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In Pakistan, most medical students are inclined more towards an MBBS degree than any other field. There is a limited awareness and knowledge about the significance of a DVM in Pakistan but those who are aware certainly choose to go for this degree. There is a high potential for aquaculture in Pakistan but the sector is in its initial stages and needs more passionate graduates to grow this field.

Latest DVM Jobs In Pakistan

Many students don’t choose the field of DVM due to the notion that there are no jobs available in this field. However, there are a number of career opportunities and DVM jobs in Pakistan some of which are mentioned below:

Pet Clinic

There are many Pet clinic jobs after DVM in Pakistan. The fresh graduates can either work as assistants in pet clinics or can start their practice in their own clinics. The typical job of a DVM in a pet clinic includes the following tasks:

  • Ailment diagnosis in pets
  • Advising clients on how to care for their pets
  • Providing emergency medical assistance.
  • Surgical and dental procedures are performed.
  • Medication prescriptions.

Veterinary Officer

Among the different DVM jobs, a Veterinary officer is one of the highly paid professions. A chief veterinary officer's typical responsibilities include organizing and operating a country's animal health and animal protection service, as well as a veterinary public health service that covers food chain safety, animal-borne disease control, environmental protection, and other roles that involve handling, treating and diagnostic of animals.

Agriculture Credit Officers

The job of an Agriculture credit officer includes helping farmers and rural residents get the funding required for their operations in livestock and farming. This profession requires an understanding of finance besides knowledge of agriculture. A DVM can further certify himself with financial education to practice this profession.


Other than typical Doctor of Veterinary Medicine jobs, veterinarians with further training in a specific subject, such as virology or parasitology, might find several biomedical research employment. Veterinarians who work in research may also be in charge of lab animals, thus they must ensure their health and well-being.

Furthermore, they are involved not only in finding cures for animal well-being but also in diagnosing therapies for human diseases spread by animals, such as malaria. Diagnosing treatments for human diseases carried by animals such as malaria.


Teaching is another Nobel profession that DVM can adopt besides on-field DVM jobs. The graduates with an excellent educational background and a passion to teach can get a teaching job in many government and private institutes as instructors for future DVMs.

Top Recruiters Of DVM In Pakistan

There are many organizations recruiting DVMS such as:

  • Pakistan Army
  • Veterinary Medicine companies
  • Pakistan veterinary medical council
  • Veterinary & Farms Corps Center
  • Livestock & Dairy Development Board
  • Academia
  • Ministry Of National Health Services
  • Livestock Department
  • Wildlife And Parks Department
  • Pet clinics and Hospitals

DVM Salary in Pakistan

DVM salary in Pakistan depends upon various factors such as experience and recruiter. If you are starting your career and working as an associate in any department, your salary can be as low as PKR 25,000 or as high as a minimum of PKR. 80,000 depending upon the recruiting firm.

In academia, the salary package for fresh teachers can range from PKR 50,000 to PKR. 1,00,000. It can raise with experience and further qualification requirements.

The owners of private clinics and hospitals do not have any limit to what they can earn and this is a good option for experienced DVMs having proper channels and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the jobs opportunities for DVM in public sector?
    DVM candidates can get various jobs in public and private sector. Some of the jobs for DVM are given below:
    • Veterinary dresser
    • Animal breeder
    • Agriculture credit officer
    • Teaching
    • Researcher
    • Veterinary hospital manager
    • Small animal veterinarian
    • Veterinary officer
    • Minimum 50% marks in fsc pre medical ( especially in science subjects like biology, chemistry and physics) are mandatory
  • Is DVM in demand in Pakistan?
    DVM stands for doctor of veterinary medicine. This degree has scope in modern world. DVM is not as much in demand in Pakistan as in other countries. DVM is a rewarding degree. You can earn good after DVM.
  • How can we get job after DVM?
    After completion of five year DVM degree, you can get job in private and public sector. DVM candidates can also work in their own clinic. The students have to pass job test for getting job in public sector. In private sector, a lot of jobs are available for DVM.
  • Can DVM open private clinic?
    Yes, DVM candidates are allowed to open their own clinic. They can earn a lot by opening their own clinic. Besides this, many jobs are also offered by private companies. For opening clinic, you need DVM license.
  • Which country has high scope for DVM?
    In foreign countries, mostly people have pet. The demand of DVM is higher in the following countries:
    • Canada
    • Iceland
    • Qatar
    • Montana
    • New jersey
    • Australia
    • Switzerland
    • Africa
  • Which post graduate course is best after DVM?
    If you want to do post graduate programs after DVM for getting good jobs then following programs are the best:
    • Master of veterinary science
    • M.Sc poultry production
    • Qatar
    • M.Sc animal nutritionntana
    • M.Sc animal genetics and breeding
    • M.Sc animal behavior
    • Post graduate in veterinary studies in small animal practice
    • Doctor of philosophy in veterinary science
  • What is the scope of DVM?
    As animals are the part of our environment and they also provide us basic needs. It is mandatory to take care of them. DVM is the doctor which deals with animals and their diseases. The scope of DVM is worldwide. You can get job after completion of DVM. If you want to get good earnings after DVM then you should go for abroad.

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