Surah Al Qasas

surah qasas is the twenty-eighth chapter of the Quran with 88 verses. In keeping with Ibn Kathir's commentary, the surah al qasas takes its name from verse 25 wherein the word Al-Qasas occurs. Lexically, qasas means to relate occasions of their right series. 

surah qasas full pdf describes the remedy for pain inside the belly, liver and spleen: 

it's been narrated from Abu Abdullah Ja'some distance ibn Muhammad that if surah Qasas is written and then worn around the neck of a person who has pain within the stomach, liver, spleen or some other internal organ, he's going to feel nicely.

Lexically, al qasas surah approaches to relate events of their proper series. For that reason, from the point of view of the means too, this word may be a suitable identity for this Surah, for in it the precise tale of the Prophet Moses has been related.

Surah Qasas Ayat Wise

surah qasas ayat 24 tells us:

He said: ‘Perhaps my Sustainer will reward me with some goodness for which I am in need.’ So he tended the flock for them and, from what he earned, he presented [some] of it to them. Then he turned aside into the shade, and said: O Almighty God! Allah sends me anything good I will need.

surah al qasas ayat 15 describe:

“Once he came into the city and no-one noticed him. There he found two men fighting: one of its ally nations and the other of its rival nations. His people shouted for help from him as they were battling against their enemy. Moses got so angry that he punched him and he was killed.”

surah al qasas ayat 20:

He said: O Moses, verily, the chiefs are in a consultation over thee as to your death; therefore, flee you away. And there came one running from the farthest end of the city and said TO Moses, verily the leaders arrange to kill you so soon depart quickly. So do be gone.


Surah Al Qasas

Sr# Surah wise Para wise
1 Al Fatihah Para 1
2 Al Baqarah Para 2
3 Al Imran Para 3
4 An Nisa Para 4
5 Al Maidah Para 5
6 Al Anam Para 6
7 Al Ar'af Para 7
8 Al Anfal Para 8
9 At Taubah Para 9
10 Surah Yunus Para 10
11 Surah Hud Para 11
12 Surah Yusuf Para 12
13 Ar raad Para 13
14 Surah Ibrahim Para 14
15 Al Hijr Para 15
16 An Nahal Para 16
17 Al Isra/Bani Israel Para 17
18 Al Kahaf Para 18
19 Surah Maryam Para 19
20 Surah Taha Para 20
21 Al Anbiya Para 21
22 Al Hajj Para 22
23 Al Muminun Para 23
24 Al Noor Para 24
25 Al Furqan Para 25
26 Al Shuara Para 26
27 Al Namal Para 27
28 Al Qasas Para 28
29 Al Ankabut Para 29
30 Ar Room Para 30
31 Surah Luqman
32 As Sajdah
33 AL Ahzab
34 Surah Saba
35 Surah Fatir
36 Surah Yaseen
37 Surah Saffat
38 Surah Sad
39 Az Zumar
40 Surah Ghafir
41 Surah Fussilat
42 Ash Shura
43 Az Zukhruf
44 Ad Dukhan
45 AL Jasia
46 AL Ahqaf
47 Surah Muhammad
48 Al Fath
49 Al Hujurat
50 Surah Qaf
51 Az Zariyat
52 At Tur
53 Al Najam
54 Al Qamar
55 Ar Rahman
56 Al Waqiah
57 Al Hadid
58 Al Mujadilah
59 Al Hashr
60 Surah Mumtahinah
61 As Saff
62 Al Jumuah
63 Al Munafiqun
64 At Taghabun
65 At Talaq
66 At Tahrim
67 Al Mulk
68 Al Qalam
69 Al Haqqah
70 Al Maarij
71 Surah Nuh
72 Surah Jin
73 Al muzzammil
74 Al Mudassir
75 Al Qiyamah
76 Surah Ad Dahr/Al Insan
77 Al Mursalat
78 An Naba
79 An Naziat
80 Surah Abasa
81 Surah At Takwir
82 Surah Al Infitar
83 Surah Al Mutaffifin
84 Surah Al Inshiqaq
85 Surah Al Buruj
86 Surah At Tariq
87 Surah Al Ala
88 Surah Al Ghashiyah
89 Surah Al Fajr
90 Surah Al Balad
91 Surah Al Ash Shams
92 Surah Al Lail
93 Surah Ad Duha
94 Surah Alam Nashrah
95 Surah At Tin
96 Surah Al Alaq
97 Surah Al Qadr
98 Surah Al Baiyinah
99 Surah Az Zilzal
100 Surah Al Adiyat
101 Surah Al Qariah
102 Surah At Takasur
103 Surah Al Asr
104 Surah Al Humazah
105 Surah Al Fil
106 Surah Quraish
107 Surah Al Maun
108 Surah Al Kausar
109 Surah Al Kafiroon
110 Surah Al Nasr
111 Surah Al Lahab
112 Surah Al Ikhlas
113 Surah Al Falaq
114 Surah An Nas
Para / Surah


Surah Qasas Translation

surah qasas with urdu translation explains the following facts:

From the beginning of Surah Al-Qasas to this point, the story of Sayyidna Musa with the Pharaoh and his people changed into narrated. From right here onward every other story approximately his is being associated which is about Qarun, who belonged to his personal fraternity.

