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Civil engineers are in charge of shaping communities by building and designing important structures including the highways, dams and airports. It is one of the oldest branch of engineering with never-ending scope yet constant improvements and innovations. Thus, it is safe to say that there is a bright future for students who opt for career in civil engineering.

Latest Civil Engineering Jobs in Pakistan

Civil Engineering is one of the best engineering fields in Pakistan. Many companies are hiring civil engineers for development and construction sectors. There are many civil engineering jobs in the construction sector of private and government companies. The interested candidates can apply online for the civil engineering jobs and make their strong career in getting good experience for the successful future. The engineering companies has many jobs for freshly graduate civil engineers.


  • Job Description: NESPAK is a leading engineering consultancy company internationally. It requires the service of following categories for different projects on the contract basis.
  • Job Requirement: The candidates should have a degree from HEC recognized university. Applicants have to apply online otherwise the application will not be accepted. The candidates have to provide the HEC attested degree and foreign qualified applicants have to provide the equivalence certificates of the degrees by HEC.
  • Job Type and Salary: It is a full time job with a civil engineering salary range of RS 20k to 45K per month.

Lead Structural Ltd Lahore

  • Job Description: This Company is recruiting the talented employees for outsourcing the structural/civil engineering and also draughting the demands to the Pakistan. It is considered to be an emblem with a complete end for ending the services in the engineering.
  • Job Responsibilities: The selected candidate have to calculate and design the complying with the British standards. He is responsible for analysis, structural design and modelling. He also prepare the engineering sketches and drawing in the collaboration with the other team members. BIM.CAD production and drafting is also required and AutoCAD command is also very important.
  • Job Requirements: The applicants should have an ability to manage the multiple tasks and deliver the best task. The interested applicants have the best communication skills to work with people at different levels. The candidates should have an ability to use the programs like Revit, AutoCAD, Microsoft Word, Excel and Bluebeam.
  • Job Type and Salary: It is a full time job with the salary range of RS 10K to RS 40K per month.

Shapes Pvt. Ltd Lahore

  • Job Responsibilities: The applicant have to complete the construction projects through preparing the engineering documents and design and also confirm the specification. The civil engineer have to design the construction projects through studying the project architectural drawings, models and project concept. He have to create the feasibility through analyzing the engineering studies, data and design.
  • Skills Requirements: The applicants should have the skills of designing, CAD, database design, conceptual skills and problem solving.
  • Experience: Bachelor’s degree in the civil and structural engineering with 2 to 3 years of experience.
  • Job Type and Salary: It is a full time job with salary range of RS 35,000 to RS 40,000 per month. It is a full time job with salary range of RS 35,000 to RS 40,000 per month.

Recruiters of Civil Engineers in Pakistan

The demand for civil engineers in Pakistan lists down to the following recruiters:

  • Construction Companies
  • Housing Societies
  • Marine and Coastal industries
  • Geological departments
  • Airports
  • Highways and bridge construction
  • Water supply authorities
  • Sewage disposal managements


Job description of Civil Engineers in Pakistan

  • Planning and designing of projects considering the survey reports and relevant data
  • Planning of the projects by making cost estimations, developing SOPs, and considering Government regulations while developing plans
  • Testing and selection of construction materials
  • Determining project feasibility by making a 360-degree analysis
  • Utilize relevant software to design and plan various factors of building and developing a project and avoid mistakes

General Salary of a Civil Engineer in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the salary of a civil engineer, like any other professional, varies from corporation to corporation and from one level to another. Generally, fresh graduates start working for a wage as low as 25,000 PKR. The average salary of civil engineers in Pakistan is 50,000-70,000 PKR and can rise up to 1,90,000 PKR depending on expertise and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which jobs can Civil Engineers do?
    Civil engineering is a very good engineering field after Fspre-engineeringng. A number of jobs are offered te Civil engineers. Civil engineers can do various jobs like Engineering manager, Geotechnical engineer, Water resource engineer and Marine engineer e,tc. they can also take design construction projects or architectural drawings.
  • Do government jobs are offered after Civil Engineering?
    Civil engineers can get good government jobs after Civil engineering. The jobs which you can get after Civil engineering are:
    • Sub engineer
    • Civil engineer Cum Surveyor
    • Site inspector Civil
    • Assistant Engineer/ SDO (CIVIL)
    • National Highway Authority
  • Does Civil Engineering have scope in Pakistan?
    Civil engineering is one of the good engineering branches. If you want to become an engineer and to get good job then Civil engineering is the best. Civil engineering is the degree of high scope in Pakistan. Civil engineers can get good earnings. Various good jobs are also offered for Civil engineers in foreign countries.
  • Which jobs are the best after Civil Engineering?
    Ans: Civil engineers have many job opportunities if they are experienced. The best jobs after Civil engineering are Architect, Civil engineering drafter, Senior Civil engineer, and Engineering Inspecto,r and Regulatory Officers. These jobs are highly paid for Civil engineers.
  • Do Civil engineers have Career Opportunities?
    Civil Engineers have very good career opportunities. The future of Civil engineers is very bright. Some good career opportunities for Civil Engineers are:
    • Public health Engineer
    • Urban planning Engineer
    • Structural Engineering
    • Architectural Engineering
  • Which postgraduate course is the best after Civil Engineering?
    After BS Civil engineering, you can also do some ppost-graduateprograms like MSc Civil engineering, MSc transportation engineering ,and M.S Coastal engineering. Some ppostgraduatediplomas in Civil engineering are also offered.
  • Is Civil Engineering a worth degree?
    Civil engineering is one of the most demanding professions worldwide. Civil engineering is the degree of worth importance in all over the world. You can get good jobs after Civil engineering in any country if you have good experience in your field.
  • How much we can earn after Civil Engineering?
    Civil engineering is one of the highly paid fields in Pakistan. The average starting salary of fresh candidates is Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000 and the experienced candidates can earn Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 80,000. Some companies are highly paid for Civil engineers in Pakistan.

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