Contrasting to all the observable guides in the world, there is no guide for the Dads. Whereas women get to read a lot of things of how to manage with being a mom, I have never found any comprehensive guidebook for Dads. Mainly the Dads watch their wives going through the pain feebly, and wait patiently for a little miracle to come in the world and to change their world forever. Whoever says Mothers are only close to their children. We all know that a Father is the first love of his daughter and the first best friend and hero of his son. Just the same as you can’t replace the love of a Mother, the love of fathers is also irreplaceable.

What is a Father to the Child?

Fathers are the ideology of the world

You father is the person who tells you the horrible truth of the world. Without the direction and supervision of your father, you would still be living in your paradise of happiness as well as thinking everything and everyone out there will make you happy. You innocently learn from his struggle of every day. We all learn from our fathers that how use money, how to give respect, patience, tolerance, forgiveness and even anger in the actual world through him.

Fathers are always there

Whenever my father held my hand in the crowd, I knew that he will definitely save me from everything, and so that I can calmly eat my candy. Also at that time when I grew up and it was time to face the world, I just stepped out with the confidence that he is watching me, always.

Fathers teach how to struggle and never give up

Through our dads, in childhood we learn that how to make our way in the mad race. Isn’t it? He never comes home and always gives a lecture of how to live, however we learn it from his face that seems like a fighter tired after a battle. We might hear him stealing or even hating his work, however still daily he gets up in the morning kiss us and goes back for his struggle on his work, just to provide us a life of happiness.

Fathers teach to eat with family

There were many times when I had friends to get closer to or when there were a get together of friends, favorite shows to watch and went through the notorious ‘leave me alone’ youth phase. Whatever the reason might be, it all become useless and invalid when father called at the dinner table. This minimal habit taught me the significance of coming back to the family no matter where on world were you the entire day. That has always been one of my favorite times of the day.

Fathers teaches us the difference between want and need

Remember that time when we actually wanted something and thought that we just cannot live without that thing and dad who always says yes to all and all of a sudden said NO! It may took time to realize though he knew as innocent children we cannot discriminate between want and requirements, so for all of us, our dads did that job, always.

Fathers have many faces - Teacher, Disciplinarian and also Entertainer

If fathers can depict a line, they are the ones who overrule the orders given by moms and also allow you to live. He also assists you in your homework at night and also sometimes draws your diagrams only to certify that you don’t get punished in school. Whenever, I made a mistake its dad who I dreaded the most. Father is the disciplinarian who brings back our morality and also teaches us how to say sorry and helps us in correcting our mistakes. That time when no one understands you and laughs at you at your amusing paper boat, you dad is the only person who claps and appreciates your creation. He is the only person who always plays with you to lose, so that you can feel like a champion.

Fathers are the pillars of strength - They don’t cry

Every father knows that he is the hero in the eyes of his children. A hero, who protects us, fights for us, brings gifts for us, and laughs and plays with us and still never feel exhausted. Every father is the shoulder to cry on and get power for the complete family. He actually knows that it is very important for him to be the hero and hence the child can get the strength to keep struggling and never surrender. That’s why, the fathers don’t cry even if they want to cry.

Fathers teach you to love your family

It does not matter that how much he wanted to go for his office party, he just stayed back to assist me with my exam preparations. He came back tired from his office and wanted to watch a movie however instead he calmed me down by putting my favorite channel.

The continual sacrifices that a father makes to make sure that his family is happy makes you wonder what we would do without father. As much as we love our mother, our father plays a great role in completing our personality and makes us a better person. So, love your father as well.

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