Surah An nahal

Surah nahl is the 16th chapter of the Quran, with 128 verses. Surah al nahl is named after honey bees mentioned in verse 68  and contains a comparison of the industry and adaptability of honey bees with the industry of man. 

surah an nahl praises God for giving the Earth with all its wealth to mankind. According to this surah, all wonders of the natural world such as seas, stars and mountains are proof of God's infinite power.

surah al nahl benefits are given below: 

  • For defeating enemies: If someone writes surah Nahl while having a pure intention and paying full attention to Allah and keeps it with himself, he will defeat all his enemies.
  • For increase in crops: Assume that an individual commits the verses 10 and 11 in surah Nahl to a paper record, with a genuine purpose and devotional fervor to Allah; then, he recites the verses in a bowl of water and pours over it his farm and trees. This increases his crops. 
  • For increasing milk supply of mothers: A mother who is breastfeeding and wants to nourish her child well will write verse 66 of surah Nahl and wash it with water. Then she will drink the water. She has to do this three times every day. 

This surah nahl summary is given below:

  • A third of surah Nahl is described as Allah’s blessings. They too come in the form of various types of rain and sunshine, lots of plants, fruits, food, cattle and so many more.
  • It states how the attributes of tawḥīd are described as well as the proofs of Allah’s magnificence. It also relates the resurrection and idolaters and criminals are threatening in this chapter.
  •  Surah Nahl includes injunctive provisions such as judging people based on their justice and compassion; it also states about migration, jihad, cast aside indecency, evil and oppression as well as unfaithfulness. Thus, it always reminds people what is right and wrong. However, surah Nahl also encourages people to be thankful to Allah and identifies Prophet Ibrahim as a grateful succeed of the Protective Purpose of Sufism
  •  Surah Nahl also treats the polytheists' innovations as prohibited (i.e. making certain animals that were not, really, unlawful, unlawful and including prohibition about their innovations to God).
  •  Humans are warned on this chapter of the existence of supernatural powers such as the ones of the Satan's. 

Surah Nahl Translation

surah nahl with urdu translation explains verses, as the most comprehensive social plan, enjoins people to three things meaning, justice, kindness and providing help to relatives and forbids three things, that is, indecency, wrong deeds and oppression.

Surah al nahl with english translation is the best way for learners to understand the Surah meaning and know about its benefits. 

Surah Nahl Meaning

In fact al Qur’an contains thread arguments of dialogue between Allah( SW.T ) and Prophet Muhammad ( P.B.U.H) that is inhaled throughout the surah via use of mass appeal and through which one eastern knowledge get shared with the western world. Surah al nahl meaning is felt contented, happy, prosperous, honored, having their status placed previously or influenced by poverty, having a growth in their condition, or they are prosperous.

