A record provides permanent evidence of anything. You must have something extraordinary in you to make a record either a physical trait or a skill. Here you will see maddest world records made by Humans. These records are included in Guinesse book of world record.

Man with the longest nose

You must have read about a cartoon character in stories by the name “Pinocchio” whose nose get long whenever he lies. We have a man by the name MEHMET OZYUREK from Italy with the longest nose ever. His nose is 8.8 centimeter long from base to crest. This record was made in March 2010 and he was awarded for that in a record ceremony by the name LO SHOW DE RECORD.


Biggest bubblegum bubble bobbled

Many teenagers bet on blowing largest bubble gum and try for it. You wont believe that a man by the name CHAD FELL from US made a record of bobbling a bubblegum to a width of 20 inches(50.9 diameter) and got his name published in guinese book of world record. He won this award in Alabama in 2004. CHAD started practice by blowing dubble bubblegum bubble.


Shortest woman on earth

Having a height of 6 feet in a woman looks fantabulous and increases her beauty. But now having a short height is also a parameter to win award and make record worldwide. Jyoti Kisanji Amge from Nagpur, India has been awarded with “The shortest women on earth” award in December 2011 for having a height of 24.7 inches. Bridgette Jordan from Sandoval, Illinois was the former shortest women on earth and her height was recorded 27 inches on september 2011.


Largest men on earth

Although it doesn’t sound pleasant and feels sarcastic to hear if somebody says, Oh wow you are so fat and large but in this era it has also become a sign to be famous and inspiring. Billy and Benny were twins from US and they won award by the name “The Biggest Men On Earth” with a weight of 337KG and 328KG respectively. They both died by heart failure. Billy died in 1979 and benny died in 2001.


Utmost eyeballs popping up

Our eyes mostly pop out when we hear something surprising or see anything unbelieveable. KIM GOOMAN from Turkey was awarded with”Utmost Eyeballs Popping up” award in 2007 for popping up her eyeballs outside of her eye sockets to a projection of 0.47 inches that is approxiamately 12mm. Eyeball pop can be evaluated using proptometer and an optometrist can only operate this device.


Tallest Human on earth

Robert Pershing Wadlow (1918-1940) from USA was the tallest human ever recorded on earth with a height of 8 feet and 11.1 inches. His weight was recorded as 222.71kg with arm length of 9 feet and 5.75 inches. It was Hyperplezia; the main reason of tallness in Robert. In this syndrome a person’s muscles keep on growing bigger and biggerdue to cell multiplixation. He died at the age of 22 due to the arouse of infected blister on his right ankle.



Man with the longest tongueon earth

Nick Stoeberl from USA (SALINAS) got his name written in guinese book of world records in 2012. He was awarded with “Longest tongue” title because of having a tongue of 3.97 inches. This record was saved in California.


Lady with the longest hair

You have never seen the cartoon character Rapunzel in reality. But we have a real life rapunzel now, by the name “XIE QIUPING” from China. She made a record in Guinese book ofworld records by having a head hair length of 18 feet and 5.54 inches. I took her 31 years to grow such a long head hair.


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