloured people are being mocked over their "excessive melanin" which actually is a blessing in disguise for them.

Racism Begins In Your Own Family!

We commonly observe that whenever a child is born,his parents,his relatives,his neighbours,the friends of neighbours infact every single person on earth starts comparing that little angel's skin colour with his siblings'.If that poor creature is a bit darker than his family,he would be cursed for it till his last breath.Similarly,when a girl is about to be married,a "group of aunts" of her family starts advising(ordering i should say)her to use skin whitening creams,to go to salon to get a facial and much more,like if she wasn't doing all that stuff, she would never get married.So here we get to know that idea of racism is deeply rooted in our legacy.

Are We Making Hard Life Of Blacks,Even Harder?

In many countries of the world(the so called supreme powers),the black community isn't even given the basic facilities of life.They live in slums where maintaining a good hygiene is like having a cold day in hell.They have no enough access to hospitals.They ain't given a basic status in educational institutes.They become a victim of depression due to constant mental torture for being dark coloured.This is the basic reason that the rate of suicides is really high among them.

African Americans And The Health Hazards

African americans are those negroes who live in white community.As far as health hazards are concerned,they attack blacks more than whites.But why? According to a research, insulin resistance is more prevalent in black adults as compared with their white counter parts.This prevalence is attributed to genetic disposition, low physical activity and most importantly to smoking habits.Insulin normally plays a crucial role in hepatic lipid synthesis,kidney's osmoregulation and arterial wall growth.When there is a resistance offered to insulin,the body automatically forms more insulin which leads to hyperinsulinemia. Both of these conditions disturb the normal functioning of organs and can cause atherosclerosis and obesity.This starts a vicious cycle worsening their condition.Atherosclerosis causes hypertension which in turn leads to cardiac failure.In U.S, 40-50% blacks get hypertension when compared with 25-30% in whites.

COVID 19 Seems To Be Biased Too!

Like the all other ailments, covid 19 hits african americans a bit too hard.Black workers are kept on the frontline in economy.From buying groceries to cleaning up the offices, every chore is imposed upon them. Though these chores could also be assigned to the white, but here ethnicity and white-black disparties win again.Plus even after being prone to these infections, they are not given health facilities which are given to the white.This is the main plot which makes us acknowledge the fact that corona virus affects the black community at a higher rate.The virus itself isn't a racist but the community is!

 Black Lives Matter!

These days a moment is being driven on the social media with a hashtag "#Blacklivesmatter".The main aim of it is to put an idea of equality in our society's mind and to lower the hatred for dark skinned people.How rude it would be if someone says to me that black lives matter and i answer him that "All lives matter".Though it would be a truth but in some cases,we need to be a little less obvious and straight forward.We should try to counsel the people that black is beautiful too.We should make people know that black is a colour of depth and not of disgust.People spend so much money to spend a night on the hills,how much they do crave to buy black dresses,how beautiful and sacred is the black ghulaf of holy kaaba.So what we come to know is this that it's not the colour that is a subject of mockery,but this sick mentality is. Isn't it hypocrisy that you love black n dark nights but not black people?

Islam And The Idea Of Superiority

We muslims are so fortunate in this regard that we have Quran and Sunnah of Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H) for our guidance. In His last sermon,Hazrat muhammad(P.B.U.H) said,

"All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor does a black have any superiority over a white except by piety and good action."

Also in Surah At Teen of Holy Quran, Allah speaks to us as,

"By the fig and olive,and by the Mount Sinai,and by this City of Security,undoubtedly,We have made man in their fairest stature". (Surah At teen, ayyah 1-4)

It's said that, "Non Muslims don't read Quran.They learn it from you.So be a good ambassador of Islam".

Just imagine how peaceful and pretty the world would be if the people stopped bullying others merely due to their complexion.How magical it could be if all the bumps of the world were levelled up!

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