Surah At Takwir

surah takwir is the 81st section of the Quran and comprises 29 stanzas. Uncovered in Makkah, surah al takwir is partitioned into two fundamental parts which examine significant subjects like the Day of Judgment, including indications of the apocalypse and Revival, as well as going into a short conversation with the Prophet Muhammad (harmony arrive and his family), a few credits of the Quran and properties of Gabriel. In the end, it likewise addresses the significant issue of choice and Heavenly will.

surah takwir benefits are given below:

  • "He who concentrates on Surah Takwir (The Collapsing Up) will be saved by Allah from being presented to disgrace when the book of deeds will be exposed." 
  • It has been described by the Prophet (harmony arrive and his family) that one who wishes to see him on Qiyamah ought to discuss this surah.
  • It has been described in one more hadith that recounts the sections of Abasa WA Tawalla and Izash Shamsu Kuwwirat [i.e. Surah Takwir] he will be under the shade of God's thoughtfulness and elegance in the timeless Paradise and its nurseries.

Surah At Takwir

Sr# Surah wise Para wise
1 Al Fatihah Para 1
2 Al Baqarah Para 2
3 Al Imran Para 3
4 An Nisa Para 4
5 Al Maidah Para 5
6 Al Anam Para 6
7 Al Ar'af Para 7
8 Al Anfal Para 8
9 At Taubah Para 9
10 Surah Yunus Para 10
11 Surah Hud Para 11
12 Surah Yusuf Para 12
13 Ar raad Para 13
14 Surah Ibrahim Para 14
15 Al Hijr Para 15
16 An Nahal Para 16
17 Al Isra/Bani Israel Para 17
18 Al Kahaf Para 18
19 Surah Maryam Para 19
20 Surah Taha Para 20
21 Al Anbiya Para 21
22 Al Hajj Para 22
23 Al Muminun Para 23
24 Al Noor Para 24
25 Al Furqan Para 25
26 Al Shuara Para 26
27 Al Namal Para 27
28 Al Qasas Para 28
29 Al Ankabut Para 29
30 Ar Room Para 30
31 Surah Luqman
32 As Sajdah
33 AL Ahzab
34 Surah Saba
35 Surah Fatir
36 Surah Yaseen
37 Surah Saffat
38 Surah Sad
39 Az Zumar
40 Surah Ghafir
41 Surah Fussilat
42 Ash Shura
43 Az Zukhruf
44 Ad Dukhan
45 AL Jasia
46 AL Ahqaf
47 Surah Muhammad
48 Al Fath
49 Al Hujurat
50 Surah Qaf
51 Az Zariyat
52 At Tur
53 Al Najam
54 Al Qamar
55 Ar Rahman
56 Al Waqiah
57 Al Hadid
58 Al Mujadilah
59 Al Hashr
60 Surah Mumtahinah
61 As Saff
62 Al Jumuah
63 Al Munafiqun
64 At Taghabun
65 At Talaq
66 At Tahrim
67 Al Mulk
68 Al Qalam
69 Al Haqqah
70 Al Maarij
71 Surah Nuh
72 Surah Jin
73 Al muzzammil
74 Al Mudassir
75 Al Qiyamah
76 Surah Ad Dahr/Al Insan
77 Al Mursalat
78 An Naba
79 An Naziat
80 Surah Abasa
81 Surah At Takwir
82 Surah Al Infitar
83 Surah Al Mutaffifin
84 Surah Al Inshiqaq
85 Surah Al Buruj
86 Surah At Tariq
87 Surah Al Ala
88 Surah Al Ghashiyah
89 Surah Al Fajr
90 Surah Al Balad
91 Surah Al Ash Shams
92 Surah Al Lail
93 Surah Ad Duha
94 Surah Alam Nashrah
95 Surah At Tin
96 Surah Al Alaq
97 Surah Al Qadr
98 Surah Al Baiyinah
99 Surah Az Zilzal
100 Surah Al Adiyat
101 Surah Al Qariah
102 Surah At Takasur
103 Surah Al Asr
104 Surah Al Humazah
105 Surah Al Fil
106 Surah Quraish
107 Surah Al Maun
108 Surah Al Kausar
109 Surah Al Kafiroon
110 Surah Al Nasr
111 Surah Al Lahab
112 Surah Al Ikhlas
113 Surah Al Falaq
114 Surah An Nas

