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You will find all information regarding books for Veterinary and Animal Sciences on this page. Ilmkidunya collects top recommended books with author names, best books for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine syllabus.

Best books for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) are almost available online free to download as PDF or as a free content and some will need to purchase due to copyright regulation.

Books are an important part of any curriculum and reading books builds a deeper understanding and knowledge about different situations. The great thing about books is that one can re-read a book many times and still find something new to think about. Books are a great source of positivity and there are many books for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine written by experts in the field all around the world.

Books For DVM

There are a number of subjects taught during this five-year degree program and thousands of books are written on every subject taught during the courses. Following is a list of books on DVM’s core subjects.

1) Books On Veterinary Anatomy

Understanding the anatomy of an animal is the hardest yet most important course for any medical student. It is of major importance as a first step towards diagnosing and thus preparing for treatment.

  • Miller, M.E., 2000. Guide to the dissection of the Dog
  • Physical Anatomy and Physiology Of Domestic Animals, William O. Reece,  Fourth edition

2) Books On Veterinary Physiology & Biochemistry

The study of Veterinary Physiology and biochemistry deals with the understanding of various organs and biochemical reactions happening inside the animals’ body and their function. There are a number of DVM books on this subject.

  • Duke’s Physiology of Domestic Animals. 12th Edition, Comstock Publishing, USA.
  • Textbook of Medical Physiology. 11th Edition.
  • Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology. 23rd Edition. Appleton & Lange, USA.

3) Books On Veterinary Pharmacology And Toxicology

The sciences of Pharmacology and Toxicology are known as translational sciences with Pharmacology translating diagnosis into drug action and toxicology translating information into the safeguard practices for animals.  There are many books on DVM on this subject.

  • Goodman and Gillman Pharmacology Basis of therapeutics, 11th ed., McGraw-Hill, New York, USA.
  • Basic and Clinical Pharmacology. 12th Ed., McGraw-Hill, New York, USA.
  • Principles of Toxicology, 2nd edition. Taylor and Francis. The USA.

4) Books On Parasitology

The subject of Veterinary parasitology deals with parasites and their relationship with their host animals. Domestic, as well as wildlife animals, can become victims of parasites and it is necessary to get rid of these parasites concerning their harmful impacts.  

  • Foundations of Parasitology. 9th Edition, W.C.B. Company, U.K
  • Veterinary Clinical Parasitology 8th Edition Blackwell Publishing AAVP

5) Books on Veterinary Pathology

The subject of animal pathology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in animals by dealing with their cells and body fluids. This branch is thus divided into two sub-branches of anatomical veterinary pathology and clinical veterinary pathology.

  • Manual on meat inspection for developing countries, 2nd Ed.

6) Books On Public Health Epidemiology

A major portion of public Health is contributed by Veterinary public health (VPH) that stresses the wellbeing of humans by understanding veterinary science. They contribute towards the management of animal-borne diseases, diagnose and control the zoonotic diseases affecting human beings.

  • Zoonoses and communicable diseases are common to man and animals. 3rd Edition.

7) Books On Animal Nutrition

Nutrition is very important for animals, especially the animals used in sports and for companion animals. Animal nutrition is the science of dietary and nutritional benefits of animal feed. The course on animal nutrition focuses on the learning of animal digestion systems and what food is best for it. This course also relates food with the health of livestock such as dairy cattle and poultry which is eventually utilized by humans and how these animals should be consuming the required nutrients for appropriate development. Following is a list of books in DVM that focus on this particular area of study.

  • Animal Nutrition. 7th ed. Benjamin Cummings, USA.
  • Official Methods of Analysis of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists. Vol 2, 17th Ed.
  • Principles of Animal Nutrition

8) Books On Animal Genetics And Breeding

The breeding of animals is not a very new technology however, continuous advancements are being made in the field to make sure that there is a continuous improvement in the health of animals, particularly farm animals. In doing animal breeding, the traits of animals are measured and the best qualities are found, out. The animals with those qualities are then used as parent animals to maximize the desirable traits in the next generation. Following is a list of books in DVM on Animals genetics and breeding:

  • Klug, W. S., 2010. Essentials of Genetics.
  • Animal Genetics and Breeding textbook
  • Integrative Genomics and Network Biology in Livestock and other Domestic Animals

9) Books On Livestock Production Management And Technology

Livestock production Technology is concerned with keeping animals for profit. The study includes taking care of livestock and the methods to enhance their production for earning profit.

  • Agricultural Business Management, McGraw-Hill Book Co
  • Livestock management and production

10) Books On Veterinary Gynecology & Obstetrics

Veterinary Gynecology and Obstetrics is the study of female animals’ sex organs and related diseases. The goal of this study is to bring gynecology and obstetrics studies closer and develop preventive methods for infertility in female animals. Following are some of the books in DVM for this subject:

  • Current Therapy in Theriogenology, II.
  • Current Therapy in Large Animal Theriogenology

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