A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is among the widely chosen degree programs after the completion of the intermediate. In the BBA degree program, the students learn about the concepts and processes of business and management. The candidates after the completion of the BBA degree program encounter a wide range of career opportunities in the public sector as well as in the private sector. There are many domains that the candidates can select while opting for the BBA. The degree program is designed to equip the students with the business, communication, and leadership skills that are required for the management roles. There is a wide range of career options for the BBA graduates that they can pursue according to their skills and interests. Following are some of the career opportunities for BBA graduates.

Human Resources Manager

Generally, the duty of the Human Resource Manager is to do the administrative tasks however sometimes the job duties may extend far beyond administrative tasks. An HR manager oversees and follows the practices and policies at their companies. Moreover, the main duty is to foster communication between a company and its employees so that the company can run smoothly and the HR also ensures the completion of the projects according to the deadlines. If you have strong communication skills then this job position is suitable for you. Human resources managers earn well depending upon their experience. There are many companies that hire HR so make sure to check the latest HR jobs announced in the public and private sectors.

Account Manager

The account managers are considered as the point of contact for a client as they communicate with the rest of the other team for the required goals and expectations and ensure that all requirements should be met properly. Communication ability is the main skill for this particular job position. The candidates that want to become account managers should have basic skills such as interpersonal communication, including composing, editing, and also revising business-related communications. The salary of the account manager is dependent upon the experience of the individual in the particular field.

Project Manager

The duty of the project manager is dependent on the industry in which the candidate wants to work. The candidates can join various industries such as law, healthcare, construction and engineering, information technology. They are also responsible to plan, initiate and oversee specific projects according to the provision of the resources such as time and money. The candidates that have done the course of Production Operations Management have a better insight into the fundamental concepts of management such as Principles of administration, Modern organizational theory, Goal Setting, and Leadership and decision-making. The project managers can earn a handsome amount of money and as program managers and portfolio managers, they are given higher salaries.


There are many areas in which the candidates can specialize to become analysts that include market research analysts, business analysts, data analysts, and financial analysts. The duty of the analyst is to consider the date and devise ways to improve the processes and systems of the business. They also introduce the changes by considering the overall goals of the business so that rapid progress can be made with the passage of time. For example, financial analysts help companies with investments by overseeing the possible risk and potential losses. Individuals that want to continue their education in finance can get a degree of Master of Business Administration with a major in finance.


One of the major benefits of opting for the BBA is that the candidates can choose diverse career paths. Many students after the completion of the BBA program can select their own career path by starting a small business. The BBA graduates can also become Entrepreneur and they can step into a leadership role by learning the various essentials such as applying operational theory as well as the business ethics, developing effective communication oral and written skills, employ suitable practices in finance, accounting and business management, accounting, and to utilize the information technology to take the decisions suitable for the progress of business.

Marketing Manager

A career as a marketing manager is best for the BBA graduates that want to do the management jobs. Marketing managers work with the other team members for the implementation of the marketing initiatives such as kicking off a new advertising campaign and crafting click-worthy emails. The candidates have the option to switch between multiple platforms and they can also specialize in one area of marketing that includes social media marketing and many others. It is considered as one of the high-paying BBA jobs that the candidates can do after the completion of the degree program.

Sales Manager

This career is for the candidates that are interested to promote products and services and have the ability to engage in a more direct relationship with customers as compared to the marketing managers. Their main role is to understand the preferences of the customers, attract new customers, and resolve the concerns of the customers. The Sales managers also analyze sales statistics, predict trends, and also set goals. The duty of the sales manager varies depending upon the size of the organization such as sales managers may oversee a single team and sometimes a network of sales managers with teams of their own. The skills of the sales managers are highly valued in BBA jobs.

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