As we all know that 10th class BISE annual board examination mostly held in the end of March or April. Last year in 2020, Shafqat Mahmood clearly cancel all the papers because the impact of pandemic corona virus and promoted each student on the behave of their previous result, but this year Matric examination may be held in the month of May or June. Due to Covid-19 Matric date sheet not decided yet, according to Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood tweet (Fig.1):




If you are going to give matric examination then you need to be passionate and hardworking student. This article will be going to help the students to score best in exam.

1. Timetable:

First step is you need to make your timetable, be punctual and schedule your study sessions. In 10th class, 70 to 80 percent students join academy for their better result. You need to wake up early in the morning and have a healthy breakfast because healthy breakfast helps students to do better in school. Students who eat breakfast show good performance in studies and Students who miss their breakfast have a trouble with slower memory recall. Try to sleep on time and wake up early in the morning and have morning walk to increase your metabolism. At the time of study always need to sit alone in the room. Make proper timetable, set your academic goals, deadlines and commitments etc. Do not skip any lecture from your school or academy. 

2. Exam Pattern Synopsis:

It is important to go through previous years past papers and sample papers to examine the important questions of every subject. Pattern of examination changes every two to three years, sometime objective range is more than subjective and sometime subjective range is more than objective. It is very important to know about your paper pattern, so that it become easy for you to prepare the paper according to its pattern. 

3. Writing practice:

Your writing speed should be fast before examination. Try to write as much as possible to increase your writing speed. Write almost 1 hour daily to increase your writing skill. Try to divide your time in paper according to you writing speed. 

4. Short Notes:

Try to make short notes on important topics of each chapter, it will be going to help you to remind your main topics. It is not compulsory that you can only make short notes on your important topics, you can make anything that will courage you. Write headlines or subheading to make easy to learn and paste it any where in your room because the thing that written in front of our eyes is very helpful to learn easily like Math formulas and Algebra, English verbs and tenses, social studies dates etc. 

5. Be creative:

Creative people have ability to learn fast and move forward. Try to be creative and find different way for your learning. Don’t bound or limit yourself. Creative people try to do different task, they do their know research after teachers lecture. Now days internet is common and easily in the access of every person, use net, YouTube videos and mobile apps for your study. 

6. Highlights:

Highlights or underline important lines from your books with different colour highlighter or markers. Highlighting help you to read the sentence quickly because of its colour and remembering it easily.  

7. Cover your syllabus:

Try to cover your syllabus 3 months before your exams, so that you have enough time to revise it as much as possible and practice on your weak topics. Don’t skip your test, quizzes, assessments or mid-term exams. 

8. Night before Exam:

Almost many of the students depend on this night, they try to study whole night and not take proper sleep. One thing you need to be careful that this is not a night to flight but to stay calm and relax your mind. If you try to stay calm and sleep early at night this will going to help you in your exam. You mind remains active and recall your things with no trouble.

9. Day of Exam:

After taking 8 hours healthy sleeps before exam, wake up early in the morning and revise your subject briefly. Do not try to get lengthy or struggle with your book. Leave all your books at home before leaving for exam. Be confident and try not to speak with anyone before your paper.  

10. Exam day:

After getting your paper try to read it carefully. If you are going to solve your objective than stay calm and read twice before ticking any MCQs. Read properly all the paper and main headings either it is tick or circle the MCQs. Try to tick the MCQs first with pencil. After getting your subjective paper read the questions carefully and try to first attempt the questions which are good memorized. Divide your time according to questions. Put watch in front of your desk. Do not try to hesitate yourself. Attempt each question with neat and clean writing. Try to use easy and accurate words, it will make examiner to read easily. Try to take extra or rough sheet for math’s calculation if the paper was Mathematics (4ono n.d.).

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