BS in Nutrition & Dietetics Courses and Syllabus

Ilm ki Dunya collects all the information under one page related to the courses for Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics (DND). You will receive all information regarding subjects, course program details, syllabus, core courses, electives, specialization courses, credit hours information, and detailed program outline, among others on this page.

BS in Nutrition & Dietetics courses and syllabus prepare graduates to work as professional nutritionists and dieticians. The degree program aims at preparing graduates with the professional and personal qualities required for future nutrition and dietetics in real life challenges or in hospital as a consultency with health patients.

Doctor of nutrition and dietetics subjects list varies university wise, BS in Nutrition & Dietetics degree with road map of course & syllabus.

Dr. of Nutrition & Dietetics Table of Contents


BS Hons. Nutrition & Dietetics

Different Universities offering a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics degree in its department of food science and human nutrition. DND degree enables students to excel in this field by meeting current market requirements. After graduating from DND, students can demonstrate in different fields. DND subjects will provide and enable students to cope with the advancement in the field of Diet & Nutritional Sciences. Get the complete DND syllabus HEC Pakistan for all those Universities which recognized by the HEC.  

Courses for BS in Nutrition & Dietetics

Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
HND Fundamentals of Human Nutrition 3(3,0)
FST Essential of Food Science & Technology 3(2,1)
Bio/ Math Mathematics/ Essentials of Biology



ENG English-I 3(3,0)
Biochem Introductory Biochemistry 3(2,1)
SSH Pakistan studies 2(2,0)

Semester 2

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
HND Macronutrients in Human Nutrition 3(3,0)
ENG English-II 3(3,0)
SSH Islamic Studies/ Ethics 2(2,0)
Anatomy Human Anatomy 3(2,1)
Physio  Human Physiology-I 3(2,1)
Sochiology Fundamentals of Sociology 3(3,0)

Semester 3

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
HND Micronutrients in Human Nutrition 3(3,0)
Physio Human Physiology -II 3(2,1)
Eng English -III 3(3,0)
PBG/ABG Introductory Molecular Genetics 3(2,1)
FST Fool Microbiology 3(2,1)
FST Food Safety and Quality Management 2(2,0)

Semester 4

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
Stat Bio-statistics 3(2,1)
CS Computer Science and Information Technology 3(2,1)
HND Assessment of Nutritional Status  3(2,1)
HND Nutrition Through the Life Cycle   3(3,0)
Path  General Pathology 3(2,1)
FST Food Analysis 3(1,2)

Semester 5

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
HND Nutrition and psychology 3(3,0)
HND Nutritional Education & Awareness 3(2,1)
HND Dietetics -I 3(2,1)
HND Meal Planning and Management 3(2,1)
HND Public health Nutrition  3(2,1)
FST Food and Drug Laws 2(2,0)

Semester 6

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
HND Dietetics -II 3(2,1)
HND Sports Nutrition 3(2,1)
HND Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals 3(3,0)
HND/Sociology Nutrition Though Social Protection  2(2,0)
HND Infant & Young Child Feeding 3(2,1)
Biochem Clinical Biochemistry 3(1,2)

Semester 7

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
HND Research Methods in Nutrition 3(3,0)
HND Global Food Issues 3(3,0)
HND Dietetics -III 3(2,1)
HND Nutritional Practices in Clinical Care 3(2,1)
  Elective Courses 2 Courses Equal to 5 Credit hours  
Elective Nutritional Immunology  3(3,0)
Elective Drug-Nutrient Interctions 2(2,0)
Elective Food Chemistry 2(2,0)
Elective Preventive Nutrition 3(3,0)
Elective Nutrition in Emergencies 3(3,0)

Semester 8

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
HND Internship/ Project 6(0,6)
HND Nutrition Policies 3(3,0)
HND Food Service Management 3(3,0)
  Elective Courses 2 Courses Equal to 5 Credit Hours  
Elective Food Toxins 7 Allergens 3(3,0)
Elective Nutritional Deficiency Disorders 3(3,0)
Elective Food Supplements 2(2,0)
Elective Metabolism of Nutrients 2(2,0)
Elective Nutrition Epidemiology 2(2,0)


DND Syllabus Semester Wise

Acquire the Nutrition & Dietetics program Syllabus which issued by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). Students can download these DND subjects syllabus with full detail. Students can check the Learning Outcomes, Complete topics which cover whole syllabus and also get the books suggestion.

DND Syllabus Semester wise Download
Semester -I Download
Semester-II Download
Semester-III Download
Semester-IV Download
Semester-V Download
Semester-VI Download
Semester-VII Download
Semester-VIII Download


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