Quaid-e-Azam saying: that education first presidential address at the conference of Punjab Muslim Students Federation March 2, 1941.

“When you have got that light of knowledge by means of education and when you have made yourselves strong economically and industrially when you have got to prepared yourselves for your defense – defense against external aggression and to maintain internal security.”

By neglecting education we have ignored the Quran Pak, the Quaid-e-Azam, and the quintessence of international experience. Very low literacy rate in Pakistan has not only led to poverty, strife, over population and decay of institutions, and by ignoring Quranic injunction on education. We have become bad Muslim and poor Pakistanis.

Let us take a new turn toward the high road of education, knowledge, learning global level because we are living in an age of revolution through knowledge. Let us now turn the education in Pakistan and seek out the main fault of educational system. The important point to be noted is that in education sector Pakistan have a history of false starts, slow progress, and some times failed attempts. When we look over the history whenever every nation want to defeat others nation it first occupy the education system. The progress of any civilization has depended upon its educated classes. Education develops the roots of any nation. The doubtful educational system is among a numeral of troubles that persons and groups face on every day basis in Pakistan.

Notwithstanding enormous educational expenses and budget allocated by the governments the dull standards are still there. This has been one of the reasons that the right talent never gets a chance to show them their recital. Education plays a vital role in development and prosperity of a nation. All the developed countries had achieved universal primary education before the advent of high rates of growth. Countries like Japan, Korea, and Singapore had all made considerable investment in education and prior to this rapid economic growth.

During the Ayub Khan’s time educational development was handed over to the educational organization. Outstanding to such steps the worth of educational planning better. In 1972, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto gave its educational policy. It made the education free and compulsory up to class x. At the outset during Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s regime when he nationalized all kind schools and literally shattered. After this during Zia-ul-Haq’s regime who from first to last his sort of Islam shattered the total educational system in Pakistan. He promoted the madrassahs. The number of madrassahs in the country grew rapidly, financed by the United Arab Emirates, Saudia Arabia, and Iran. Billion given by the United States and Saudia Arabia, to Pakistan for assistance in the anti Soviet war in Afghanistan was diverted to Islamic education on the assumption that it would fuel the spirit of jihad against the Soviet Union. Zia-ul-Haq’s regime encouraged the private sector. The Maktab schools were revived. Mosques schools were opened. Islamic education was made compulsory at each level. During Muhammad Junejo regime support mass education and the Nai Roshani School scheme was an aggressive strategy to address the issue.

The new education policy 1992, has laid great emphasis on the areas of education. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the creator of Pakistan made popular slogan, Unity, Faith, and Discipline. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, said that in the united Pakistan there has to be one education system for all the children of Pakistan. Here it is important that we evaluate that Pakistani government’s neglect the Islamic teaching, Quaid-e-Azam’s saying and close the eyes in the direction of the true values.

There was no let up in the neglect of education in Pakistan during the last half century. Adequate resources were never allocated for education. The safarish and corruption in educational system continued to increase. Most governments even failed to appoint competent, literate education minister both in the province and at federal level. These governments never considered education to be important for our national development. Today corruption at each level increased, judiciary and education departments suffered in this horrific trouble. Through constructive education we can prepare our generation according to their golden norms and values, and remove the various faults found in the education system. No doubt there are various other factors influence it and we could not blame only one system and department. Education system of Pakistan facing strong criticism both national and international level. Good and positive education building the nation and makes it strong. Educational policies criticize because lack of implementation at each level.

Let us see the other side of this picture, Pakistan is going through lot of problems, like terrorism, poverty, insecurity, sectarianism, ethnic, provincial and regional problems. Pakistani were getting gallant but today in some areas they used knives, and gun to get the kind of grade they wanted to there teachers. Some time our self-centered privileged and politicians used them for their self interest. These problems are due to lack of awareness and tolerance which developed due to factual and positive education. Now both the United States and Pakistan are seen to have an interest in the strengthening of a Pakistan education system that will better prepare young citizens for gainful employment in an increasingly knowledge based economy, as well as in halting the teaching of militant values that are implicated in breeding terrorism. For the reason that of this little point of literacy rate Pakistan is facing many socio, economic, troubles, contaminate the origin cause of the economic stoppage is lack of education. The tempo of unemployment and consequently increase poverty rate.

In Pakistan the teachers were the main factors in lowering the standard of education in the primary and secondary schools. The main factors were self-indulgence instead they would encourage their students to take tuition at the home. Some would let the students use unfair methods in the examination, when a teacher indulges in these unfair methods he loses self respect in the eye of his student. The correct system is considered to be slow to embrace and react to be emerging contexts and accelerating challenges facing education. Information and communication technologies are altering economic and social relationships on a local and global scale. They are having a significant impact on the organization of knowledge and the way in which students learn. Education systems are increasingly being called upon to ensure that students meet world wide standard.

The implications of global change for policy setting in education and training are considerable. A dynamic and responsive approach to the education and training of young people is needed, underpinned by an understanding of the current trend and changes. To, achieve this the approach must change the perception of the school as the sole teacher of young people and prepare students to learn critically and creatively from a range of institution and media.

Now the people are openly talking about the failure of democracy, and curse of corruption etc, in Pakistan related to the education. Lack of awareness, unkind self interest educational policies destroy our all democratic system. Corrupt leaders / officers playing with our life, they are only power seeker and not take keen interest on education, and welfare of common man. When our top leadership protect the corrupt, fake degree holders, and one chief minister said that degree is degree right or inaccurate, all is equal. It is a small example of violation of education in Pakistan. It is a small example of violation of education in Pakistan.

Let us see the knowledge, vision, and ability for Pakistan and youth. The wave of desperate in education at each level develops hopeless between honest, devoted, competent, truthful, people. Our leadership himself violate the rule of law and not take any positive action against corrupt, fake degree holders and continue to guard them and they power seeker, self interest selfish leaders and politicians all have vision only for self interest not for the interest of nation. Present corrupt government/ leadership protect the corrupt officers, and incompetent dishonest people appoint key top chairs. Is democracy is name of corruption? Because democracy is not said, protect the corrupt, fake degree holders. Democracy is not the name of violation rule of law, and exploitation of merit at each level and every field of life.

Today we all need honest, competent, devoted leadership, who know the fruits of positive, constructive education. Only intellectual, competent, faithful, headship know the price of constructive education and will be able do some good things for Pakistani nation. As we know that education complete the human mind and make us able how to think in right direction and how to make bold decisions inside the good turn of Pakistani nation. Why our corrupt fake degrees holder leaders/politicians/officers make educational policies in the act of kindness of common people? Why they spend more budget on education for students and teachers. Because they buy bogus degrees easily without any hardship or struggle, and they get top ministries. They not want to spend more budgets on education / institutions / for the welfare of competent teachers/ lecturers/ professors/ scholar’s etc.In present system except of some who get well jobs/ proper merit/ majority well educated, honest , competent are jobless, or work on lowest scales, lowest salaries. But our Matric Pass or fake degree holders appointed on top seats/ ministries, with huge salaries, huge allowances etc, and even every facility gaining and take pleasure in their life. They corrupt imprudent, make people fool, and have the benefit of their life without any stumbling block. As we all know strong democratic institutions are necessary for progress and preparative Pakistan. An effective role of good leadership, governance is necessary for the progress and development of the country. Only well educated but constructive education, competent, honest, devoted leadership and his workers/ team can save the Pakistan and show the right manner to youth.


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