As already referred to within the introduction to Surah An Naml, according to Ibn Abbas and Jabir bin Zaid, Surahs Ash-Shuara', An-Naml and Al- Qasas had been sent down one after the other. The language, the fashion and the subject also display that the length of the revelation of those three Surahs is sort of the same. Every other motive for their loose resemblance is that the different elements of the Prophet Moses story as stated in these surahs together make up a complete story. In Surah Ash Shuara', excusing himself for no longer accepting the workplace of Prophethood the Prophet Moses submits, "The humans of Pharaoh have the feel of a criminal offense in opposition to me; therefore, I fear that they will place me to loss of life." Then, while the lie goes earlier than Pharaoh, the latter says, "Did we now not convey you up as a child in our residence? You lived pretty long years of your life amongst us, and then you did what you probably did." not anything more of this has been mentioned there, but on this Surah the opposite details were supplied. Further, in Surah An-Naml the tale starts off evolving all of sudden from the time when the Prophet Moses came visiting with his family and all of sudden saw a fire at a distance. In that Surah nothing has been said about the nature of his adventure, or the vicinity he came from, or his vacation spot, but this Surah contains all the necessary info. As a consequence, the 3 Surahs read together the entire story of the Prophet Moses (Allah's peace be upon him).

In surah qasas translation, the primary subject is to cast off the doubts and objections that had been being raised in opposition to the Prophethood of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (upon whom be Allah's peace and advantages) and to invalidate the reasons which had been being offered for now not believing in him.

For this cause, first the tale of the Prophet Moses has been associated, which, via analogy with the duration of revelation, impresses the following factors inside the listeners mind automatically:

  • First, Allah presents the method and motives of whatever He wills to do, in imperceptible methods. Consequently, Allah so organized things that the kid through whom Pharaoh needed to be eliminated from electricity, turned into bread and taken up in his own residence, and he could not realize whom he changed into fostering. Who can then fight God and frustrate Him by using his machinations.
  • Secondly, Prophethood isn't always granted to someone amid festivities via issuing a proclamation from the earth and heavens. You surprise how Muhammad (upon whom be Allah's peace) has been blessed with Prophethood all at once, all of a unexpected, but Moses whom you yourselves well known as a Prophet (v. Forty eight) had also come to be a Prophet unexpectedly, while on a adventure, and no person had regarded what event had occurred in the desolation at the foot of Mt. Sinai. Even Moses himself did not understand a moment earlier than what he became going to be blessed with. He, in fact, had long passed to carry a chunk of the fireplace however had lower back with the present of Prophethood.
  • Thirdly, the character from whom Allah wants to take a few services comes out without any navy and armor and without an obvious helper or pressure at his return, but he puts to rout an awful lot more potent and better geared up warring parties. The contrast that existed among the strengths of Moses (peace be upon him) and Pharaoh was much more prominent and obvious than that which existed among Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the Quraysh; yet the world is aware of who had emerged victorious ultimately and who were routed.
  • Fourthly, you refer to Moses again and again and say, "Why has Muhammad now not been given the equal which changed into given to Moses? I. E. Miracles of the group of workers, the shining hand, and so forth. As though to suggest which you could comfortably trust best in case you have been proven the king of the miracles that have been shown with the aid of Moses to Pharaoh. However, what type of reaction became made through individuals who were proven those miracles? They'd not believed even after seeing the miracles, and had most effectively stated, "this is magic", for they were worried in stubbornness and hostility to reality. The equal malady afflicts you today. Will you accept as true with only while you are slowly the identical kind of miracles? Then, do you recognize what destiny the disbelievers had met even after seeing the miracles? They had been annihilated via Allah. Do you currently want to meet the same doom via soliciting for the miracles to your obstinacy?

Those had been the things that were automatically impressed inside the thoughts of each listener who heard this tale within the pagan surroundings of Makkah, for the same battle turned into taking place at that point among the Holy Prophet and disbelievers of Makkah as had already taken region among the Prophet Moses and Pharaoh before. This turned into the history in opposition to which the story of the Prophet Moses was narrated so that a perfect analogy changed into set up robotically in every detail between the conditions triumphing then in Makkah and people existing inside the time of the Prophet Moses. Then, from verse forty-th onward the discourse turns to the real theme.

surah al qasas urdu translation tell us that:

In the first vicinity, the narration of a thousand yr vintage historical occasions by way of the Holy Prophet with such accuracy and element is offered as proof of his Prophethood even though he changed into un-lettered. The people of his metropolis and clan knew full well that he had no right of entry to any supply of such statistics as they may factor out.

Then the disbelievers of Makkah have been warned and positioned to disgrace for an event that passed off in those very days. Some Christians had come to Makkah and embraced Islam once they heard the Qur'an from the Holy Prophet. Instead of gaining knowledge of any lesson from this the Makkans had been so disenchanted that their leader, Abu Jahl, disgraced the ones human beings publicly.

In the end, the excuse that the disbelievers recommend for not believing in the Holy Prophet has been handled. What they feared turned into this: "If we give up the polytheistic creed of the Arabs and accept the doctrine of Tauhid rather, this will put a stop to our supremacy inside the spiritual, political, and financial fields, which, in flip, will ruin our function of the most influential tribe of Arabia and we will be left without a refuge everywhere inside the land." This portrays the actual purpose of the chiefs of Quraysh in their enmity and their doubts and objections were mere illusions which they feigned in order to deceive the simpletons, and Allah has discussed these thoroughly until the end of the Surah and analyzed every aspect of those and prescribed their cure for the primary disease through which these people used to judge right from wrong only on the basis of their creature activities.


Q: Surah Qasas in which Para?

Ans: Surah Qasas is in Para no 20.


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