When we evaluate the history we find rightly guided, honest, kind, truthfulness, courage, fairness, dynamism and strength of mind leadership. Our rightly guided Khulafahas era is a model of perfect leadership. They all remember for their justice, truth, piety, wisdom, gentle character, courage, hard work, bravery, righteousness, modesty and compassion. They all had good morals, and put their focus of harmony of the state and peoples. Great khulafahas were practical man of action, and they were mentally very strong. They were hard work, honest, simple life, caution, self-criticism, gentle nature, avoiding fitna, and accountable. They make use of all the salary to the public funds. Khilafat periods expanded progressed extensively, peace and prosperity every where. They were God-fearing and truthful persons.

Here I coated an incident of Hazrat Umer, he was so anxious about the welfare of his people. In the city of Madina one night he observed a woman cooking something in a pot and her small children were crying around her. He found out from the woman that her children were hungry for two days and pot was full of hot water and some stone only. Hazrat Umer himself brought all the necessary food items to the woman. The woman prayed aloud for him saying, My Allah make you the Khalifa in place of Umer” On hearing this Hazrat Umar started crying and without saying a word left the place.

In Islamic state like Pakistan Zakat is a powerful redistributive tool, move money from the hands of the rich to the hands of the poor through charity. Hazrat Umer’s wife Umme Kalsoom once presented a few bottles of perfumes to the Emperor of Rome. The Emperor returned to the bottles filled with precious stones. When Hazrat Umer learned of it he deposited the jewel in the Baitul Mal.

Hazrat Muhammad ( PBUH) said that any ruler who is responsible for the affairs of the muslims but he does not strive sincerely for their well-being will not enter Paradise with them.
Quran Pak said,

O mankind; we created you from a single pair of a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other not that you may despise each other.
Hazrat Abubakar tells muslims to correct him.

“If I am upright then follow me, but if I deviated straighten me out.”

The amir (ruler) who is over the people is a shepherd and is responsible for his flock.

Let us see the another event of honesty, truthfulness and integrity of Hazrat Umer , Once during his illness his physician prescribed honey for him. Tons of honey was kept in the Baitul Mal but he did not take a e of it unless he was permitted by the peoples committee.

Let us turn the Pakistan and see that all great movements and changes in past are always connected with great, honest, dedicated leaders. Pakistan had been the pioneer of democracy. Pakistan a unique country based on justice, equality, consultation and accountability. Leadership like Quaid-e-Azam and his followers leads to success on the base of credibility. They use leadership power to improve and make a positive / constructive change for the welfare of country and the entire peoples. Nowadays its supporters in general have forgotten their own values along with the democratic system of governance. Trepidation and authority are not leadership. As we know that bad leadership leads to frustration, nuisance, aggravation and failure. Democracy needs integrity in intentions and aims. Truthful, straight and honest in their thoughts, decisions and acts. Integrity is the highest virtue of morality. Democratic systems needs democratic behaviors / think. A democratic person who is kind, honest, caring, trustworthy.  Democratic leaders not deceiving others for own personal interests. In democratic system leadership honoring promises and commitments. One thing should be remember our leaders / bureaucrats /officers / judges / politicians / etc if we desire others to be honest to us then we should be honest to others first. If we cannot be sincere with ourselves we cannot be truthful with anybody. In democratic system truthfulness consistently behaves according to unyielding convictions about what is correct and what is mistaken.

Now we turn the present democratic government, and try to compare with the past and present. We can see the corruption, frustration and failure at each level. On the other hand today few hand involve decision making and take advantage of power for self interest and seeking power. Dismissal of democratic governments both Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif by the elected President Muhammad Ishaq Khan and Farooq Ahmed Leghari take places numerous questions about democracy and corruption. Dismissal and again restoration of judiciary but ineffectual work injure the true image of democracy.

Present ruler also extremely ambition wish to rule for self interest. Corrupt leaders/ officers/ bureaucrats/ judges/ politicians/ etc blinded by their power and might. Like the past our corrupt, dishonest, cruel leaders/ officers/ bureaucrats/ judges/ politicians/ etc demolish the human rights, because as we all know that power does corrupt because lack of accountability and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Corruption manifests itself in various forms in Pakistan, including widespread financial and political corruption, nepotism and misuse of power, corruption prevalent in the country rapidly. They all wished to rule and increase his powers, indeed making society a struggle between individual and groups for power, and power does really corrupt and it is true that corrupt people seek power because corrupt encourage the corrupt because of lack of accountability. In sum, we should follow the golden principle of Islam, and follow the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and Khulafa e Rashdeen teachings. How they change the world in a shortest time and revolutionize every aspect of people’s life through the personal example and deeds.

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