Surah Takwir Pdf

The word Takwir in surah takwir pdf, which is the root word for the word 'Kuwwirat' in the primary stanza, means to move up or wrap something; for instance, a turban around the head. What's more, maybe involving the word corresponding to the sun in the main refrain is an illustration for the obscurity that will envelop the sun when the world finishes and Qiyamah approaches.

surah al takwir pdf explains the Stars

The word 'Inkadara' in this stanza means to fall or crash and this alludes to the way that when Qiyamah happens upon us, the stars will tumble from the sky. Even though it is additionally conceivable that it alludes to obscurity; in which it would imply that the stars would lose their light.

surah takwir pdf download tells about the Mountains

At the point when Qiyamah shows up, the mountains would fall because of extreme tremors, would be dispersed, and go to clean.

Surah Takwir Translation

These are articulations utilized concerning the condition of the mountains on that day in the Quran.

Different Occasions during the Destruction of the World in surah takwir with urdu translation

  • It is important: the pregnant camel was viewed as entirely significant among the Bedouins; however, on this day even these will be neglected and deserted to Failing to remember all that.
  • Indeed, even the wild monsters will be revived on this day; be that as it may, about what their destiny will be and the conditions of this restoration nothing has been referenced in the stanzas or portrayals.
  • The oceans will be loaded up with fire or will be transformed into fire.
  • The spirits of the lucky and favored will be collaborated or hitched with one another; and the spirits of the accursed will join forces with one another also.

Different Occasions in Revival in surah al takwir translation

  • The record of deeds wherein the holy messengers had recorded the great and awful deeds will be opened with the goal that the proprietors can understand it their activities become known and they are compensated or rebuffed as needs be.
  • That which is concealed in the skies will become clear and
  • Damnation will consume more sizzling and Paradise will come near the individuals who are its occupants so they might enter it
  • At the point when these occasions are occurring, everybody will understand what activities they have sent forward during the current day and man's activities won't generally be forgotten about or lost.

The Prophet, the Quran, and the Heavenly messenger who brought the Message

In this second piece of Surah Kuwwirat, God initially swears upon four things and afterward proceeds to discuss the subjects referenced in the title of this part:

  1. on the stars; some or every one of them
  2. On the night as it blurs
  3. The day splits and projects away the haziness of night, which is flawlessly made sense of through the articulation: by the first light as it relaxes.

Commendation and Depiction of Gabriel in surah al takwir transliteration

The following couple of refrains depict 6 characteristics of Gabriel or Jibrael:

  • He is a courier and the person who brings and uncovers the message of God to the Prophet (harmony arrives and his family)
  • He is called respectable; this shows that he is regarded and regarded according to God
  • He is strong
  • He has an elevated place and status according to God
  • He provides orders and is complied with by different holy messengers which shows that he has assistants in his work who submit to him
  • He is dependable, i.e., there is no bad form, defilement, or mediation by him in handing off God's message and disclosure.

Portrayal of the Quran in surah takwir english translation

There are 2 characteristics referenced for the Quran in the last couple of sections of this part:

  • The Quran isn't the fiendish motivation of the jinns and villains. 
  • The Quran is a book of direction; a book directs every one of the people who try to drive forward in the way of truth.

The term 'Master of the Universes' utilized in the last section of Surah Takwir plainly shows that Heavenly Will is likewise for the training and advancement of man and all manifestations; He positively doesn't maintain that anybody should get sidetracked and to be isolated from Him. Consequently, because of His Lordship, he assists every one of the people who wish to follow strides in the way of development and look for flawlessness.

Surah at Takwir Ayat Wise

surah al takwir ayat 18 describe:

The oath means: It is not a vision at midnight, when Muhammad (upon whom be Allah’s peace and blessings) had a nocturnal revelation, the nightingale of your kingdom was gone and the daylight of the dawn had broken when in the open sky the Angel of God was revealed.

surah at takwir ayat 29 explain:

But ye shall not will except as Allah wills, the Cherisher of the Worlds. As to your wishing it will not work unless Allah, the Absolver of creatures, the Lord of the Universe, wishes it. And you will not be able to do that unless (it be) that Allah wills, the Lord of the ‘Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exists).

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