Posted On Department / Company Jobs Last Date Details
09-Apr-24 Public Sector Organization, Quetta 8 Jobs 09-Apr-24 View
05-Apr-24 Agriculture Department Govt. of Balochistan, Quetta 2 Jobs 05-Apr-24 View
03-Apr-24 Government Company, Quetta 4 Jobs 03-Apr-24 View
25-Mar-24 Quetta Electric Supply Company (QESCO), Quetta 79 Jobs 25-Mar-24 View
19-Mar-24 Private Company , Quetta 2 Jobs 19-Mar-24 View
08-Mar-24 Sheikh Zayed Medical College, Quetta 52 Jobs 08-Mar-24 View
04-Mar-24 Army Public School and College, Quetta 1 Jobs 04-Mar-24 View
28-Feb-24 United Bank Limited, Quetta 201 Jobs 28-Feb-24 View
27-Feb-24 Balochistan Police, Quetta 5 Jobs 27-Feb-24 View
19-Nov-23 Saindak Metals Limited (SML), Quetta 3 Jobs 19-Nov-23 View
08-Mar-24 Sheikh Zayed Medical College, Quetta 6 Jobs 08-Mar-24 View

Jobs in Quetta

In Quetta, there are many different work options available for the applicants, including those in the manufacturing, healthcare, and information technology sectors. Depending on your interests and career, the city offers a large variety of latest jobs in Quetta. You need to be knowledgeable and equipped with the necessary abilities for the job before applying for any job. Additionally, the jobs in Quetta can also be found in the institutes. There are several career choices at educational institutes including schools, colleges, academies, and Universities.

As one of the famous cities, Quetta is home to numerous national and international businesses that provide job seekers with a variety of employment opportunities. A variety of websites provide information about new jobs in Quetta. While studying, students can also learn about many jobs in Quetta Pakistan. Your ability to succeed in a particular career depends on your knowledge, abilities, and effort. You will read more about the latest jobs in Balochistan Quetta on this page.

Government Jobs in Quetta

Numerous companies in the city advertise and offer government jobs in Quetta via their websites as well as various job portals. The city has several government agencies that offer various levels of employment opportunities to all applicants related to various fields. The health care, finance, and education departments are among the government employment in Quetta. You can look at websites and newspapers to see what positions are open.

Government Sectors Jobs in Quetta

Here we have listed the government jobs in Quetta Balochistan for the assistance of the applicants. You can get to know about the available positions.


  Balochistan Civil Service


Balochistan Police


 Balochistan Revenue Authority


Balochistan Health Department


Balochistan Education Department


Balochistan Public Service Commission


Balochistan Information Technology Department


Balochistan Finance Department


Balochistan Agriculture Department


Balochistan Irrigation Department


Balochistan Livestock and Dairy Development Department


Balochistan Social Welfare Department


Balochistan Local Government and Rural Development Department


Balochistan Energy Department


Balochistan Forest and Wildlife Department


Balochistan Mines and Minerals Department


Balochistan Labour and Manpower Department


Balochistan Planning and Development Department


Balochistan Transport and Mass Transit Department


Balochistan Fisheries Department

Private Jobs in Quetta

Private jobs in Quetta allow you to expand your professional networks, gain work experience, and enhance your time management skills. They provide opportunities to research possible career routes and enhance one's resume to get ready for a professional & skilled worker.
Applicants in Quetta can readily find private positions in unicef jobs in Quetta. You can discover Private Job in Quetta by looking through local employment portals, getting in touch with colleges and universities directly about various positions, and networking in your community.

Benefits for Applying in Private Jobs

You can get professional experience and accelerate in Quetta Private Sector Jobs.
Applying for private jobs in Quetta has different benefits. Employment in the private sector can provide many benefits, including competitive salaries, quick career advancement, a variety of job alternatives, and a lively work environment. You can establish relationships with other staff members. Everyone can teach you different tasks. Private companies place a high importance on innovation and efficiency since they help employees develop critical skills. The private sector's tendency to react faster to market needs also offers a potentially more stable and adaptable career path. Applicants can go for the paper jobs in Quetta.

