We all have learnt about inventions and inventors in our curriculum and books. We generally study when and where these invention took place and who has invented what .However, we never care, how these inventions are first presented to the world.

The following information is collected from news articles published in the famous Science news paper, ‘The Inventor’s Time’. Read and enjoy how your favorite scientific inventions were showcased.


Alexander was a teenager when he discovered that a note played on a piano would be echoed by a piano in other room. He concluded that the piano note was transmitted through the air by sound waves. This idea gave birth to a novel theory that sound waves or vibrations could be reproduced in an electrical current.

It was the morning of June 26, 1876, spectators at Centennial Exhibition are astonished .Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated his speaking telephone to a huge crowd in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. This futuristic machine consists of two parts-a mouth piece and a receiver which are separated by a long electric wire .When a person speaks into the mouth piece his voice can be heard in the receiver. Alexander talked to the crowd and said,

“The day is coming when wires will be laid onto houses just like water or gas lines-and friends will converse with each other her without leaving home.”

This was the week in 1876, when Librarian unveils “Dewy Decimal System.”


It was the afternoon of December 28th, 1895, in Wurzburg, Germany when Physicist William C. Roentgen stunned the medical population through his amazing discovery; he has shown the inside of his wife’s hand without any surgical procedure. It was the image!

Roentgen produced the image via applying a new technology called X-radiation. He named his findings X-rays because he too was not sure what he discovered. He has invented the image by noticing the glow on the object that occurred due to invisible radiations emerging from an electronic tube.

He told his friends, “I have discovered something interesting but I don’t know whether or not my observations are correct.”

In the same week of 1895, New Sport called Football being played in US.


Charles D Seeberger, the inventor of Escalator had won the first prize at year’s World Fair held in Paris, France on November 28th, 1900. The Fair organized a competition for inventions which would define the future of the 20th century. Seeberger escalator had a tough competition with Jesse Reno’s Inclined Elevator, Seeberger elevator managed to win the judge’s choice. More than 50 million people had attended the fair. The jury admired the endless series of steps, which appear to grow at the bottom and disappear at the top.

A judge from the World Fair competition commented that “Now we’ve all seen the future of the climbing stairs. This is truly one small step for man one giant ride for mankind”.

This was the same week of 1900, when Norwegian Johaan Vaaler invented Paper clips.


Two bicycle mechanics astonished the world by making the first manned flight in gasoline- powered flying machine. Wilber Wright and Orville Wright are brothers from Dayton, Ohio. They moved to Kitty Hawked three years ago with a dream of building flying machine.

It was Deceber,1903 ,10:35,the locals at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina gathered to watch the launch of the flying machine ‘FLYER-1’.The younger ,Orville, took the place at the controls. After rolling for 45 feet the flying machine lifted in the air. Twelve seconds later-after travelling an additional 120 feet, the flying machine touched the ground.

According to Mildred Brocken Brower, an ardent spectator of the scene,

“I was just walking along the beach, and then I saw this giant winged machine hurling towards me .I thought I was hallucinating.”

In 1903, the same week, Henry Ford launched a new car-making company.


On April 30, 1939, World Fair was held in New York. The welcome speech by the USA president Franklin .D Roosevelt was broadcasted with the words:

“Those who come to the world fair will find that the eyes of America are fixed on the future”.

The most amazing thing at the fair was that when the president delivered his speech people all over New York were watching him. Thanks to the new invention—TELEVISION!

Television allowed the image of the president to appear in every corner of New York. The World Fair used special cameras to capture the image and sound of the president’s speech. These cameras delivered the information to the empire state building, from where the speech was broadcasted across the city. Anyone who owned a television can tune the event.

There was a controversy for the inventor as two names were popular as TV inventors. Philo T Farnsworth and Vladimir Zworykin .Farnsworth broadcasted the first Television image of a dollar sign on Sep 7, 1927, whereas Zworykin submitted an application to the US Patent office in 1923for an iconoscope.
This was the same week of 1939 when world-famous coffee brand ‘NESCAFE’ was launched.

The first Computer in the world, ENIAC

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