Sabaq pher phaar sadaqat ka, adalat ka, shujaat ka
Liya jayey ga tujh say kaam duniya ki imamat ka (Allama Iqbal)

First of all it is crucial to assess the history Quaid-Azam, Liaqat Ali Khan, Sardar Abdul Rub Nishtar, Soharwardy, Khawaja Nazimuddin, Mumtaz Doultana, Feroz Khan, and other politicians of that time were all truthful and very hard worker politicians. Quaid-e-Azam was well educated Lawyer and his goal was to create a modern, progressive Islamic state without any aspect of theocracy. Equal rights and tolerance should be the main motives of the new state and extremism would not found in Pakistan. Leader like Quaid-e-Azam are rare in the modern era. It is needed to note that throughout the independence movement some sacred leaders opposed the independence movement. But another group of religious leaders like Shabir-ul-Hassan Thanvi, Maulana Ashraf Thanvi and Allama Shabir Ahmed Usmani supported Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and the movement. Liqat Ali Khan was assassinated then a game of musical chairs started in the country. Nowadays we are seized in the fierce clutch of spiritual bias and the nation has been held inmate by the forces of religious bigotry, dedication and obscurantism. Religion role in Pakistani politics and its militant manifestation increased several times over after the anti-Soviet Afghan war and Kashmir issue.Unfortunately religious extremism is often considered as merely periodic disruption of the politics rather than a deep entrenched feature of the political mores. When we evaluate the past we can see that the people of Pakistan have been fooled and taken for a traverse several times in the name of creed. Pakistani people are in distressed require of common righteousness and abolition of dishonesty. Misuse of power at each level in every field of life creates inequality, hate and trouble. Misuse of political power creates many bad effects on a big part of society and selfish political actions unbalance the country. Incompetence is one more key issue.

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was a big feudal lord and served as minister in the military government of the Ayub Khan. Bhutto properly understood the temper of the masses and put ahead a drastic programme with socialist slogans. The main slogan of Pakistan Peoples Party PPP was bread, clothing and shelter. Under Bhutto Pakistan adopted a new constitution.In political affairs equally fair and fetid operate, but there is edge to everything. Pakistan has been a multi-ethnic and multi sectarian country and Sunnis, Shias, Wahabis, Ahmedis, Christians and Hindus etc, make up religious landscape of Pakistan. Unfortunately every Islamic sect regards the other as non-Muslim. Bhutto abortive to realize that by declaring Ahmedies non-Muslims he would be notch Pandora’s Box of sectarian bullying.

In Lahore 1974 Islamic Conference present credibility to his leadership of the Islamic World and Bhutto stated that Pakistan would give an Islamic bomb to the Muslim humanity. Bhutto’s excessive zeal in disengaging the military from politics proved to be his most serious error. In 1977, elections Bhutto consideration that Army and the feudal lords on his wall, and the mullahs indebted he would succeed the elections. Pakistan National Alliance (PNA) was formed to get ride of him using Islam as a slogan against his un-Islamic government. Bhutto won the elections but PNA refused to accept the results. Bhutto tried to overcome them by Friday a holiday, ban on alcohol but his opponents required power.

On 5 July 1977, Bhutto and members of his cabinet were arrested by troops under the order of General Zia-ul-Haq. He conveys the notion that neither Bhutto was earnest nor the PNA leaders were disposed to reach a concord. Every government criticized but it is necessary evaluate their good steps and appreciate these steps. Zia bring in Islamic Banking facalities. The establishment of special shariat courts.Let us see the judiciary between 1977-79 the Zia’s regimes capably refined the judiciary. The Chief Justice of High Courts was made Provincial Governors. Who were unwilling to pursue the goals of the military rule were either detached or allowed to seek pre-nature departure. Compared to the previous military regimes the involvement military in administrating the country was quite extensive. Zia’s PCO not only altered the relationship between judiciary and military but also redefined the basis of who were politically relevant and politically powerful. Nusrat Bhutto brought a suit protesting the martial law takeover. The Supreme Court ruled alongside her and invoked once again the doctrine of need. It is necessary to note that Supreme Court decision was right or wrong it depends on circumstances and transparency of Judges Panel.

