Where the world is suffering from the pandemic Coronavirus, at the same time, the world is also suffering from plenty of fake news coming to see on a daily basis. However, the World Health Organization, WHO and the governments have warned the people to stop spreading fake news and to make people scared. But, there are still some fake news and rumors are ruling on the internet or social media platforms. Here we come with the top circulating fake news that everyone should know the fact behind this news:

1. Italy Prime Minister Is Crying In Front Of Media

The news is ruling on social media that the Italian Prime Minister is crying in front of media and saying that we have lost control of this novel pandemic. However, it is to be said by the fact-checker that it is totally fake news because the Italian Prime minister did not give such kind of announcement.

2. A Chinese Respiratory Expert Has Found the Vaccine

From the last few days, a piece of news is running on different social media platforms such as Facebook and Whatsapp that a Chinese respiratory expert has found the vaccine for Coronavirus. The news got over 5000 hits on Facebook. But, the fact checkers have proven that the news is not so genuine and is just rumor.

3. Several Remedies Are using to Cure Corona

Today we are getting a number of remedies through social media accounts and other sources to get a cure against Coronavirus pandemic. Someone is saying to eat garlic to kill the corona germs. Some people are posting to eat onion to keep protected from Corona. People are also suggesting several types of foods. But fact checkers have suggested ignoring all such rumors.

4. Transmitted via Parcels From China To Africa

In Africa, the news was spread by some sources that the virus in Africa was spread by the parcels coming from China. But, people are informed that there is no fact comes to see in this news because germs can survive only for a few hours on objects like coins, parcels, and other related products. But, the delivery of the parcels from China to Africa takes a long time.

5. High Temperature Is A Cure

Right from the beginning of the pandemic in Pakistan, it is coming to hear that the Coronavirus does not exist at high temperatures. But, this is another rumor offering to the people to make them ignorant. There is no fact behind this news that the temperature can kill the germs.

6. 5G Causes Corona Pandemic

A rumor is also circulating that 5G can cause the spread of Coronavirus. But, can this be possible? Well, according to the fact checkers and experts it is totally a piece of fake news or rumor. So, do not believe in such kinds of rumors and get the exact awareness from the authentic sources.

7. China Is destroying Infected People

The people are also sharing the news on social media platforms and discussing among themselves that the Chinese government has permitted to kill all the infected propel to control the disease or China is not showing the real figure of the deceased people. But, there is no fact behind this news at all.

8. Novel Coronavirus Comes by Eating Bats

From the beginning of the Coronavirus, it is spreading throughout the world that the virus takes birth because of the bats because the Chinese eat the bats. The news is circulating on social media platforms that the scientists have proven that the bats are the causes of the Coronavirus. But, you are to be informed that there is still no genuine or authentic report behind it.

9. The Virus Will Kill 65 Million People Predicted by the Scientists

The experts and scientists around the globe have predicted that the virus may affect more than 70% of the world and will kill almost 65 million people. The virus has spread rapidly and affecting the world very badly but we cannot say that to such an extent the people will die.

10. The Virus Smuggled To China From Canada

The news has also come to hear that the Chinese spies smuggled the virus to China from Canada. The investigation may also be doing on this news but still, there are no facts have seen behind this news.


The above mentioned fake news or rumors are circulating on social media including Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter. We take it as a responsibility to aware of our people from these kinds of fake news and to suggest them to keep concentrate on the genuine and authentic sources to figure out the facts and the truths behind every single news. So, to know the facts and the truths behind this news you are invited to visit us freely.

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