Being a parent, you might have not allowed your child to take part in any extra-curricular activity, especially when the kid is studying in his senior grades or the intermediate college. Is it right? The answer is NO!

Extra-curricular activities have many benefits, in addition to your personality growth, these activities do take some part in giving your child admission in his preferred college. It is a fact that grades or GPA counts the most while seeking admission in a local or international institution, THEREFORE, YOUR CHILD SHOULD NOT COMPROMISE ON YOUR GRADES, but there are certain side- kicks that can make your child more eligible for admission.


What are extra-curricular activities?

Extracurricular activities (ECA) are those activities that a student performs, outside the zone of his academic curriculum. Generally, the institution itself provides the opportunities to take part in such activities. These activities are organized by the institution, private sponsors or the Students themselves arrange such activities. Extracurricular and co- curricular activities are almost the same, however, Co-curricular Activities are defined as a part of extracurricular activities that appendage and support the curricular or syllabus related areas.

What are the examples of extra-curricular activities?

Extra-curricular activities are countless but some general examples aredebate, drama, singing, art, student club activities, enterpruenership, voluntry tution and many more .Recently some very functional type of extra –curricular activities are conducted around the world ,that can help students to get aware about the global organizations and their working such as Model United Nations,UNICEF clum,World’s Scholar cup ,Model crime investigation etc.

Why to participate in extracurricular activities?

Extra-curricular activities are very helpful in the personality growth, these activities provide the opportunity for identifying your own strengths and weaknesses, and it initiates to upgrade the verbal intelligence and lateral thinking capacity. These activities boost up the self-confidence and the student is ready to accept every challenge and can face every sort of audience or interviewers.

Do these extra-curricular activities help in college or university admissions?

Yes, off course! Pakistani colleges and universities gladly accept high performance-extracurricular certificates and these colleges have some percentage quota to give admission to a student who has achieved remarkable success in extra-curricular activities. You have to check the university or college brochure, what they are offering .Private colleges and universities; keenly observe the extracurricular activities that students are involved in. This is to see that students are doing more than just learning the syllabus.

Are extracurricular activities really important to get into top institutions?

Though international universities give admission solely on grades, but there are many universities who consider your extra academic involvements. Extracurricular activities are crucial, because most applicants seeking admission in top international universities have good academic records, so extracurricular will give you a support to distinguish yourself among those several high achievers.

Which extra-curricular activities are mostly accepted by international universities?

There is no hard and fast rule but the university personal will judge three aspects through your extracurricular involvement .First is your personality, second is your intelligence and third is your social involvement .Any academic activity like science or maths competition will show your intelligence level and if you have taken a voluntary part in any community based activity then it reflects your social involvement However, drama and debate are helpful to reflect your personality.

Is there any evidence that extracurricular activities are important?

A recent post from the underlying link has reported:

'Most admissions staff believe achievements outside the classroom are more important to gaining a university place than 10 years ago, a new study. Some 59 per cent of staff says evidence of extra-curricular activities has become more pivotal in their decisions, according to a poll of 63 university admissions teams commissioned by the gap-year provider World Challenge. Only 5 per cent say non-academic achievements are less important than they were a decade ago, says the report, titled what is the Real Value of Extra-curricular Activities in the University Application Process, published on 15 January.'

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