Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) is a professional degree and most important as aspect to the animals, treatment and clinical behaviour with them. Veterinarian is competent when we talk about to practice (diagnose, treatment and clinically management) in the field involving large and small domestic animals as self employment.

DVM stands for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. It is a professional degree that enables the students to learn the diagnostic skills required to become professional Veterinarians.  A vet is skilled and trained enough to manage his job that can range from a self-employed practicing doctor to managing dairy and poultry farms and improving production.

DVM Scope In Pakistan

The scope of DVM in Pakistan is, although less compared to other medical fields but is emerging with the increased need and awareness of the field. The students nevertheless are no less trained than other medical professionals and are exposed to medical clinics and hospitals for animals for practical experience. So the scope of DVM in Pakistan.

The first preference of most of the medical students in Pakistan is to become a doctor of humans and if not possible, they choose fields of pharmacy or dentistry. However, there is an emerging knowledge of the need for the doctors of veterinary medicine and specialty clinics as well as hospitals have been allocated for their practice and people are starting to realize that this is no less of a noble profession.

Scope of DVM In Livestock And Agriculture

Besides surgery and diagnostics, the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is also involved in the improvement of the reproduction of livestock which is of extreme importance to the nation’s economy. Successful and capable candidates can get jobs in different public and private sectors all around Pakistan such as Dairy development, Livestock Farms, Breed improvement services, Research and Development, and even in the education sector.

How To Build A Career In DVM In Pakistan?

To become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in Pakistan, the aspiring students get enrolled in a five-year degree program after their intermediate with medical subjects. There are many specialized institutes in Pakistan where students learn all about the medicine, treatment, diagnostics of animals, and improvement of their productions.

What Does A DVM Do?

The job of a veterinarian can be challenging as it requires a lot more patience in dealing with animals than humans. A DVM is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and dysfunctions in animals. The vets work for many pet clinics and hospitals, zoos, and laboratories.

Moreover, a doctor of veterinarian medicine is also involved in helping protect humans from certain diseases carried by animals. They research widely spread and deadly diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. They also work in research and develop new methods of treatment and knowledge about animals.

There are different skills required by a good Doctor of Veterinary medicine:

Analytical Skills

Unlike humans, animals are unable to communicate their ailment verbally and might not have an idea of what’s wrong with them in the first place. A good DVM must have analytical skills to detect the signs of an ailment in animals.

Diagnostic Skills

It goes without saying that a doctor of veterinary medicine must have excellent diagnostic skills no less than any other doctor as the diagnosis is the first towards the treatment of a disease.

A Good Sense Of Smell

This might sound a bit awkward but isn’t for a doctor as a good sense of smell is vital in the diagnosis of disease. Vets know what smells represent what ailment and this can be an easy yet vital diagnostic step.

Good Hand And Eye Coordination

During surgery, veterinarians might have to perform different orthopedic procedures, dentistry, and other major surgeries. All these tasks require excellent coordination of vision and movement of hands making it a necessary skill for a DVM.


DVM in Pakistan is an emerging field and many alumni of Pakistani veterinary schools are currently working as veterinarians in North America and other industrialized countries. Our veterinary doctors also serve in the Pakistan Army as commissioned officers. so the DVM is Pakistan actually country's burgeoning dairy and poultry industries, which include global and national enterprises, offer a handsome package to hire vet graduates for their agri-livestock services, farms, and processing factories.


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