Frightened of your Maths Exam? Most students get really nervous on their maths exam. Maths is not as dreadful as it seems, you can master this subject by learning few tactful skills and a lot of practice .Here are few tips to revise maths effectively to gain good grades in the upcoming exams.

Get acquainted to the format:

This is the most crucial thing for good revision, not for Maths but for all subjects .Go through the marking scheme before beginning any question.It means to comprehend about the distribution of marks for each question .If you know which question needs more detail you are able to manage your time effectively.
A two marks question can be easily solved verbally. The two mark question has 1 mark for method while the other for answer or accuracy .Show the method in a single step and write the answer correctly.

Practice Past Papers:

Like the first strategy, practicing past paper questions or solving sample papers every now and then will help you to get command on any subject .Be sure the past paper you are solving is designed on the same format that is coming in your exam. You can also take help from other resources like a good maths website or video tutorials.

Use calculator expertly:

Some maths question does not allow the use of calculator while others couldn’t be solved without a calculator’s help therefore get skilled on using a calculator and learn all the operations.

Show All Stages in Any Calculations:

Writing steps is also vital for a question with more marks .In Mathematics you have to be precise and accurate while solving a problem. The thing that really matters in solving a maths problem is step by step working .Never write the answer directly as it will not give you any mark, rather try to solve the question in steps and draw a rough work column to show your examiner that you are skilled enough in doing calculation .Sometimes you can gain good marks even if your answer is wrong because it reflects that you know the real procedure to solve the problem.

Dealing with WORD PROBLEMS:

The toughest part in mathematics exam is a word problem where you have to transform language into digits. Understanding what the examiner wants to ask win half of the race .Apply these strategies for solving word problems easily:

  • Read the question 2-3 times
  • Once you have understood the language then underline the real query.
  • Figure out the key words that are the real clues for your solution and to get them you should be expert enough on maths vocabulary .for example: left out, added to, each etc.
  • Draw a rough sketch or diagram of the question with units and figure out the solution.
  • Be smart to pick the mathematical operations applied in the question and once you get them, work step by step to get the answer.
  • Always state the answer separately with proper units.

Get Triumph over Algebraic Expressions:

Most students are scared of Algebra. The good thing with Algebra is that there is a sequence of steps or a process you can use as a tool to solve the algebraic expressions. In Algebra the questions are written in the form of an equation or you may be provided with a word problem where you should be skilled to transform the information into equation .This will take you to the solution.

  • Learn the formula correctly. They should be on your tips.
  • In your note book assign the first page to write all formula in a sequence.
  • Paste highland notes with algebraic formula all around your room to get instant revision.
  • Get tricky by learning the series of steps that can be applied in many questions.
  • Practice more for perfection.

Practice more for Geometry and Trigonometry:

Geometry is a game of shapes and to get skilled on geometry you have to do a lot of practice because here diagrams mean everything .Practice a lot to get skilled over drawing accurate shapes and angles and as mentioned before sharpen your language skills to transform the word problem into shapes. Here also you have to learn the formula. Additionally learn the use of geometrical instruments properly and lastly don’t forget to mark your diagram with correct measurements and symbols.

  • You have to get command upon Theorems.
  • Read examples to learn which theorem is accurate for which type of question.
  • Do step by step calculations.
  • Make flash cards for every theorem for an instant revision.
  • Pick some object and follow the steps of the relevant concept to prove your theorem.
  • Try to build your own examples.

How to get an A* in Maths - how to revise effectively?

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