Surah An nahal

Sr# Surah wise Para wise
1 Al Fatihah Para 1
2 Al Baqarah Para 2
3 Al Imran Para 3
4 An Nisa Para 4
5 Al Maidah Para 5
6 Al Anam Para 6
7 Al Ar'af Para 7
8 Al Anfal Para 8
9 At Taubah Para 9
10 Surah Yunus Para 10
11 Surah Hud Para 11
12 Surah Yusuf Para 12
13 Ar raad Para 13
14 Surah Ibrahim Para 14
15 Al Hijr Para 15
16 An Nahal Para 16
17 Al Isra/Bani Israel Para 17
18 Al Kahaf Para 18
19 Surah Maryam Para 19
20 Surah Taha Para 20
21 Al Anbiya Para 21
22 Al Hajj Para 22
23 Al Muminun Para 23
24 Al Noor Para 24
25 Al Furqan Para 25
26 Al Shuara Para 26
27 Al Namal Para 27
28 Al Qasas Para 28
29 Al Ankabut Para 29
30 Ar Room Para 30
31 Surah Luqman
32 As Sajdah
33 AL Ahzab
34 Surah Saba
35 Surah Fatir
36 Surah Yaseen
37 Surah Saffat
38 Surah Sad
39 Az Zumar
40 Surah Ghafir
41 Surah Fussilat
42 Ash Shura
43 Az Zukhruf
44 Ad Dukhan
45 AL Jasia
46 AL Ahqaf
47 Surah Muhammad
48 Al Fath
49 Al Hujurat
50 Surah Qaf
51 Az Zariyat
52 At Tur
53 Al Najam
54 Al Qamar
55 Ar Rahman
56 Al Waqiah
57 Al Hadid
58 Al Mujadilah
59 Al Hashr
60 Surah Mumtahinah
61 As Saff
62 Al Jumuah
63 Al Munafiqun
64 At Taghabun
65 At Talaq
66 At Tahrim
67 Al Mulk
68 Al Qalam
69 Al Haqqah
70 Al Maarij
71 Surah Nuh
72 Surah Jin
73 Al muzzammil
74 Al Mudassir
75 Al Qiyamah
76 Surah Ad Dahr/Al Insan
77 Al Mursalat
78 An Naba
79 An Naziat
80 Surah Abasa
81 Surah At Takwir
82 Surah Al Infitar
83 Surah Al Mutaffifin
84 Surah Al Inshiqaq
85 Surah Al Buruj
86 Surah At Tariq
87 Surah Al Ala
88 Surah Al Ghashiyah
89 Surah Al Fajr
90 Surah Al Balad
91 Surah Al Ash Shams
92 Surah Al Lail
93 Surah Ad Duha
94 Surah Alam Nashrah
95 Surah At Tin
96 Surah Al Alaq
97 Surah Al Qadr
98 Surah Al Baiyinah
99 Surah Az Zilzal
100 Surah Al Adiyat
101 Surah Al Qariah
102 Surah At Takasur
103 Surah Al Asr
104 Surah Al Humazah
105 Surah Al Fil
106 Surah Quraish
107 Surah Al Maun
108 Surah Al Kausar
109 Surah Al Kafiroon
110 Surah Al Nasr
111 Surah Al Lahab
112 Surah Al Ikhlas
113 Surah Al Falaq
114 Surah An Nas
Para / Surah


Surah Nahl in Urdu

surah nahl tafseer in urdu pdf is provided from different websites. surah al nahl tafseer in urdu explains about: 

”Yet when those who left home because of Allah's sake endured against persecution, they surely will be awarded with a good homeland in this world; and certainly the reward of the Hereafter is much greater”. If they could only foretell (when their very good end will be found).

These are to offer expressions of sincere greetings to the Muslim emigrants from Makkah to Habash, who had to leave their houses because of severe persecutions from the unbelievers to whom they failed to surrender. The change of the scene from the disbelievers to the emigrants to Habash contains a subtle warning to the disbelievers that they should not remain under any delusion that they would get off free from punishment for their cruel behavior towards those Muslims, so as to say: O strange people! The image of the obstinate, hostile people is reinforced here. The Deliverocracy shall be. The oppressor shall receive an award. Yet, your pursuit of her shall be judged.

Surah Nahl Ayat Wise

surah al nahl ayat 36 tells us:

For We assuredly sent amongst every People a messenger, (with the Command), “Serve Allah, and eschew Evil”: of the People were some whom Allah guided, and some on whom error became inevitably (established). So travel through the earth, and see what was the end of those who denied (the Truth).

surah an nahl ayat 27 explains:

For we assuredly sent amongst every People a messenger, (with the Command), “Serve Allah, and eschew Evil”: In that regard, the People of Some Events whom Allah let them to be guided formally (by His mercy), and the People of some Events on whom error became inevitably (with them - they will be tied to be in the wrong). Therefore, Ibn Rushd uses this verse for humans to explore our world and find out the fate of those who deny the Truth. 

surah an nahl ayat 29 describes:

The following stage involves The Day of Resurrection where He will expose and say, "Where are these deities regarding whom you used to fight with the believers?" Furthermore say the possessor of the knowledge, "Who will be disgrace today and the devastating will be to the disbelievers."

surah nahl ayat 98 explains:

Hence, when you recite the Qur'an, it is cohesive to ask Allah to save you from the devil, the lonely one. Unquestionably, he has no authority over those who believe and they wait only for the Lord.


Q: Surah Nahl in which Para?

Ans: Surah Nahl is in Para no 14. 


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