Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery, MBBS is a degree program for which every single FSC pre-medical student has the wish to apply. But, with a large number of candidates and the least number of seats only a few deserving candidates grab the seats in the medical colleges and universities of Pakistan. However, if you fail to get admissions to MBBS due to some genuine reasons, then it does not mean that your career in the medical field is stopped. You can get a lot of other opportunities to start your career in the medical field and out of them the major ones are described here: 

1. Bachelor Of Dental Surgery 

After MBBS the degree that comes at first is the bachelor of dental surgery, BDS degree program. The degree program is a professional degree in dentistry. Dental surgery is not only important in Pakistan but throughout the world, the profession occupies a central position. So, the degree holders can grab amazing career opportunities.  

2. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, DVM 

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is normally known as an animal specialist. After MBBS and BDS, this is the most valued study program in the medical field. The experts say that an animal specialist or DVM earns more than an MBBS doctor. The admission for the veterinary medicine degree is also based on the medical entrance exam. 

3. Doctor Of Physiotherapy, DPT 

Doctor Of Physiotherapy, DPT has a wide scope in Pakistan. The course of study offers a number of subjects including Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Biostatistics, Biochemistry and Genetics, Medical Physic, and many others. The main duties of the therapist are to take care of the paralyzed and accidentally injured patients. They help the patients to recover the paralyzed and injured parts of the body through medicines and exercises. Throughout the country, we find several colleges that are offering DPT studies. Once after completing the degree you can find lots of opportunities at the national as well as international level.

4. Doctor Of Pharmacy, D-Pharm

D Pharm is all about pharmacy. This is another professional degree in the medical field. The degree is all about the preparation and dispensing of the drugs used to cure several diseases. Almost 72 professional colleges and universities we can find in Pakistan that are holding a good position in offering D Pharm studies to the interested candidates. Candidates will have a wider scope with a D Pharm degree but to have to be eligible for D Pharm studies candidates have also go through a highly competitive environment.

5. Doctor of Medical Lab Sciences, DMLS 

This degree has also great worth and values. This degree enables you to start your own business after its completion. You can establish your laboratory where you can legally perform several tests and can earn good revenue. Today, in Pakistan several medical laboratories have been established that are paying their best performances in several ways. The degree program is offered by a number of medical colleges and universities in Pakistan.


6. Doctor Optometry, OD

The study of Optometry is all about examining the eyes and applicable visual system for defects and abnormalities. Moreover, the degree is about to test the visual acuity and visual perception of humans. The degree has also a wide scope in Pakistan and today we are finding a large number of institutes that are offering Doctor Optometry, OD degree.  

7. Nursing 

After the doctor, nursing is the most valued profession. The nursing staff is equally important as doctors are important. Nursing staff plays a very crucial role in taking care of the patients. It is a study program that almost all the public sector, as well as private sector institutes, offer. Candidates after completing the nursing course find a lot of career opportunities in both private as well as government hospitals.