5 Exams Every Pakistani Student Must Attempt At Least Once In Life

If you are a college or a university student then life is ready to welcome you to offer you a bright future. The problem that most of the Pakistani students face, during their college life, is that they are not provided the proper career counseling. Believe me, if you are in college life a lot of opportunities and chances you can avail of in your life. The following are the competitive exams are listed along with their benefits that every single student must attempt to grab the exceptional opportunities in life.

1. CSS

Among the top competitive exams in Pakistan, Central Superior Service, CSS is on the top. The exam is conducted once a year and offers the pass candidates exceptional and bright career opportunities but the exam is quite difficult. It is said that if a candidate is lucky enough to pass this competitive exam then he or she never needs to do anything else in life. 


PCS/PMS is a provincial level competitive exam that is recommended for every Pakistani student to attempt. The reason behind the endorsement of this competitive exam is that it offers candidates the opportunity of grade 16 or grade 17 employment in the government agencies at the provincial level. Candidates who get the opportunity to apply and appear for Assistant Commissioner, AC and Section Officer, SO then never miss the chance. 


English has become the most important language. It does not matter that in which field you are going to start your career, you are required to have good communication skills, especially in the English Language, to offer a good impression. The International English Language Testing Service, IELTS is the test not only to improve your English language proficiency but candidates are also required to pass the test for getting admission to foreign universities. 

4. SAT

The Scholastic Aptitude Test, SAT is another competitive exam that is mainly conducted to evaluate the caliber of the students who want to apply to US universities. In the USA several universities accept SAT examinations to offer admissions to international students including Pakistani students. The exam score ranges between 400 and 1600. Students with the highest marks in the SAT exam are also considered for the USA scholarships.