Physics is generally considered as one of the most difficult subject to study especially for board exams. You can ace in your physics exams if you understand the concept well and have good practice on derivations and numerical based questions. The following checklist will help you to revise your physics exam syllabus effectively.

A checklist mean you are going to check for certain parameters ,therefore ask the checklist questions to yourself and overcome your lacking to gain full marks in your upcoming physics exam. Put a tick in the check box when you are done with the concept.

Are you aware of the marking scheme?

This is the most vital thing before starting a revision as this can determine the areas which have to be focused intensely. Start your revision by practicing questions which carry more marks.

Have you assigned specific time to each topic?

This is required for time management .Look at the marking scheme and the length of the question and assigns time to each topic. If you give a very long time to a single topic, you will left behind therefore time management is necessary.

Revise important concepts/points daily (separate them out, subject wise)

Have you learnt all the definition?

Definitions are generally asked in every type of science exams .You can easily gain full marks in this question by learning simple two line definitions .Don’t forget to write the relative equation with units if necessary and always quote a example where required. When you start your revision .Write down the list of things that has definitions on a separate column and revise one by one.

Are you skilled on the mathematical concepts?

Most numerical questions which are asked in your physics exams need a clear concept of some mathematics topics like integration, differentiation, and algorithm etc. Therefore prior starting your physics revision, practice those mathematical concepts to solve your physics numerical easily.

Can you solve the derivations step by step?

  • Once you are set to learn and revise your derivations, first review basic principles and then the purpose for which the derivation has to be solved.
  • Go back to the definitions and comprehend the relative definition with simple equations that you are going to apply in your derivations.
  • Never try to mug up derivation because you will never learn that way. First understand definition then proceed with a step by step solution and understand the application of each step.
  • A good tip is to read the end result first .Yes when you get to conclusion that what ids derived in the end you can read backwards to understand how the final equation emerged from simple formula.
  • Make a list of all the derivations and practice the order of steps for appropriate presentation.

Have you highlighted those charts?

Highlight the most important diagrams, tables, classifications and read them again and again to store in your mind .while practicing diagram ,never miss any label .This will give you enough marks without any confusion.

Can you understand the numerical queries well?

If you are going to solve a mathematical type problem you should understand what the question is demanding, these questions are crafted with tricks to confuse the student so read the question many time and take out the hidden clues from them. Practice similar questions and take help from solved examples.

Have you sketched a flow chart for long theoretical answers?

In scientific exams you are not asked to write long stories .The more you focus on the concept and write it precisely the more marks you will gain .To do this take help from flowchart ,bullets ,headings and sub headings. This Examiner will appreciate and realizes that you have the real concept by just looking at your answer.

Can you convert units accurately?

Don’t take conversions for granted .These simple things can build- up or damage the whole answer if you go wrong with them. Make a conversion tables for units applied in your topics and paste them somewhere in your room and on your note book and go through them repeatedly .Practice simple question to master your conversion skill and speed .like KG to Grams .Grams to milligrams .Milligrams to microgram and vice versa.

Are you ready for uncertainties?

You might have left few topics considering them less important. Get a review of past papers and read the less important topics superficially to deal emergencies.

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