Teaching Jobs in Quetta

The Quetta is a well-known city. It offers a wide range of opportunities for applicants who wish to pursue brilliant careers. Quetta has a robust educational infrastructure and is home to numerous colleges, universities, and schools that are constantly seeking dedicated and qualified teachers to mold the brains of the next generation. Candidates can find teaching positions in many educational fields in Quetta. The posts of teaching jobs in Quetta can be checked through various job portals.

The most recent teaching positions in both the public and private sectors are available in Quetta. The city is a hub of educational institutes. Many educational institutions in Quetta offer jobs in the primary and secondary grades. There are numerous areas in which female teachers can get employment as teachers in Quetta. There are various opportunities for lecturer jobs in Quetta for males.

To apply for positions in the private schools of Quetta, keep an eye on the job portals. They will help you out in finding your desired position.

Health Jobs in Quetta

Quetta’s healthcare department is thriving. Candidates can apply for hospital jobs in Quetta if they have completed their specialization in the medical area. Hospitals offer a wide range of alternatives. Private clinics in Quetta are the places where doctors can work. Many hospitals accept applications from female candidates for nursing positions. Applicants can find job opportunities through different platforms like, LinkedIn, mustakbil, etc.

An international humanitarian medical organization called Medicines Sans Frontiers (Doctors without Borders) offers health services to people who require it wherever they may be or whatever their circumstances may be.

Primary Mission of MSF

The primary mission of MSF is to provide urgent health services to victims of disease outbreaks, natural disasters, or lack of access to care. They concentrate on helping disadvantaged communities.

Services of MSF

In addition to providing immunization program, dietary habits, obstetrics, surgery, and treatment for diseases including HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, MSF offers an extensive selection of health services. They frequently operate in regions with poor access to medical care.

After the detailed discussion of MSF, you will get to know how essential it is. However, the msf jobs in Quetta are available for those who are interested in it.

Online Jobs in Quetta

In Quetta, a lot of businesses provide online employment. If you are unable to go outside, you can apply online jobs in Quetta Pakistan. There are various job portals where students in Quetta can get online jobs. Students who have not yet graduated can apply online for jobs as data entry operators, customer service representatives, and many other occupations. In Quetta, applicants who have just a matric degree can also apply for online jobs.

Jobs for Females in Quetta

The education industry is one of the most well-known industries that actively hire candidates. Today, many educational institutions in Quetta offer jobs to women. In addition to universities, schools, and colleges are in dire need of qualified teachers. You can apply for jobs as a teacher, administrative assistant, receptionist, etc. The most important role models for forming the next generation are teachers.

Moreover, other than teaching, the jobs in Quetta for females can also be found in the private and government sectors. Applicants are advised to visit the job portals or get in touch with the companies to avail a good opportunity. Jobs for women are available in a number of fields in Quetta. The job market in Quetta is broad and offers jobs in a variety of sectors for a range of roles. Check carefully different portals before applying.

Part-Time Jobs in Quetta

Part-time jobs in Quetta allow you to expand your professional networks, gain work experience, and enhance your time management skills. They provide opportunities to research possible career routes and enhance one's resume to get ready for a full-time position down the road.
Students in the city and can readily find part time jobs in Quetta. You can find part-time job in Quetta by looking through local employment sites, getting in touch with colleges and universities directly about various positions, and building relationships in your community. As a freelancer, you can offer your skills as a writer, developer, photographer, web designer, and so on.

NGO’s Jobs in Quetta

Check out the Quetta-based NGOs' official websites. Numerous NGOs post job openings and possibilities on their websites when they are available. On their websites, look for a "Career" or "Job Opportunities" area to find a good position. The ngos in Quetta jobs can be found when you have done your degree in the sociology subject or the relevant area. Do not forget to customize your cover letter and CV to emphasize your experiences and applicable talents for the particular positions you are interested in. Furthermore, applicants must keep in mind that job prospects are subject to change; therefore it is a good idea to periodically check the aforementioned sites for the most recent information.