Today the most important responsibility for strengthening democracy and stability in Pakistan firstly falls on the shoulders of the federal government and all provincial government. For democratic consequence sovereignty of the common people, guarantee of basic human rights and equality before the law is most vital thing. For the reason that the rule of law and justice, is the only way of maintaining stability in the country. In the developed countries democracy means political system prevailing in a free independent country with free and fair elections by rule of law, independent judiciary. Unfortunately the Pakistani politicians are not well aware of modern global system and the progress /process and the needs of the country and the common people. Because of lake of positive and constructive education and positive behavior. In democratic process there is a direct connection between education and democratic values. In democratic societies positive and constructive educational practice support habits of democratic governance. Education enables peoples to stay informed through media, books, magazines, current affairs and newspapers etc. In democratic process it is necessary that encourage youth/ students to develop sensible point of view based on suspicious research work, and a clear understanding of the past. Lake of constructive and positive vision and interest, due of bad government polices today Pakistan facing a lot of problems. The continuous failure of government wrong policies leads the people of country to miserable conditions.

There are many reasons behind political instability in Pakistan. After the failure of one policy, government does not consider its failure and announce another policy without studying the aftermaths of last one. Party leaders have their own interest and aims so they are not sincere with Pakistani nation and especially in education sector. Today we can see the violation of education school level to universities level. Self interest leaders not honestly handle common people issues they are expected. It is difficult to point out all causes of unstable Pakistan but the major problem of unstable Pakistan is poverty, injustice and inequality, which is becoming the cause of crime and social disorder. Present cruel government is not well aware of common people’s problems and present worse condition. Heavy taxes and unemployment crushes the people and they are forced to live below poverty line. Load shedding, high prices, drone attack and target killing especially in Karachi city are the gift for common people. Law and order conditions are out of control and all institutions are badly failed to provide justice to a common man. Today justice can buy by money only because of corruption and inequality. Common peoples are living in miserable conditions. From Karachi to Khyber and from Quetta to Islamabad nobody is safe. It is unfortunate that with lawlessness becoming common features that right is denied to them. As we all know that law and order plight seems to be directly linked to political stability in Pakistan. When instability rises, more crimes occur. A system of fair accountability would help improve the situation. Another cause of unstable and disintegrate Pakistan is corruption. When we evaluate our top and richest officers and leaders we can see that every one is trying to earn more and more by using fair and unfair means. But present government is unable to control such things. Pakistan is a poor country. Its economy is facing fluctuations now a day. At the time of independence Pakistan has very low resources and capital, so the processes of progress were very slow. Unfortunately the politicians of Pakistan were all not well aware of modern global system and the progress processes and the needs of country.

Due to bad policies today Pakistan is facing a lot of problems. The continuous failure of policies leads the people of country to miserable conditions. The major problem in the country is poverty which is becoming the cause of crime and social disorder. Today a race of material object has been started no one tried to understand the problems of common peoples. Our top society gradually changing rich peoples are not ready to help poor common people. Everyone has lost his interest on others because of inequality which affects our social and economic system. The top rich people are irresponsible and dishonest.

Every one is trying to get money and trying to get rich by using unfair means. In the name of democratic process violence of rule of law, unqualified and incapable candidates political parties voted in to power only for their own purpose and personal advantage. Result we can see the corruption at each level, incompetence in every field of life, electricity shortfall, high prices, terrorist activities and target killing etc have made things worse more and more. Today we can see that who do not pay taxes and violate the laws considered brave and respectful. These things damage the stability of Pakistan.

Pakistan is an Islamic and democratic country. Legislature, Executive, Judiciary and Press are pillars of democracy. But when we see present situation as a cartoonist mentioned in a cartoon, we can see that four pillar of democracy are Prime Minister House and where out of turn promotions granted in P M House. Presidency where convicted are granted pardon but only loyal and loving minister. Parliament where, welcome and encourage to fake degree holders. E C P fake degrees are honored here. Present government ill governed by a corrupt, power-hunger ministers / leaders, who damage the democratic process in the name of democracy and made Pakistan unstable country. Today political parties are responsible and they should seek an apology from the nation and respect institutions in the future. Today corrupt political leaders should not damage the country for own benefits and the solution to the counter’s problems lie only in accountability. Fair accountability is possible if judiciary is independent. Judiciary plays a great role in a government, provides rights of citizens, it investigates corruption etc. Without a free judiciary but pious and honest judges with positive and constructive behavior, successful democracy is impossible because the judiciary is equally protecting the rights of the common citizens. The judiciary is the interpreter of the constitution, and the judiciary has a duty to correct errors of executive, legislature, and judiciary if at times they cross the limits of their powers as defined in their constitution.

Today it is most important that our all leaders at each level learn from past harmful practice, so that similar mistakes can not avoided in future. The image of party leaders and political headship has been putrid over the time. Common people tend to dislike their performance people held answerable for all hardships Pakistan and common men facing today. Under the burden of NRO, President Asif Ali Zardari, MQM leader Altaf Hussain, and many prominent senior ministers and associates is under the shadow of NRO. As we all know that NRO declared as unlawful by the Supreme Court. Today major problems are accountability top to bottom, good governance and rule of law. In present situation midterm election is not solution of our problems. Today its need that educated positive and constructive thinking youth / technocrats etc should gives possibility for stable and progressive Pakistan. Corrupt leaders and their followers and associates will be collapsed now. These corrupt and self interest leaders directly affecting the democratic process.

How these corrupt leaders protect his NRO immunity by strengthening the pre-PCO judiciary. In Pakistan corrupt politicians, feudal, bureaucrats are like a cursed and they have gifted many evils. The difficulty of corruption will never be determined until the matter is broadened to include all those who over the years have taken benefit of the soft-state syndrome in Pakistan. It’s time honest, true Pakistani pious high educated youth filter out all these dishonest, illiterate fake degree holders and selfish only power interested politicians/ leaders/bureaucrats /feudal etc. Here it is important to note that unfortunately corrupt party and their leadership take full benefits to cover up their sin under the NRO agreement. The question is can we expect from them to provide solution to our burning issues. After the inception of Pakistan the honest, loyal politicians and officers in other fields were removed and only corrupt/ dummy agents and rubber stamps are put in place. Today once more political parties and feudalist and capitalist wants power sharing, it’s meant only poor quality, pain, suffering the common people. Only solution is allowing the oppressed people of Pakistan to share decision making process with transparency and accountability at top to bottom. Only the precious pearl /our high educated youth with positive think / behavior, led by the Pakistani masses, the working class can guarantee genuine true democratic rule with true spirit of nationhood, and can end social deprivation. Inshallah.

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