Bhutto was hanged in 1979, during the Zia-ul-Haq rule 1977-1988, all efforts were made to crush PPP. Zia-ul-Haq deludes the people with his own sort of immaculate Islam in order to stretch his dubious dictatorship. In doing so a autonomist group Mohajar Quami Movement (MQM) was raised in Sindh particularly for Karachi and Hyderabad. But other side well educated people furnish possibility and it is a bright side of this change. However extremism is unconstructive part of this festivity. Zia used Islam, the ulama, entrepreneur’s bureaucrats and Pakistan’s transitional class to his utmost assistance. Muhammad Khan Junejo’s rule was satisfactory as long as he was not an own confront to Zia. In attendance certain aspects of Junejo government which had perhaps caused doubt between Junejo and Zia and his advisors. Eighth Amendment gave the president more one-sided powers. Zia and military still remained dominant players.Zia was himself removed from the scene by the crash of his military plane in Bahawalpur. Ghulam Ishaq Khan dissolved three national assemblies. When Benazir Bhutto return to power in 1993 elections. But we can see that her own nominated President Farooq Ahmed Leghari dismissed her government again in November 1996 on corruption charges.Here question arises why democratic government dismissed by a democratic President. When personal party own leader and special president again used the 8th amendment proudly. Who are responsible army or our leaders, politicians, bureaucrats and agencies. But now Pakistani Parliament cuts Zardari’s presidential powers is a right step for journey of democracy and brilliant Pakistan.

After independence ML, became a rolling stone. This led to the division of Muslim League into various groups. Now M L rivalry different names as PML-(N), PML-(Q), PML-(J), PML(F), and resulted in the poor performance. Today in cooperation democratic leaders President Asif Ali Zardari became the leader due to his wife assassination and Nawaz Sharif are too-centered and power seekers and wanted to remain in power at all costs. Equally leaders might give up from misusing them for fragile advantage and gluttony. The similar old musical chairs and democracy will be floated again and again. At this point it is needed to note that competent leadership required excellent, truthful and honest team and devoted team also essential knowledgeable leadership. Benazir Bhutto had returned from a self imposed eight years exile to Pakistan to run in the country’s general election.

It is essential that we ought to support correct steps and effort of our politicians and not only criticize. Positive reception is necessary on those issues. Present government with the help of collation partners achieved his goals. Good steps and achievements of present government like consensus on NFC award, restoration of judiciary and change the name of NWFP effectively is a vast success of the present rule. Benazir Bhutto assassinate at a rally near Islamabad. The attack occurred close to an entrance gate of the city park. In 2009 three member investigative panels was set up in response to a request from Pakistan. The Head of the commission said, the authorities had failed to protect Benazir Bhutto and to investigate her assassination properly. Here we can be noted that after the air crash of Zia-ul-Haq a joint United States Pakistani committee investigating the accident later established that the crash was caused by a criminal act of sabotage perpetrated in the aircraft. It is crucial to reminder why we belief others powers and failed to improve our self and our system and realm. Our top leaders are willing to compromise on national interest because lack of courage. When a nation does not stand for something it can fall for anything. Others supper powers taking gain of leaders beside with whom many lack character. It is essential we should choose those leaders whose values and character are based on substance and not mere style. Whose actions speak louder than words and who have the vision and passion to bring back the pride and inviolability of the country.

In truth our youth with their talent, practice and talent are playing very momentous position in the expansion of several nations. One thing keeps in mind to change our attitude from peak to bottom. To attain this goal we will have to make a lot of stab. Today we need a state in which human freedom, human solidarity and human equality prevail. We should adopt the Islamic values, moral ethics and morality. Once again its need of time we all realize their duties and especially our scholars, writers, professors, Doctors and students played miraculous role. Pakistani people by nature have emotional attachments and deep respects for the charismatic leaders. Our youth also have emotional attachments and deep respect for the teachers at each level and followed the great personalities, scholars. They play an important role in creating will power, honesty, and nation-hood. Development of a country depends on the honesty and efficiency of its political leadership and fairness. They should play their role awakened the people from snoozing misery, ready them stood on their own feet. We can see that loads of men are being crushed brutally under the heavy feet of the influential. Let us prove by our act that we are the guardian of the finest code of life for mankind and nation. Youth should follow the charismatic, strong and competent leaders. The leadership is the procedure of directing, guiding and influencing the people to do their finest for the achievement of a precise objective. Furthermore they should focus on ideological and moral goals. If our youth follow the right things from proficient leadership they can help the country to reach the glance of development. Keep in mind this there are no secrets to success it is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.

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