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On October 10, 2009, attack on the Pakistani Pentagon has left a trail of very grave questions hanging in the air. Everyone has congratulated the security forces on the “successful completion” of the operation against terrorists who occupied a military building, even as people celebrated the end of the hostage crisis but that also begs many strikingly alarming questions. How come the terrorists remained in the nearby of the GHQ for many months planning the attacks and how they managed to get there in the first place? How they got the maps and the uniforms and the weapons? It seems that they have got an inside help within the Rawalpindi besides of what has been captured. It’s not just that the terrorists start from the South Waziristan and land in Pindi/Islamabad, stay there for some weeks and then bang. They must have been helped by the inside elements in Rawalpindi and these are the people who are permanent threat for our beloved country, and the intelligence agencies must not relax until they encircle them.

There are two possibilities behind the scene. First one is that Taliban did that and the second one is India. When we analyze these two possibilities the first one seems quite out of place because the terrorists in the tribal areas of Pakistan are not in the position to launch such a well-planned and organized activity. During the last few months, the security agencies of Pakistan have very successfully destroyed their strength and force with an iron hand. The first rank leadership of these so called terrorists has gone to the other world, the remaining ones have surrendered before the security forces and some others have decided to be loyal to the state of Pakistan admitting that they had been misguided and misused by their leaders. In short no one among them has a capability of confronting with the armed forces of Pakistan. Now the second possibility is of the involvement of Raw in the GHQ attacks. India has always reacted as a dogged child whenever its feels any American support towards Pakistan. The recent Kerry Lugar bill could be one of the heart pinching realities for India. Although this bill is being criticized by the Pakistani society, media and army as well for its objectionable clauses regarding the Pakistan army and the intelligence agencies, If the objectionable clauses are removed away, this bill would strengthen the Pak-American relations .This situation is not very pleasing for India. Now India wants to create hurdles so that this bill may not reach to final. The attacks on the GHQ are nothing but an attempt to promote fear throughout the world that America is not taking a wise step by planning to help people of Pakistan through the Kerry Lugar bill. There could be another objective behind these attacks, to tell the world that Pakistan Army has not succeeded against the terrorists. India wants to reject the claims of Pakistan that it is doing its best against the terrorism. The main objective behind all this activity is to disturb Pak-US relations.

During the attack terrorists looks much trained and what they are doing is well planned. The attackers were very well equipped. It was simply a very tactfully designed commando action. The attackers did not seem to be the terrorists who had been trying to avoid the security agencies in the tribal areas of Pakistan for the last few months. The attack on GHQ was so much similar to the attack on Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore which was linked to the Tamil Tigers working in Sri Lanka with the support of the RAW. Pakistan gives a helping hand to the Sri Lankan government to crush the Tamil Tigers terrorist activities and the Indian government was not happy over this help. The RAW agents in collaboration with the extremists working in Swat planned to teach a lesson to the government of Pakistan by attacking the Sri Lankan Team. Now the same story is being repeated. India is mistaken in its judgment that terrorist activities can frighten the people of Pakistan or the government of Pakistan. The people of Pakistan are moderate, peace-loving and forward looking. They hate and reject any kind of extremism. The war which the security forces of Pakistan are fighting against terrorists is not just our government’s war but the people of Pakistan are giving their backing to it as we saw during the operation in Swat. They want extremism and the extremists eliminated from their soil. Security forces, intelligence agencies, the government and the people of Pakistan all are equally agree and engaged in this fight against terror. We have a lot of courage and determination. We are a nation not a crowd .We believe in unity and integrity. Every Pakistani is a soldier, eager to sacrifice his life for his country. The world must be sure that we would never let anyone achieve his planes against us.

The most important factor in this targeting of GHQ is that it follows the blast at the Indian embassy in Kabul. In the immediate aftermath of that attack we saw the suicide attack in Peshawar followed by this attack. The Indian hand cannot be ruled out especially since it has been noticed that the GHQ attackers carried heavy weapons. Where did these weapons come from? It is known that the TTP is now not only a decentralized group of militants but that most of these groups have been supported by Kabul and New Delhi. Again, is it a coincidence that only a few days earlier the US had provided safe shelter to wanted security personnel who had prohibited bore weapons courtesy Inter-Risk security agency? After all, the security officials who wanted to question these personnel were denied access to them by the US diplomats. They were primarily retired soldiers, including from the Special Forces, so they would have no problem getting hold of camouflage clothing which is what the GHQ attackers wore. The linkages need to be made to understand what happened in Peshawar and Rawalpindi.

The current wave of these disturbing activities are directly linked and sponsored by RAW. Earlier, on October 5, 2009, RAW trained terrorist blasted himself outside the UN’s World Food Programme offices in Islamabad and then again on 9 October.

There is a strong perception that attack on Kabul Embassy was launched by Indian intelligence agency to defame ISI.  This opinion proved correct after listening Afghan Ambassador T Jawad comments to USA’s statement given to a news channel on October 8, 2009. In that interview he mentioned that they are pointing the finger at the Pakistan intelligence agency, based on the evidence on the ground and similar attack taking place in Afghanistan. In fact it is a proven fact that Afghanistan and its intelligence agency with the support of RAW is promoting terrorism in FATA, Balochistan and other parts of Pakistan. It is mentionable here that Pakistan is facing dreadful foreign sponsored militancy. As a result of war against terror more than a thousand of brave Pakistani soldiers and civilians have become victim of these terrorist activities. More than 2.8 millions Individuals were internally disabled.

The Indian Air Force has stationed its MIG 29 aircrafts at Adampur near the Pakistani border to strengthen its air defence capabilities and minimize reaction time. The deployment of MIG-29 and troops revealed that India may intensify the sabotage activities in the interior Pakistan in the near future and likely to go for Air strikes in already marked areas around GT Road. It is mentionable that BBC, on October 27, New Delhi never ever digested any success of Pakistani Intelligence agencies and security forces against foreign sponsored militancy and made another try to prove Pakistan as heaven for terrorists. If we visualize and read the South Asian security situation then we can say that basically India has proved herself South Asian Don and is continuously busy in storming terrorism in the region. The recent blasts point out to the Indian intelligence agency collaboration with RAW and Mossad who collectively have seemed to plan the series of blasts in Afghanistan and Pakistan with a view to use pressure tactics and built opinion to force Washington to refrain from providing economic aid to Islamabad.

Concluding, I must say that World community should ask India to stop backing Hindu Taliban who are playing with the lives of innocent people. She must know that Pakistan Security Forces are alert enough to meet any kind of potent threat. We salute our forces and those soldiers who scarified their lives for the nation and their Ghazi comrades.

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