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BSIT is the career build degree of studies in Pakistan. It is the world of computers and experts of computers can hold a healthy and successful career. BSIT graduates don’t need to worry because there are many jobs for IT graduates in public or private IT companies where they can get strong and highly paid jobs after BSIT.

BS Information Technology Scope in Pakistan

BS Information Technology is the main field in Pakistan nowadays. This field is famous for the business markets in Pakistan. BSIT degree is relevant to the computer with several ways of programming, database, and networking management. The scope of BSIT is increasing day by day in Pakistan. Pakistan is rapidly growing in the IT field and e-marketing is a good career in Pakistan. BSIT scope is containing interest and skills because the industries are giving preference to practical work.

BSIT Jobs in Pakistan

There are a number of companies and industries in Pakistan that are offering BSIT jobs to talented students. The job sector is very wide in the IT profession as computer operators have lots of working opportunities in several positions according to their experiences, expertise, and skills. E-commerce is also the part of BSIT program in Pakistan. Online business at home also requires a BSIT degree. BSIT gives a wide range of experience and develops skills in the graduates to pursue their careers in the following fields:

  • Web Developer
  • Web Hosting
  • Data Communication Analyst
  • Network System Analyst
  • Software Engineer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Technical support specialist
  • Computer System Administrator
  • Teaching to BSIT

Responsibilities of IT Jobs in Pakistan

Information Systems and Computer Manager

  • It is also known as the IT project manager who is responsible to plan, direct and coordinate the computer networks and systems of the organization.
  • This job needs the identification of the networks of the organization to implement the systems that assist the goals of the company.

Database Administrator

  • It uses specialized software for recovering, installing, configuring, and organizing the data.
  • It ensures that the gathered information is correct and accessible for the proper from unauthorized access.

Software Developer

  • It involves the hardware work more like computers, networks, and physical systems.
  • It designs different programs to use and operate regularly.

IT Project Manager

  • It supervises the execution, systematic completion, and planning of the IT projects.

Computer System Analyst

  • It is responsible to study the computer system to ensure the operations that remain effective and efficient.

Network Architect

  • It builds and designs the communication networks for data that include WANs, LANs, and Intranets.
  • It applies the operational processes, functional organization, and communication protocols of the physical components in the digital architecture.

Employment areas for BSIT Graduates

There are many jobs opportunities for the BSIT graduates to achieve on several kinds of platforms. There are a lot of hardware and software companies in Pakistan that recruit individuals that have BSIT graduates. The Job depends on the performance in the interview and the past educational records. The employment areas of BSIT graduates for the job opportunities are:

  • Government sectors
  • Biotechnology Industries
  • E-commerce Industries
  • Warehouses
  • Security companies
  • Telecommunications
  • Data mining industries
  • Automobile sectors

BSIT Salaries in Pakistan

BSIT salary depends on the position or post of the company where the BSIT graduate is doing the job. The salaries also depend on the work experience and nature of the job. The general BSIT salary in Pakistan is starting from Rs, 30,000. The salary can increase to 100K with the passage of experience and time and it also involves the skills and abilities of the individuals in some specified field. The salaries can be exceeded on the basis of experience instead of age or gender.

Role of BSIT Graduates

The BSIT graduates do the following things to build their strong successful careers:

  • Apply their knowledge in computing, mathematics, and science to discipline.
  • Analyze and find the creation, evaluation, administration, and selection of the computer systems.
  • Evaluate, design, and implement different processes, programs, and components to meet the desired requirements and needs under constraints.
  • Communicate with the computing community the complex activities by logical presentations, writing, and instructions.
  • Get the knowledge of the profession, legal, social and, legal and ethical responsibilities and issues in the utilization of the information technology.

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